Cutco Knife Review: Cutco 1728 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife

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From the stove to your kitchen cutlery, everything plays a crucial role for a cook. But the chef’s knife is probably what you use the most.

The chef’s knife’s design, balance, and weight play a significant part in how well it cuts food. It should also offer a comfortable grip so you can chop your way through anything. A knife that’s bigger/smaller than it should be and is difficult to maneuver, no matter how expensive it is, is not a suitable knife.

We will take a look at all those features on the Cutco Petite Chef’s Knife in this Cutco knife review.

Cutco Knife Review: The “Petite” But Mighty Cutco 1728

Cutco 1728 7-5/8
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  • High-quality, durable stainless steel

  • Fatigue-resistant handle layout

  • Comes with free repairing service by Cutco

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Pricey

This Cutco knife review will walk you through the features of the Petite Chef’s Knife 1728 to help you make up your mind.

The Knife

We thought the name “Petite” is a little misleading— it gave us the impression of a toy knife. The Cutco Petite Chef’s Knife may be “petite” compared to the original 9-1/4" French Chef, but it’s not exactly a small knife. At 7-5/8", it’s just about half an inch shorter than the typical 8” chef’s knife.

There are in fact much shorter chef’s knives on the market. The Shun Classic 6”, for example, is a very well-loved item, and it’s much more modest in size compared to this one.

The blade has a strong double bevel that can handle some serious cutting. Razor sharp out of the box, it can cut across all kinds of materials— fish, meat, vegetables, and roots, among other things.

It features a tang that runs all the way through the handle, fastened with three rivets— the classic sign of a quality knife. The handle has an ergonomic design, allowing for a firm grip and easy control over the knife as you work on tricky cutting tasks. The design also brings to it an inspiration futuristic look.

The lack of a bolster means there is no added weight in the middle, but it’s still a well-balanced knife.

The Service

With a straight edge and no bolster, the Petite Chef’s Knife is easy to sharpen. That said, you won’t have to do the sharpening, because Cutco offers to do it for you for free! They promise to sharpen, hone, buff, and repair your knife at no cost— you don’t even have to show a receipt.

The knife also comes with a life-time guarantee.

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