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American Standard Garbage Disposal Review: The Torque Master ASD-1250

This American Standard garbage disposal review puts the ASD-1250 Torque Master under the scope. How is it strong yet affordable all at once?

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American Standard is no strange name to homes everywhere around the globe. The brand is easily one of the biggest kitchen and bath companies this era has ever seen, and the quality of their products is something you wouldn’t worry yourself too much over.

No doubt, garbage disposals are not one of the brand’s main lines of products, and the ASD-1250 Torque Master is its only model. But the said model has been so impressive, it’s starting to feel otherwise.

Regardless, the American Standard ASD-1250 Torque Master Garbage And Food Waste Disposer is a high-quality unit that deserves the spotlight. In this review, we will check out the machine’s features, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully help you find a fitting purchase.

American Standard Garbage Disposal Review: The Torque Master ASD-1250

  • Strong 1.25-horsepower motor
  • Compact casing
  • All stainless steel grind components
  • Magnetic Silver Guard grabs metallic items
  • Effective noise countering measures
  • Reasonably priced
  • Silver Guard is quite weak
  • Can still be noisy to some ears

The ASD-1250 has been making quite an impression on owners lately, and it’s not at all a surprise considering its following features:

High-Torque Motor

This American Standard in-sink food grinder carries a powerful 1.25-horsepower (HP) motor; that is rather ample in the context of a home kitchen. The most common power ratings for residential uses you’ll see these days are ⅓, ½, ¾, and 1.

The shaft spins at 2800 revolutions per minute (RPM), which is fast and helps lower the risk of jamming. With the speed and the high-torque of its motor, the ASD-1250 is capable of reducing all kinds of food scraps, including animal bones, down to mulch with little effort.

Stainless Steel Chamber

The grind chamber is where the “wet” work goes down, so its constructing fabric is of great importance. That’s why it’s a big plus that this food waste disposer gets an assembly with parts all made of stainless steel, from the turnplate to the grind ring.

Compared to the lower-tier galvanized steel, stainless steel is way stronger and more rust-resistant. It also requires minimum maintenance and naturally inhibits bacterial growth. To add the cherry on top, the company also processes a “unique antimicrobial agent” into the grind components to prevent organic development and prevent unpleasant odor.

Of course, these handy characteristics come at a price. But if you include the resources that usually go into regular upkeep, it’s not really that costly at all.

Noise Countering

Garbage disposals are infamous for the noise they make. The Torque Master ASD-1250, luckily, does a great job at suppressing the sound level, especially for a garbage grinder of its price.

Unlike others who resort to insulating casings, American Standard focuses on balancing. By doing so, the brand manages to minimize the vibration produced during a process. The result is, owners have more than just gratitude and high praise for the model. You can see for yourself how quiet it is online; there are unboxing videos all over.

Magnetized Flange

Another clever detail of the garbage disposal is its magnetized collar. The flange has a ring of magnets wrapped around it on the underside of the sink. Foreign magnetic objects will cling onto the sink drain, greatly decreasing the risk of unwanted insertion and prevent damage to the interiors of the machine.

Mind you that the magnetic force here is not very strong, and heavy objects may still fall in. It’s a smart idea, nonetheless, and you can totally DIY a magnetized flange yourself.

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