Almazan Kitchen Knife Review: Serbian Chef’s Knife Handmade in Spain

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Are you tired of seeing the same old knives in every kitchen? Looking for something to make your cutlery set truly stand out? The unique Almazan knife might be what you need. Take a gander at our Almazan Kitchen Knife review to learn more about it.

This unusual piece of cutlery is meant to be used on tough foods like meats and squash. It is heavy, and can be used as a cleaver, but is sharp enough for more delicate slicing as well. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

Almazan Kitchen Knife Features

Original ALMAZAN KNIVES Hand Forged Kitchen Chef Knife
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  • Keeps its sharp edge well

  • Capable as a cleaver and slicer

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

  • Prone to rust


Most kitchen cutlery in this day and age is made of stainless steel. It’s resistant to corrosion and easy to care for. Stainless steel does have a flaw, however: It’s simply not as strong as plain high-carbon steel.

Almazan knives take a cue from the older tradition of knife forging. Their high-carbon steel is strong and durable, capable of keeping a sharp edge for a long time. The tradeoff is that it must be carefully maintained to prevent rust. If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime.

The handle, meanwhile, is made of modern pakkawood. The compressed and epoxy-impregnated wood helps keep moisture out. That way even the handle has a long lifespan.


Though Almazan knives are crafted in Almazan, Spain, the style is better known as the “Serbian Chef’s Knife.” The heavy bulk of the blade aids in slicing through tough meat and bone just like any ordinary cleaver. It’s ground to a very sharp edge, though, so it can serve many of your slicing needs too. The straight edge makes the slicing motion different than that of an ordinary chef’s knife, but it’s still effective.

Use and Care

Almazan Knives caution that your blade will come with a light coating of oil. This is to preserve the metal in transit. Wash it off with soap and water before the first use.

Carbon steel must be carefully maintained to prevent rust. Wash the knife immediately after use and dry it with a towel. Never leave it wet, and do your best to keep it out of the humidity. For better protection, wipe it down with a little bit of vegetable oil after drying.

Caring for carbon steel is a bit like caring for cast iron, and the reasoning is the same for both. Oxygen will cause the iron atoms to oxidize (rust) over time, and water speeds the process even further. Oil creates a barrier between the metal and the air. For long-term storage, mineral oil will provide better protection than vegetable oil.

Your carbon steel blade should keep its edge better than comparable stainless steel. Nevertheless, it will eventually need sharpening. Most ordinary knife sharpeners will do the trick.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Almazan Knives offers a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on its products.

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