Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review: Arofa A01LY Brushed Nickle Pull-Down Spout

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Compared to standard faucets that have a fixed spout, pull-out faucets are much more convenient, especially in the messy context of a kitchen. These days, kitchen faucets with a detachable spout have been so common that fixed spouts will soon stop being the standard.

In today’s review article, we take a look at the Arofa A01LY. Frankly, it is not the best you can find, but it’s a solid consideration in the low-price range. With its simple outlook, quality build, and functional features, the pull-out kitchen faucet should be immensely useful for the average household. Let us dive into the specifications.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review: Main Features

Kitchen Faucet Pull Down-Arofa A01LY Commercial Modern
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  • Affordable

  • Strong metal construction

  • Flexible spout

  • Tall body for easy cleanup

  • No magnetic docking

  • Braided nylon hose

Functional Design

The Arofa A01LY sports a look of utility, rocking a sleek-looking pull-out design. The detachable head extends out to reach areas outside of the sink with no difficulties, all thanks to its long braided nylon hose. Together with the pull-out sprayer, the faucet should work big or small sinks with no problems.

Braided nylon is highly flexible and is not a rare choice for water supply lines. But it’s not entirely ideal for a pull-out design because the hose hits the metal spout quite regularly on its self-retract action. And that easily damage the line.

On the hose, there’s a piece of metal clip-on that acts as a counterweight system, which causes the head to retract itself when you release your hold. There’s no magnetic docking, so expect that the action may be sloppy at times.

The spout has a high-arc neck that gives space for pots and jars to fill. The sprayer has two spray modes: stream and spray, and you can pause the flow mid-session, too.

Quality Construction

Although affordable, the Arofa A01LY Pull-down Faucet uses quality brass and stainless steel. The full metal construction adds much durability to the faucet as opposed to plastic, especially if your kitchen space is limited or usually busy.

It also adopts a ceramic valve that should last for quite sometime before its first leak. Ceramic valve cartridges are the most popular choice for single-handle faucets thanks to its practicality and durability.

Easy to Clean

Arofa finishes the kitchen spout with a layer of brushed nickel. The finish is good against smudges, water spots, and it’s rather effective against corrosion. Mind that nickel plating tends to tarnish quickly, which can be a bad thing or a stylish thing (as with copper).

The sprayer head has flexible rubber nozzles. They trap sediments and let you clean out any build-up by just rubbing the nozzles.

Another thing worthing-noting is, the faucet’s body is taller than most models. The raised distance from the handle to the deck free up some space, allowing you to clean the area under the handle with less restriction.

Easy to Install

Installation is standard and simplified. The Arofa supports both 1- and 3-hole mounting, with straightforward instructions that anyone can follow and do it themselves. That should help save a lot of money and time. The brand also includes a deck cover plate in case there are extra holes that need covering.

The model is under a 5-year warranty.

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