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Please read about our terms, conditions, and disclaimers regarding the access and use of information and services provided by Healthy Kitchen 101: 

Our Subscription Services: 

  1. If you subscribe to our premium content, you can pay either a monthly or a yearly subscription rate.
  2. All new subscriptions come with a free 15 day trial period in addition to the subscription period.
  3. If you are unsatisfied with your subscription, please email us at billing@healthykitchen101.com within 30 days of starting your subscription. We will refund the most recent charge, no questions asked.
  4. For recurring yearly subscriptions, subscribers will be notified at least a month before the automatic payment is due together with options for canceling the subscription.
  5. Subscriptions are non-transferable between accounts and any subscription includes the named subscriber and shared householders such as family members.
  6. A subscription is activated from the time and point of payment confirmation.
  7. If there is any payment issue when subscribing to or renewing a service, please contact us at billing@healthykitchen101.com
  8. Healthy Kitchen 101 reserves the right to terminate any subscription if the terms of the subscription are violated.
  9. In the event of business failure, or the ending of our subscription service, all standing subscriptions will be fully refunded within a 30 day period. 
  10. We use Paddle.com as a payment gateway; all subscriptions are subject to Paddle Terms and Conditions as laid out on their website.
  11.  Information we collect includes: your email, transaction ID, billing date, and service start and end dates. 
  12. We do not sell, pass-on, nor co-operate with any third parties that may want to access or use your data.
  13.  We do not have access to any credit card information nor do we store such information on our servers. 
  14. If any subscriber content is shared on social media or any other platform such as a blog, it shall also include a link back to our website.
  15. Health Kitchen 101 is not liable for any loss due to temporary disruption of services due to site or server maintenance, or connectivity issues beyond our control.

Safety Disclaimer

Our website content includes product reviews, buying guides, cooking tips, kitchen maintenance tips, and instructions concerning various kitchen and household equipment and appliances. 

  1. While we aspire to bring our readers accurate, up-to-date, and useful information, our content solely reflects the knowledge, understanding, and personal opinions of the individual writers and the editors concerned. 
  2. All content is created for general information purposes only; as such, we assume no liability for errors or omissions in any content offered by Healthy Kitchen 101.
  3. Our content does not replace, and should not be construed as consultation from a licensed professional. 
  4. Users are urged to check the local regulations and consult qualified professionals before making a decision to purchase and/or install and/or use an appliance.
  5. All appliances purchased should be used, operated, maintained, and disposed of as per the manufacturers’ instructions and/or any product user-manual received.
  6. You agree not to assert any claims, pursue legal action, or make allegations against us, the owners, writers, editors, publishers, and our affiliates at Healthy Kitchen 101 LLC, for any and all damages and/or injuries resulting from your pursuit of activities or ideas presented and published by Healthy Kitchen 101.

Advertising And Affiliate Disclosure

  1. We work with other businesses to finance our activities.
  2. Some of the links in our editorial content are affiliate links with a unique tracking code. We place them where we think would be useful for the reader. When you follow these links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission from the business. You will see a disclosure at the top of the post when there is an affiliate link.
  3. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. 
  4. We do not accept guest posts, promotional posts, or sponsored external links in our editorial content.
  1. You may find in our editorial content non-promotional links to other websites. These links are provided for informational purposes only. Healthy Kitchen 101 does not endorse or approve of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. 
  2. Healthy Kitchen 101 has no control over those websites and is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. 
  3. Please read the external site’s privacy statement and contact them if you have any questions regarding its content.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments on our Disclaimers and Disclosures, please contact us at

Healthy Kitchen 101 LLC - San Francisco Office

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San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone number: (408) 493-0350

Or email us at privacy@healthykitchen101.com

Last updated on May 12, 2024

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