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Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Gas Grill Review

The Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Gas Grill is a propane-powered, versatile grill that comes with industrial-grade components.

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There is nothing more appealing than a BBQ on a bright sunny day. With the perfect grilling station, the ease of cooking for our loved ones becomes a joy. Powered by propane, the Blackstone 1554 is a versatile and professional quality grill that brings that experience to you.

It comes with many handy features that make it desirable.

Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Gas Grill Review: Notable Features

  • Solid construction
  • Industrial grade caster wheels
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Variable heat zones with adjustable stainless-steel burners
  • Serving tray-shelves
  • Grease management system can be a hit or a miss

Look and Feel

The Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Gas Grill comes in a powder-coated steel frame. The griddle top is made from seven-gauge rolled carbon steel for durability and even heat distribution.

The griddle has a surface area of 720 square inches and can fit at one time 28 burgers, 16 steaks or 72 hot dogs. The cooking surface prevents food from sticking to it.

The Blackstone 1554’s burners have adjustable heat control. This offers a versatile cooking surface and can keep cooked food warm at the same time when you are cooking a steak on the other side of the griddle. The burners are made of solid stainless steel.

It also boasts of four industrial strength caster wheels. These make the grill easy to transport. Two of the caster wheels have a foot-operated locking mechanism which once deployed, locks the grill in place disallowing any degree of movement.

The grill works with propane and comes with propane tank fasteners. This doubles down on security and ensures there is no leakage.

The Blackstone 1554 grill comes with a rear grease management system, which collects grease and fats on the rear side of the griddle. Blackstone claims it to offer non-stress cooking and easy cleanup. However, many users have found it to be a hit and miss.

The legs are foldable for ease of storage and transportation. But we must keep in mind that the grill is very heavy. Its box dimensions are 54.43 inches long x 14.37 inches high x 25.6 inches wide, with a weight of 134.5 pounds. The dimensions post-assembly are 62.50 inches long x 36 inches high x 22 inches wide. At 120 pounds, hauling it for a camping trip may not be the best of ideas.

This grill comes with a warning on choking hazard. It has small parts and children up to three years in age must maintain a safe distance from it at all times.


The Blackstone 1554 is a workhorse. It can deliver up to 60,000 BTUs of heat from its four burners which house an in-built push-button electronic lighter, thereby eliminating the fuss of using gasoline and lighter. The igniter needs one AA battery to operate. Each burner carries the capacity of delivering up to 15,000 BTUs. You can cook different barbecue food items simultaneously, thanks to the variable heating output of the four burners.

Two cantilevered shelves, one on each side of the grill, can be used to serve food. A tray beneath the griddle can act as storage for food or cutlery, depending on our choice.

You may need to season the grill before your start using it. A seasoning of the griddle will ensure a more durable non-stick cooking experience and will lend longevity to the griddle surface.

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