Napoleon Prestige 500 Grill Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

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If you love hosting parties outside, then getting a Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill would be a wise choice. This product has almost everything that you can ask from an outdoor grill.

Napoleon Prestige 500 Grill Review: The Defining Features

Napoleon Prestige 500 Grill Review
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  • Durable construction

  • Stainless steel sear plates and rod grid

  • Infrared side and rear burners

  • Large capacity

  • Expensive

With four main burners, an infrared rear and side burner, this grill can perform eight different cooking styles. Being a big-sized grill, it allows the cooking of up to 38 burgers at a time. Cooking for a large number of people will no longer be a struggle because with its generous capacity, you and your hungry guests won’t have to wait no more.

Strong Construction

Constructed of stainless steel, the Prestige 500 dons a luxurious and stunning appearance. This choice of materials also makes sure that the grill is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. If long-term use is what you aim for, it is the product for you.

But it is not only the outside that is durable. If you take a look under the lid, you will see stainless steel is also used for the basin, tube burners, dual-level sear plates and cooking grids. The stainless steel sear plates provide extra surface area to help you get rid of any drippings from your food and prevent the possibility of flare-ups. In addition, the simple design of those sear plates also save you much trouble when cleaning them.

Unique Design

Apart from the materials, this product also has a lot more to offer with all its great features. Firstly, this grill is equipped with an advanced temperature gauge. This device helps you keep track of the temperature and keep it under control. Another thing to look for when using this modern grill is the Safety Glow. With this feature, the control knobs will glow red when the burner is on, which will come in handy when you’re grilling late at night or cooking multiple items on different burners.

We also have to mention the well-designed top lid. With this lid, we can retain the heat and moisture inside the cooking chamber and use the grill as an oven to bake cakes, cookies or a smoker for turkeys and briskets. The smart design allows for the saving of a lot of energy and consequently, the overall costs of your parties.

But that’s not all of it. Just by filling a smoker tube with wood chips and placing it over a lit burner, you will have a smoker grill! Then with the charcoal smoker tray, we can light charcoal quickly with the gas burners and be grilling over charcoal in no time.

Talking about the performance of this product, here are some interesting facts apart from its great capacity and design. This grill burner has the ability to pumps out 18,000 BTUs. Its side burner, meanwhile, can reach the temperature of nearly 1,800°F for perfect searing.

With all the features and performance that the Napoleon Prestige 500 offers, it only comes with a minor imperfection. The flaw lies in the rotisserie system that is included with the device as a full package. The metal bracket that holds the motor is quite thin and not stiff enough to support heavier cuts of meat, causing the rod to slip out. However, this only happens with heavier items, so this product is still highly recommended if you’re truly a barbecue lover.

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