Hands-On Review of the Braun MultiQuick-5: The Best Immersion Blender to Buy in 2022

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Although a variety of Braun products have been on the market for more than 70 years, most people think of them as a razor company. However, it would make sense that a company which makes good razors would also make good blenders. To find out if that hunch was correct, we bought a Braun MultiQuick-5 and put it through a series of tests, and we’re sharing our metrics to help you decide whether it’s a good buy.

The Braun MultiQuick-5  Parts and Accessories
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Parts and Accessories (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.59 Pounds
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Controller Type: Push Button 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 2.2 x 15 Inches 
  • Wattage: 300 Watts

Overall Verdict 

There are more excellent hand-held blenders on the market today than ever before, but the Braun MultiQuick-5 is the model we would recommend for every kitchen. It’s the model to turn to for high quality at an affordable price. It’s solidly built, has moderate motor strength, and most importantly it performed admirably in all of our tests.

Things We Like 

  • Consistent performance with minimal splashing
  • Nearly as efficient as the higher-priced Vitamix 
  • Ergonomically-designed handle ensures a confident grip
  • Doesn’t get hot even under heavy-duty use
  • A generous set of accessories means greater versatility 

Things We Don’t Like 

  • The metal blending shaft and whisk may damage non-stick coatings

Braun MultiQuick-5 Immersion Blender: Unboxing, Assembly, and First Impressions 

The Braun MultiQuick-5 makes a strong visual impression out of the box. As a mid-range blender, it’s only about half the price of the premium ones. Despite that modest price point, it is made of quality materials and seems built to last.

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Stylish Design
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Stylish Design (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

At 1.59 lbs, the Braun is nearly a pound lighter than the Vitamix 5-speed — we tested recently, which felt quite heavy in the hand by comparison. Compact and portable, it has a footprint of 15 by 2.2 inches, and it looks identical to the promotional images. 

The box includes 4 pieces: a blender motor body, a blending wand, a whisk attachment, and a 20-ounce beaker. Given more accessories than most other brands do, we supposed Braun is attempting to go head-to-head with its rivals, not just in blending performance, but with the overall versatility.

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Blending Wand
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Blending Wand (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

The 300-watt motor powers a 2-pronged blade that sits permanently at the bottom of the metal blending shaft. Depending on the recipe, it also can work with the whisk attachment, which is not something you get with most mid-range household blenders.  

The MultiQuick-5 feels good to hold regardless of hand size, thanks to its ergonomically-designed handle and BPA-free silicone coating that’s meant to ensure a slip-proof grip.

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Speed Settings
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Speed Settings (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

The interface is very intuitive with only two buttons so we even could figure out how they worked before reading the user manual. As a handy add-on, this blender also features Easy-Click release buttons, which allow for effortless accessories removal. 

The Braun MultiQuick-5 in Our Tests: Impressive Performance at an Inexpensive Price  [Overall Score: 9.1/10]

Although most immersion blenders are made well enough for common tasks like making smoothies, pureed soups, and emulsified sauces, some are more efficient than others. As such, we decided to test the Braun against four other hand-held blenders at different price ranges. They included the Vitamix 5-speed, the Muller Ultra-Stick, the Cuisinart Stick, and the cordless KitchenAid. 

By following the same testing procedures with all models, we could evaluate both objective performance and value for money..

We put each blender through five tests and gave them scores of 1-10, but for the overall blender scores we’ve weighted each test differently depending on how essential we consider each function. Here those are:

  • The soup test: Pureeing is the most common use of any hand blender, so it counts for 35% of the total score.
  • The Frozen smoothie test: 30%. 
  • The Mayonnaise test (using the whisk attachment):  15%
  • The Nut milk test: 15%
  • The Whipped egg-white test: 5%
Braun MultiQuick-5 SoupSmoothieMayonnaise Almond MilkWhipped Egg-Whites
Time 1 min2 mins 10 secs1 min 54 secs47 secs2 mins 15 secs
Results Creamy and Silky SmoothThick and SpreadableDrinkable Stiff 

1. Soup Purée (Score: 9.5/10)

Our hearty soup – packed with carrots, pumpkins, and parsley – wasn’t a challenge for the Braun MultiQuick-5. In the span of one minute, a two-serving pot of chunky soup became soft and creamy, no draining necessary. 

Most impressively, the Braun MultiQuick-5 didn’t create suction or cause splattering throughout the test, even at the highest speed setting. Unlike the Mueller Ultra-Stick and the Cuisinart Smart, it enabled us to start low and smoothly increase the speed as we went instead of being distracted by the spatters.

The Braun MutiQuick-5 Soup Result
(Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

That said, you should avoid using this blender in any non-stick pots, as the metal blade housing could easily scratch their finish.. With other types of cookware, it would be better if you move or stir it around gently. 

2. Smoothie (Score: 8.8/10)

Our smoothie consisted of kale, frozen mango and pineapple, and whole ice cubes. Since not many immersion blenders can efficiently blend leafy greens and solid ingredients, this recipe would give us a clearer picture of the Braun's efficiency. It also would help us sniff out any problems that could come up with this device under heavy-duty use. Would it blend smoothly or end up with dull blades and a damaged motor? 

The Braun’s 300-watt, 12,500 RPM motor did a fine job at this test, taking about 2 minutes and 10 seconds to yield one serving of frozen smoothie.

Of the four mid-range blenders, it was the only one that passed the test without much difficulty. Food didn’t cling to the blade housing, so there was no need for a scraper. Blade friction from prolonged operation didn’t overheat the motor either (*). With the remaining blenders, some had a hard time crushing ice cubes, while others created tight suction that made it pretty difficult for us to lift the blending shaft. 

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Smoothie
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Smoothie (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

The texture and consistency of the Braun’s smoothie was also better. Although it wasn’t as fast as the higher-priced Vitamix, its blend was nearly as silky, with just a couple tiny chunks of unprocessed mango. 

(*) The manufacturers of certain blenders, such as the KitchenAid, the Cuisinart, and the Muller, advise that they shouldn’t be used continuously more than one minute, to prevent damage to their motors. 

3. Mayonnaise (Score 8.8/10)

Initially, we planned to whisk together three egg yolks and 240ml of oil using either a whisk attachment or the blending shaft, depending on the blender’s accessory set. The Braun’s manual instructs that its whisk attachment should only be used for whipping cream, beating egg whites, making sponge cakes, and ready-mix desserts. This is certainly an unusual specification, as whisks are commonly used for other purposes - such as making mayonnaise.

Regardless, we stuck to our plan and used the whisk to make mayonnaise. As it turned out, it performed about as well as its competitors’ blending shafts in terms of emulsifying time and texture. It was, however, easier to use and clean, since it didn't create a suction to the beaker's bottom like the Cuisinart. And thanks to the wide gaps between the whisk’s loops we didn’t need to stop the blender to unclog it, as we did with the KitchenAid. The mayonnaise was also easier to rinse and scrub off.

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Mayonnaise
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Mayonnaise (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

4. Almond Milk (Score: 9.3/10)

To yield one serving of dairy-free milk, we blended a cup of raw almonds soaked overnight with three cups of warm water,then strained the mixture through a soft cloth. The residual solids that didn’t pass through the strainer would be a measure of the blended result.  

The Braun MultiQuick -5 didn’t perform well in this test, though it blended relatively evenly and took just 47 seconds to produce one serving of creamy almond milk. It suctioned tightly to the vessel’s bottom, causing excessive splatter when we struggled to move it around for an even blend. Furthermore, since this blender couldn’t sustain a good vortex, the liquid overflowed violently when we increased it to a higher speed.

If you’re going to use this blender to make nut milk, we would recommend a taller beaker than the one it comes with.

5. Whipped Egg-Whites (Score: 9.0/10)

Of the five blenders we tested, only the Braun and the Muller passed this test, as both included whisk attachments ideal for beating egg whites. Using the ordinary blending wand, the remaining blenders couldn’t draw enough air into the egg-whites, which prevented the egg-protein from forming a stable foam.

Compared to the Muller, the Braun MultiQuick-5 was nearly two minutes faster at creating an airy, fluffy egg foam. Although there was barely any difference between their outcomes, the speedy whisking process of the Braun MultiQuick-5 did help it avoid overheating, which should make it more reliable. 

The Braun MultiQuick-5 Speed Whipped Egg-Whites
The Braun MultiQuick-5 Speed Whipped Egg-Whites (Cre: Nguyen Ntk/HealthyKitchen101)

Even when we had stopped the Muller periodically a couple of times during its extended operation as recommended by the manufacturers, its motor was still overloaded, leaving us with a lot of skepticism towards its safety and durability. 

Ease of Use 

The Braun MultiQuick-5 offers only two speed options: Low and Turbo. This means you have less fine control than with multi-speed blenders, but it’s easier to switch between modes.

To blend, just press and hold the appropriate speed button until the perfect texture is achieved. That said, both the buttons demand a relatively high pressing pressure to activate, which may be trickier for those with weaker hands or long nails.

The Braun MultiQuick 5 has accessory ejection buttons on the motor body — a handy function that even higher-priced models lack. These buttons are very clicky with great sensitivity; as soon as you press them, your blender shaft or whisk attachment will effortlessly push itself out from the motor body.

It’s very easy to attach the accessories as well, as long as your hands are dry. Simply align the main body with the attachment until they click together.

We also especially like the silicone layer coating the main body, which offers a comfortable grip, reducing hand tension and slippage.


Although all the removable accessories are dishwasher-safe, we cleaned them manually to prevent discoloration caused by abrasive dishwasher detergents. 

By just holding the blending wand under the running tap, both the soup and smoothie remnants were quickly removed, though we still wiped down the blending wand with dish soap to avoid cross-contamination. Thankfully, it wasn’t so difficult to scrub the backs of the blades.

Cleaning the whisk attachment was nearly as simple. We had little difficulty wedging soapy sponges between the loops to wipe off the residue. 

Is the Braun MultiQuick-5 Immersion Blender Worth the Money? 

So far, we haven’t haven’t found much to complain about with this blender, especially given its reasonable price. Though it wasn’t as efficient as the Vitamix in our tests, it wins hands-down over the competition within its price range due to its versatility and heavy-duty performance. The included practical accessory package makes it an even better value.

Should You Buy the Braun MultiQuick-5 Immersion Blender? 

After a course of hands-on testing, we believe that most people will be pleased with the Braun MultiQuick-5 in almost every aspect. If you want the best bang for your buck, the Braun MultiQuick 5 is the choice for you. It’s the best mid-range blender that has more than enough power for your daily blending tasks, from frozen fruit smoothies to any recipe involving leafy greens. Andith the handy whisk attachment, it saves you from buying a hand mixer for beating egg-whites and emulsifying sauces. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely comfortable to hold and use, even with just one hand.

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