Pacific Range Hood Review

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Pacific has been in the business of designing and manufacturing range hoods for more than two decades. The company has won several awards, including the Highest Recommendation by Consumers Award and the Good Design Awards. The TruSteam SC88 from Pacific is known for its high-quality construction, innovative features, and its reliable guarantee.

The Pacific Range Hood Review: Important Features

SC88 BS PACIFIC 30” FILTERLESS Under Cabinet Range Hood
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  • TruSteam cleans parts without disassembling

  • Sleek, modern aesthetic

  • Quiet, efficient extraction of oils and odors

  • Backlit LED touch control panel

  • Heavy-duty suction capacity

  • Expensive

  • Imported

Powerful Extraction

The Pacific is good looking under cabinet range hood that is not only functional but will add style and elegance to your kitchen. The powerful 1,000-CFM Whisper-Quiet motor powers the dual fans that take care of pollutants in the cooking space. Cooking can result in obnoxious, if not harmful, fumes and steam, which the Pacific TruSteam SC88 does an excellent job removing.

The large fan blades, along with the high capacity housing design, means that the range hood operates at maximum extraction capacity. The unit offers six different extraction speeds. It also has a delay shut-off function that automatically turns the hood off after a few minutes; during that time, the hood continues to remove the residue steam and smoke.

The LED strip lights offer energy-efficient lighting directly onto your cooking surface. The range hood also has a high-tech touch control panel with six settings.

Steam Clean for Grease-Free

The Pacific SC88 has a steam cleaner cycle that releases steam onto the fans and into the hood housing at temperatures of 130°C/260°F. The steam spray cleans away stubborn grease and oils, which are drained into the grease collector. The base of the range hood is concave in design to capture more air than normal design.

After the steaming is a rinse with hot water. The hot-water rinse removes oil, grease, and unpleasant smells. So there’s no need to resort to harmful detergents and chemicals, or abrasives to clean the range hood. The procedure is environmentally friendly, as there are no toxic chemicals required in the cleansing process.

By keeping the range hood clean, you ensure yourself of a clean, odorless, and germ-free environment. Regular cleaning of the range hood prevents a fire hazard.

No-Filter Extraction

The Pacific range contains no filters— at least no visible ones. Instead, the steam, smoke, and fumes are routed towards a built-in grease-trapping system inside the hood for the collection of grease and other cooking residues. You can then use TruSteam to removed build-up on the fans and other places.

The whole system excludes the use of conventional grease baffle or mesh filters, which eliminates the need for their maintenance. That saves a lot of time.

Technical Specifications

The Pacific TruSteam SC88 comes in 30 inches and 36 inches. Keep in mind that a range hood should be the same size or one size bigger than the cooking top.

The range hood is top-vented, and it takes circular duct sizing 6, 7, or 8 inches. Dampers/outlet adapters are included in the case of conversion. Rectangular duct pipes are not supported.

The motor is under a lifetime warranty; other parts are covered for 10 years.

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