Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Review: Ninja BL456 Personal Size

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Today, one of the most convenient and practical ways to add more fiber to your daily diet is having smoothies— even better, homemade smoothies. A good blender that makes quick and delicious drinks can change the whole pace of your typical day.

Still, there are too many choices available, and it’s difficulting knowing where to start. But if you’re looking for something small yet capable, what we have here could be it.

In this product review, we’re looking at a blender from Ninjakitchen that specializes in single servings, the Nutri Ninja Pro BL456. It has been arguably the most popular personal-size blender for the last few years thanks to its swift, powerful, and consistent performance.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Review: Defining Features

Ninja BL456 Blenders - Countertop
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  • Strong 900-watt motor

  • Compact

  • Easy to operate

  • BPA-free parts

  • Dishwasher safe parts

  • Recipe guide book included

  • Not for large servings

  • Can be loud

  • No lock-in may cause hand fatigue

Compact Design

The product has a compact design, which allows it to be stored and set up just about anywhere in your kitchen. It has dimensions of 6 by 6 by 14 inches and weighs 7.65 pounds, which is perfect for studio apartments, small kitchens, and dorm rooms.

Strong Motor

Despite the humble size, the Ninja BL456 comes with a 900-watt motor, which is ample power for breaking down ice, tough nuts, seeds, and whole fruits and vegetables. Its hard and sharp blade slices and crushes anything that it has in contact.

The powerful and durable motor, together with the profession-quality blade assembly, lets the unit achieving satisfying consistency, one batch after the other.

Single-Serving Capacity

It comes with a 24-ounce work cup, a smaller 18-ounce work cup, and two Sip and Seal lids to take your drink on the go. You can take your personalized healthy smoothie whatever you go. However, the limited capacity means that larger servings are going to be a challenge.

Easy to Operate

The Ninja Nutri Pro is simple to set up and operate. You add the ingredients to one of the cups, put on the blade cap, lock the cup onto the power base, and push down on the cup to pulse. As soon as you stop applying pressure, the operation ceases, so it’s very safe.

One setback, though, you have to keep holding the container down if you want the machine to run continuously.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the blender is straightforward. The lids and cups are top-rack dishwasher-safe. But to be safe, all the parts should be cleaned by hand. You can try blending warm, mildly soapy water to clean the blade and the cups. The base can be easily wiped clean with a damp piece of fabric.

Since there are not too many parts, to begin with, the whole process should take you only a few minutes.

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