KitchenAid Immersion Blender Review: KHB1231 2-Speed Hand Blender

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Immersion blenders are versatile and convenient kitchen tools. They’re lightweight, handheld, and easy to use and maneuver. But just like most kitchen appliances, different immersion blenders vary in size, design, power, level of convenience, and materials used.

In this immersion blender review, the KitchenAid 2-Speed KHB1231WH is in question. Let’s find out what’s so good about this hand blender that a lot of people love it.

KitchenAid Immersion Blender Review: The Defining Features

KitchenAid KHB1231WH 2-Speed Hand Blender
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  • Non-slip handle

  • Stainless steel blade

  • Long power cord

  • Long blending arm

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • 1-year hassle-free warranty

  • Not efficient for hard produce

  • Not efficient for heavy use

The KHB1231 2-Speed hand blender has several appealing features:

Removable 8-inch Blending Arm

KitchenAid promises a thorough mixing of your ingredients when using this kitchen tool. It comes with an 8-inch long shaft to provide deep immersion. It also has a twist-lock design for easy removal for cleaning and feeding your contents.

Two Speeds

The blender runs at two speeds for efficient blending, pureeing, and crushing. All you need to do is choose the right speed for the contents in the blender. It’s ideal for making smoothies, soups, or baby food.

Simple Design

Hand blenders are loved by their intuitive and simple design. They’re smaller but can perform most of the tasks that a full-size conventional blender can.

This KitchenAid hand blender weighs 2 pounds and measures 2.5 by 2.5 by 16 inches. The compact size, low weight, and the fact that it’s detachable make it much easier to find a place to store.

Contoured Grip

The handle has a soft, non-slip grip to provide comfort while blending. This is ideal for continuous blending. The activation button is also located on the handle scale, let you operate the device while having a firm hold on it.

Powerful DC Motor

The blender operates with a 200-watt DC motor, powerful enough to blend, puree, and crush soft food with ease. But if you intend to blend and crush harder ingredients like seeds or nuts, you might want to consider something stronger, preferably with a tough container.

Stainless Steel S-Shaped Blade

The performance and durability of the blade directly affect the efficiency of a blender. The blade of the KHB1231WH is made of stainless steel— a popular corrosion-resistant, strong, and durable material for safe and effective operation.

3-Cup Blending Jar with Lid

The hand blender comes with a BPA-free 3-cup jar as a blending container or a storage reservoir. The set is a good choice if you’re after a blender for personal use but not for anything more extensive.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this product is easy and straightforward. The jar, lid, and shaft are dishwasher safe, and you can wash them together with other utensils.

5-feet Power Cord

The 5-feet long power cord offers extended reach for easy and convenient maneuverability in the kitchen.

The product is under a 1-year warranty.

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