The Best Convection Toaster Ovens in 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Best Convection Toaster Ovens 2022

Convection toaster ovens are toaster ovens that come with the added benefit of having a built-in fan (a convection system) to help with the air circulation inside the cooking chamber. This feature improves even cooking and surface browning compared to traditional (aka conventional) toaster ovens. Thus, it allows the oven to better roast meat and bake savory dishes in addition to toasting bread.

Of course, these convection toaster ovens are not perfect, even the ones on our list of the best toaster ovens. This is where we come in and select, purchase, and review a number of highly-rated and popular convection toaster ovens to help with your purchase decision.

With so many models on the market, we present our information to make it easier to find a satisfactory toaster oven regarding price and quality for you. Check out our picks for the best convection toaster ovens in 2022 and some exclusive shopping tips from us.

When Should You Buy A Convection Toaster Oven?

If you want the best cooking performance possible from your toaster oven, which we believe should be the case most of the time, then don’t hesitate to invest in a convection model. Of course, they can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts, but you get what you pay for.

Functionality-wise, convection toaster ovens are just as capable in baking, roasting, reheating, and of course, toasting as traditional wall ovens. Practicality-wise, convection toaster ovens are suitable if you have limited kitchen space and also want to decrease energy consumption.

1. Quick and Crispy Cooking

Cuisinart TOA-60 Whole Roasted Chicken 1
The whole roasted chicken of the Cuisinart TOA-60

We mentioned in our best toaster ovens article that toaster ovens require only up to half the amount of time to preheat compared to traditional wall ovens. That was also taking into account the convection variety which is usually faster than conventional ones.

The convection fan circulates air and thus, reduces hot and cool spots inside the cooking chamber. This allows the oven to reach a desired internal temperature more quickly for preheating and to maintain the internal temperature better when cooking.

The air circulation translates to heat distribution, so convection toaster ovens cook foods more evenly than conventional ones. In addition, it can help crisp up the surface of foods by browning them thanks to the airflow. Thus, convection toaster ovens are particular powerhouses for roasting meat and baking savory dishes.

However, they may not be ideal for baking sweets because the airflow can disfigure cakes that have delicate textures like soufflé, mousse, and pastries. Moreover, for most sweets, you don’t want their surface to be dry, which is something air circulation can also cause.

Nonetheless, most convection ovens can toggle between on and off to fit the requirements of your recipe.

2. Decrease Energy Consumption

Convection toaster ovens have the same range of power outputs as their conventional counterparts—800 W - 2200 W. Of course, the power supplies both the heating elements and the convection system simultaneously.

However, according to most sources, conventional ovens allow for up to a 25°F decrease in temperature and up to a 25% decrease in cooking time compared to conventional ones. Both of these aspects can decrease energy consumption and, thus, your electricity bill and environmental footprint.

3. Various Types of Heating Elements

Instant Omni Plus 18L Interior 2
The heating elements of the Instant Omni Plus 18L

Similar to the conventional variety, the standard for a small convection toaster oven is two heating elements, medium is four, and large is four and more. Also, convection toaster ovens can have nichrome heating elements or quartz heating elements, or even both at the same time.

The quartz variety uses infrared radiation to heat up food directly. Nonetheless, it can still benefit from a convection system as the air inside the cooking chamber still gets hot during cooking.

Moreover, models with quartz heating elements have shown faster cooking times in our performance tests compared to nichrome. The nichrome variety, however, in combination with a convection system, has been showing better cooking results in our performance tests in terms of even surface browning.

4. Various Shapes and Sizes

Convection toaster ovens come in all various shapes and sizes, similar to conventional toaster ovens. It is worth noting, that convection toaster ovens tend to have slightly bigger footprints and be heavier than their conventional counterparts due to the existence of the convection system.

  • Small convection toaster ovens (LxWxH): around 14"x11"x8"
  • Medium convection toaster ovens (LxWxH): around 19"x16"x11"
  • Large convection toaster ovens (LxWxH): around 20"x16"x12"
  • Extra-large convection toaster ovens (LxWxH): over 20"x16"x12"

Capacity-wise, one of the big pluses of convection ovens is that they allow you to cook more food at the same time without compromising the results. This is due to the fact that the temperature is more even throughout the cooking chamber.

  • Small convection toaster ovens’ capacity: 10-15 liters
  • Medium convection toaster ovens’ capacity: 15-20 liters
  • Large convection toaster ovens’ capacity: 20-30 liters
  • Extra-large convection toaster ovens’ capacity: 25-55 liters

Note that manufacturers have not yet standardized toaster oven sizes and these measurements are only a basic guideline.

5. Various Price Ranges

The best convection toaster ovens can range from $40 to $450 to over $700, depending on many factors (brand, model, size, etc.). There are, of course, also over-the-top fancy models at the price of over $1000 to $4000.

It's advised that before making an expensive purchase, you should give a second thought to finding a cheaper product that still brings as much satisfaction. In other words, to find a good oven, you'll need to pay attention not only to the price but also to the value.

Ask yourself how much better a premium model is and whether it’s worth the extra cost, to help your buying decision. Currently, we chose the Cuisinart TOA-60 as the best-to-buy convection toaster oven.

Premium units also tend to give many years of highly reliable operation with minimal maintenance. Meanwhile, cheaper models may carry a less comprehensive warranty or lose out on maintenance service. Nonetheless, cheaper models from reliable brands still get rave reviews for their stable performance.

How We Test Convection Toaster Ovens

Our testing procedures were designed with the inclusion of convection toaster ovens in mind so no changes had to be made. Allow us to explain:

Our Performance Tests

Toast Test
One test day’s worth of toast

When it comes to cooking functions, convection toaster ovens have the same basic functions and additional unique presets, similar to conventional toaster ovens. It’s worth noting, nonetheless, that the number of cooking functions also doesn’t matter as much as how precise and stable the oven’s internal temperature is when cooking.

Needless to say, they also have a built-in toast function, with a manufacturer-predetermined time and temperature. It is worth noting, however, that most convection toaster ovens don’t deploy their convection system when toasting.

As mentioned above, most recipes recommend decreasing the temperature by 25°F or reducing the cooking time by 25% from the conventional settings when cooking with convection ovens. Most of our performance tests have ‘cooking time’ as an assessing factor, so we didn’t need to reduce either of the two

The only test without cooking time as an assessing factor was our Toast test. The reasons were that most digital toaster ovens have toast presets of which cooking time can’t be adjusted.

Other than that, the portion sizes and temperature settings stayed uniform throughout each of our Toast, Pizza, Whole Roasted Chicken, and Baked French Fries tests. We also deployed the strongest convection setting possible including if the strongest convection setting is only applicable to certain cooking functions.

Our Design Tests

Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven In the Box
Everything inside the box of the Cosori Air Fryer

Having the same scoring factors, convection toaster ovens tend to have higher scores than their conventional counterparts in terms of design but not necessarily usability. This is because the convection system is incorporated into a number of our scoring features:

Design-wise, the toaster oven receives plus points for having a convection fan, ventilation holes to accompany the fan, and the fan being powerful but not noisy. While we don’t evaluate the accessories in the design section, some accessories, including the rotisserie kit and air fryer basket, complement the convection system very well to increase the scores in certain performance tests.

Usually, larger sizes allow for more room for investment in terms of design and usability. For example, it’s quite rare for a small toaster oven to have a convection system.

Besides two sets of upper and lower heating elements, some high-end ovens add an extra heating element alongside the fan so that the air is heated as it circulates. This feature is often called true convection, third-element convection, or European convection. An example of it on our list is the Ninja DT201.

Our picks for the best convection toaster ovens should have a good stainless steel exterior to provide sufficient heat insulation as well as water and stain resistance. We prefer convection models to have as many ventilation holes as possible, preferably on all sides of the casing.

Additional accessories like a rotisserie kit, a pizza stone, multiple racks, and extra baking pans can get an oven some bonus points. Particularly, a convection toaster oven will become an air fryer toaster oven with the addition of an air fryer basket.

How well the convection system work is reflected and evaluated in the performance tests. Meanwhile, how easy and convenient it is to use is evaluated in the usability section.

Our Usability Tests

Breville Smart Oven Pro Toaster Oven Cooking Functions
The control panel of the Breville BOV845BSSUSC

The features of convenience are hard to assess with actual hands-on experience, which is where we come in. For convection toaster ovens, a reliable control panel that is responsive and easy to use is all the more necessary. Of course, convection toaster ovens should also be easy to clean from the inside out, including the accessories.

We also give plus points if the convection toggle allows for flexible adjustments. Some models have different convection settings which toggle the fan speed (and maybe even the heating like the Ninja DT201). Some ovens can automatically adjust cooking times for preset cooking functions when convection is deployed.

This flexibility is more commonly seen in digital convection toaster ovens. However, there are analog units that have accurate controls and offer this flexibility, including the Cuisinart TOA-60 on our list.

How We Pick the Best Convection Toaster Ovens

Our hands-on experience combined with knowledge from different experts allowed us to be thorough when designing our test. We also consulted user reviews to find out which features matter to most consumers and applied them to our scoring table.

Thus, rest assured that only the candidates with the highest score in every aspect can become our pick for the all-around best convection toaster oven. According to our results so far, the Cuisinart TOA-60 has an ideal balance of performance, design, and usability—our scoring criteria.

Review of the Best Convection Toaster Ovens in 2022

Now we’ve talked about the things to look for when buying. Let’s cut to the chase and get to the all-important reason why we are here today: the list of the best convection toaster ovens for 2022.

1. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer — Best to Buy Convection Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Review

Things We Like

  • Simple and straight-to-the-point control knobs
  • Sturdy design and durable material
  • Convection fan is all-applicable
  • Electrical safety feature for the door
  • Convenient removable oven bottom tray
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • Plenty of recipes included in the user manual

Things We Don’t Like

  • Opening the door also turns off the light
  • A bit heavier and taller than other same-type ovens
  • Not very budget-friendly

The silver stainless steel Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer cooked consistently excellent foods for our performance tests thanks to the constant deployment of its convection system. This was our main reason for choosing it as the best-to-buy convection toaster oven.

More impressively, this is a completely analog toaster oven which usually doesn’t perform as reliably as digital models. Straightforwardness and simplicity make this oven ideal for seasoned home cooks who are willing to spend a bit more on an effective, robust, and lasting toaster oven.

Great For Toasting Bread

Of course, the Cuisinart couldn’t be the best-to-buy convection toaster oven if it didn’t have one of the highest scores in our toast test. This is one of the rare units that deploy the convection fan for the toast function.

Thus, the Cuisinart produced 4 pieces with a beautiful golden color throughout in just 4 minutes. The first batch of toast was quite crispy yet very soft inside. Our head chef Tuyet Pham determined they would be great to go with sandwiches, omelet, and eggs benedict. For soup, however, they didn’t cut the mustard but that could be rectified with the extra crispiness of a second batch.

While the second batch had a brown color, it had a few dark spots. A low score in consecutive usability was the only reason keeping this oven from having an excellent toast score. In actual use, you can simply lower it down to Light—around 2 minutes 30 seconds if you want the second batch to be the same as the first.

Excellent for Baking Pizza

The Cuisinart baked a delicious 9-inch thick-crust meat pizza in just 3m 30s, which was extremely fast. The crust turned out a tantalizing golden brown with some appetizing charred spots. It’s a little soft due to being baked on a baking pan in such a short cooking time though.

Thanks to the good convection system, the pizza itself had beautiful even coloring throughout. The melted cheese was also perfectly caramelized due to the high and steady temperature. All of these factors combined to produce a virtually perfect-tasting pizza with one of the top scores among our tested toaster ovens.

Excellent for Baking French Fries

Due to the shorter cooking time than ideal, the color wasn’t entirely even but was still very good. The fries were crispy and golden on the outside while moist on the inside thanks to the strong convection and the air fryer basket. Thus, our chef gave one of the highest scores among our tested toaster ovens after tasting the fries.

The Cuisinart baked some wonderful french fries in just 12 minutes, which was really quick. In fact, the oven has one of the quickest cooking times among our tested units.

The color wasn't completely even due to the less-than-optimal cooking time, but it was still very nice. Thanks to the strong convection and the air fryer basket, the fries were crispy and golden on the outside while moist on the inside. After tasting the fries, our chef gave one of the highest scores among our tested toaster ovens.

2. Cosori CO130-AO Countertop Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven — Best Value Convection Toaster Oven

Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

Things We Like

  • Great value in terms of functionality and accessories
  • Straightforward controls
  • Useful toggles
  • High-contrast digital display
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • Cool-touch door handle
  • Spacious cooking chamber

Things We Don’t Like

  • No safety mechanism for the door
  • Convection fan isn’t all-applicable

The shiny stainless steel Cosori CO130-AO Countertop Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven has some of the highest scores among our tested units and at a very reasonable price. This large toaster oven consistently produced great foods, including toast of course. It’s also friendly to users of all culinary levels. Thus, it became our choice for the best-value convection toaster oven.

Making Consistently Great Foods

Unlike like the Ninja DT 201 or the Cuisinart TOA-60, the Cosori didn’t have the highest score in making toast. Nonetheless, it’s still in the second-highest tier in terms of toast score. The four pieces of toast had a fairly even golden brown color, crispy outside, and soft, moist inside.

In fact, most of the oven’s performance scores fell into the second-highest tier. The Cosori solidified its position as our best-value pick standing next to our other top choices which fared exceptionally in some and poorly in other foods.

However, when it comes to our Whole Roasted Chicken test, the Cosori has one of the highest scores alongside the Ninja DT201. The chicken was roasted to a gorgeous color in just 40 minutes which was the fastest time we’ve had to date.

The skin was mostly golden with some enticing golden-brown color at the wings and the tips. The fact that the meat had a near-perfect doneness in such a short cooking time was what impressed us the most.

Well-Designed Automatic Preheat Phase

The Cosori has an automatic preheat phase which engages for the Pizza, Bake, Roast, Broil, Cookies, and Air Fryer functions. The feature will adjust its preheating time accordingly if the oven is already hot.

This toaster oven is one of the rare units that actually preheat to the input temperature. Most others, even on this list, simply heat to a hardwired preheat temperature that cannot be adjusted.

Practical Cooking Functions

We were especially pleased with Warm, Dehydrate, and Ferment, which can maintain an oven temperature as low as 140°F, 100°F, and 80°F, respectively. We could tell by looking at a number of recipes that these temperatures fit their intended purpose. Thus, this oven can act as a family-sized dehydrator and dough proofer.

This oven is easier to operate than many other digital ones, including those on our list, not just because of the numerous useful cooking features but also because of how simple it is to change the time and temperature.

3. Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven — Best Large Convection Toaster Oven

Ninja Foodi XL Pro Air Toaster Oven Review

Things We Like

  • Straightforward and informative control panel
  • Tailored cooking functions
  • Family-sized capacity
  • Tray-level suggestions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Well-designed accessories
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • Cool-touch door handle

Things We Don’t Like

  • No safety mechanism for the door
  • Faulty interior light in the unit we received

In addition to having one of the largest capacities among the toaster ovens we evaluated, the stainless steel Ninja DT201 Foodi XL Pro Air Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven also had one of the top overall ratings. With its 2-level even cooking feature, this excellent family-sized toaster oven performs even better when it comes to big feasts. As a result, it was selected as our best large convection toaster oven.

Excellent for Roasting a Whole Chicken

One of our greatest scores to date was achieved when the Ninja successfully roasted a 3-pound whole chicken using an air fryer basket. Although this oven isn’t designed with a rotisserie kit in mind, its performance showed that it could produce the same results.

We were also able to confirm, through our Whole Roasted Chicken test, the manufacturer’s claim that food in this oven didn’t need to be rotated, especially when using its air fryer basket.

In only 40 minutes, the chicken was cooked all the way through with an appetizing-looking and crispy skin. Of all of our toaster ovens, it had one of the quickest cooking times.

It appears, though, that because the chicken's skin cooked so fast, a lot of the fat didn't render off. So, the skin was crispy on the outer layer but soft on the inside.

We used a meat thermometer to check, and the internal temperature of the chicken was quite high compared to the USDA's standard. In addition, there were no pink spots in the meat after we carved the chicken.

The meat remained delightfully juicy thanks to the short cooking time. In combination with the crispy skin, the chicken earned a really high taste score from our chef.

Family-Sized Capacity

Out of all the toaster ovens we've seen so far, the Ninja features the biggest cooking chamber that easily fits a 12-pound turkey. The oven maximizes the space for its cooking chamber by merging the control panel and door handle.

There are four tray levels in the cooking chamber, each having a carved number 1 to 4 from the bottom up. The special ‘2-level’ button advises the ideal levels for cooking two trays of food at once in order to utilize the number of rack levels. With this feature, you may even roast a tray of meat and a tray of veggies at the same time.

Premium Usability

Although the Ninja's control panel is everything but simple, the information is presented on the digital display in a way that is both eye-catching and not one bit complicated. Its buttons are also very straightforward.

The Ninja's cooking functions each have a specific temperature range that corresponds to the function's goal. The special thing about this device is that each function deploys a specific convection level and a specific number of heating elements, each suited to the foods listed in the recipe booklet.

The ideal oven rack position will illuminate whenever you choose a function. You'll notice that the tray-level suggestions for the greatest outcomes change as you go between functions.

4. Instant Omni Plus 18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven — Best Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Instant Omni Plus 18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

Things We Like

  • Informative and eye-catching package
  • Smart Programs and cooking status bar
  • Electrical safety feature for the door
  • Convenient removable oven bottom tray
  • Safeguards for bottom heating elements
  • Complimentary app with detailed instructions and numerous recipes
  • Helpful toggles
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior

Things We Don’t Like

  • Touchscreen digital displays need more contrast
  • The master-control knob can be confusing

The silver stainless steel Instant Omni Plus 18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven and its exceptional air frying capability have been proven by our performance tests. As a result, we decided that it was our best convection air fryer toaster oven. Its smart programs, status bar, automated reminders, and recipe app are perfect for those who value efficiency, convenience, and smart technologies.

Excellent in Baking French Fries

The Instant Omni Plus scored exceptionally high at baking french fries thanks to its air fryer basket and air fryer function which deployed the convection system on the high setting. In only 15 minutes, the air fryer basket and powerful convection resulted in perfectly golden fries.

To the same degree, the fries were baked to crispy perfection while retaining an ideal amount of moisture. This test cemented the oven's position as our top air fryer toaster oven.

Great for Roasting a Whole Chicken

The Instant Omni Plus is not just restricted to air frying; it can handle any cooking technique, including rotisserie. With a rotisserie kit, it only took the oven 50 minutes to roast a 3 lb whole chicken which was faster than average.

The combination of the rotisserie kit and high convection yielded flawlessly golden brown crispy skin. One thing to keep in mind is that the skin lost its crispiness very quickly because the meat was so juicy.

The chicken was properly cooked all the way through in just 50 minutes without any pink spots also thanks to the smooth rotation and high convection. Additionally, its internal temperature was only slightly above the USDA recommendation.

The meat practically fell off the bone. Unfortunately, our chef didn't give the taste a very high score since the skin was significantly softened due to the juicy meat.

Easy-to-Operate User Control

The Instant Omni Plus has one master-control knob and a black LCD digital touchscreen. The display includes the cooking status bar, functions, and toggles for Convection, Rotation, and Light. The oven has an audio cue to turn food halfway through the input cooking time in addition to the automated oven preheat feature.

Audio cues include the beeps when you plug in the oven, select a function, adjust time and temperature, and when the oven finishes cooking. Some reviews we've read claim that they can be a little noisy, especially in homes with children and/or pets. However, you can turn them off by pressing and holding the control knobs for 5 seconds until the screen displays S OFF.

5. Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Convection Toaster Oven — Best Budget Convection Toaster Oven

Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Toaster Oven Review

Things We Like

  • Highly affordable
  • Good value in terms of functionality and accessories
  • Small size and lightweight but sturdy design
  • Easy-to-turn knobs
  • High-contrast digital display
  • Cool-touch door handle
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior

Things We Don’t Like

  • No safety mechanism for the door
  • Convection fan isn’t all-applicable
  • No internal lighting

The black stainless steel Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Toaster Oven is our best budget convection choice. While not the cheapest, it’s a medium-sized oven with good all-around performance, design, and usability at a very low price. Technically though, it doesn’t excel at anything or offer anything unique.

Good All-Around Performance

With a short preheat time and highly precise temperature, the Toshiba AC25CEW did well in each of our performance tests. Among the toaster ovens we examined, it actually had one of the highest scores in baking pizza.

After a short baking time of 5m 15s, the crust wasn’t dry and had a nice golden brown color with some beautifully charred spots. Since the cheese was also nicely melted and caramelized, our chef gave the pizza a high score for taste.

The scores for making toast and roasting chicken are in the second-highest tier. In terms of baking french fries, the oven didn't perform as well, but it also didn't perform poorly.

Valuable Design Features

The Toshiba has a large capacity for its size and a light weight but sturdy construction. Of the 6 accessories, the rotisserie kit and the removable crumb tray are rare for this price range. It also stands out for having many air ventilation holes on each of its five sides to complement its convection system.

Easy to Use

The Toshiba is intuitive to use by having three simple knobs and a clear digital display. However, aside from the accessories, the oven has nothing particularly convenient. In addition, if you want to readjust the function during cooking, you need to press stop and repeat all the inputs.

Beginners may find the ten cooking functions helpful, especially the Defrost and Reheat functions. In addition, they can make a nice roast just like seasoned cooks with the aid of the Rotisserie and Keep Warm functions.

Other Convection Toaster Ovens Up For the Competition

1. Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro — A medium-sized convection toaster oven with attention to features of design and usability at a high price. Hence, it’s only suitable for someone prepared to invest in a high build quality, easy-to-operate control panel, and easy-to-clean accessories. The main flaw that it has is many of its features fail to actually increase convenience.

2. Black+Decker CTO6335S Large — A large convection toaster oven with quite impressive scores in design, usability, and especially performance for its price. However, its capacity and low power draw hindered its performance to an extent. It also doesn’t have any features to increase usability.

Why Trust Us?

Why Trust Us

What separates us from other product reviewing platforms is that our basis revolves around hands-on experimentation as a team. Our testing criteria prioritize user experience with all kinds of toaster ovens. Based on the authentic appraisal and helpful information from our reviews, you can confidently decide how good a toaster oven is for you.

With the culinary expertise of our head chef, we developed our performance tests through the most commonly cooked foods in a toaster oven. Simultaneously, the Research, Testing, and Review (RTR) team scored the features of design and usability through our interactions with the toaster ovens during use.

In our How We Tested Toaster Ovens article, you can follow our tests step by step and see how we were able to finalize the scores which you see in our reviews. Seeing is believing, so our entire testing process is illustrated with original videos and photographs. Our tests are to be performed the same way on every toaster oven which means you can reliably replicate them as well.

After being tested, the toaster ovens are employed in the kitchen of Healthy Recipes 101 for intensive and extensive use. This is how we maintain a constant flow of feedback on the quality and performance of the toaster ovens as well as the do’s and don’ts when using them.