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Louisiana Grills LG900 Review: A Decent Grill with a Dull Appearance

Whether you’re an aspiring griller or experienced BBQ enthusiast, you’ll love smoking ribs or charbroiling steaks with this grill. Check out our review of the Louisiana Grills LG900.

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This product is pretty much akin to any other traditional heavy-duty pellet grills, but it’s definitely a better variant. The Louisiana Grills LG900 offers more than its dull appearance. Let’s take a closer look at its features and overall performance.

Louisiana Grills LG900 Review: The Remarkable Features

  • Competitive price
  • Programmable meat thermometer
  • Large cooking area
  • Built-in meat temperature probe
  • Precise temperature control
  • Small hopper capacity
  • Cooking surfaces require meticulous cleaning

Much like other pellet grills, the LG900 line boasts a wide range of heating capacity, which can go from smoking, roasting to baking and searing. Its body is powder-coated steel, while the cooking grid is cast iron.

Easy to Use

What draws us to the Louisiana LG900 is the ease of control when it comes to keeping the heat in check. All you have to do is adjust the temperature to your preference, and the grill will take care of the rest. Inside the grill, a feeding mechanism will extract the right amount of pellet from the hopper, and feed them to the burning heat source.The temperature ranges from 170oF all the way up to 600oF, with 5-degree increments in between, so you can easily fine-tuning in along the way.

The entire unit is designated for “Set it and Forget It” cooking style, which will keep the temperature constant for an extended period. This much-needed feature is highly appreciated when the cook has to step away from the grill to prepare other dishes, taking a break, or tending to other guests.

Large Cooking Area

For those who regularly host grill fests or cook with huge items like briskets and turkeys, the Louisiana Grills LG900 is a good bet. Its interior is perfect for large family gatherings with barbecue on weekends. The main cooking surface provides 633 square inches – combined with the 280 square inches from the warming rack above – offering up to 913 square inches in total, though the official measurement on the official website measures it at 958 square inches.

Real-Time Temperature Reading

The programmable meat probe does a good job of keeping track of how well the food is cooking within the chamber. You can set the preferred temperature and stick the probe into the items you want to measure, and you’ll receive instant and up-to-date readings.

In addition, there’s a lid-mounted thermometer that lets you know how hot it is inside the cooking chamber without having to open the lid too often. This will help prevent the heat from escaping the grill and will keep the food juicy and succulent.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cooking grids are easy to remove, but tricky to clean, since they are cast iron. They require not only manual hand-washing but also seasoning – a protective layer of oil – before storing away. These cast iron surfaces need to be washed with a soft-bristled brush soaked in a mild dish soap solution, but only in a minimal amount. Once thoroughly cleansed, you ought to dry them with a dish rack instead of letting them air dry on their own, or else they’ll succumb to rust.

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As for the hopper, you can leave the remaining pellet inside for the next cookout, or empty it with a vacuum cleaner. The ash collected at the bottom of the grill can be easily collected and discarded by an accessible tray.

Granted the body is powder-coated steel, it’s still inferior to stainless steel in term of durability, especially against the moisture from rain, dew or snow. If you’re keeping this grill outside, you should cover it well with a tarp.

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