How does the Brio bottom load dispenser perform in terms of water flow and temperature consistency?

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We're considering the Brio bottom load water dispenser and want to know how it performs. Does it provide a strong and steady flow of water? How consistent are the hot and cold water temperatures? Have people found it reliable for daily use?
Robert Hall asked 36 days ago

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There are a number of Brio bottom loading water cooler dispenser models. We tested the Brio 400 series which is admittedly an 'economy' model. The machine had various poor design flaws. The hot water flow rate was a little faster than the preferred benchmark and heating times were quite slow compared to other machines. The cold water mechanism didn't actually work. We cannot speak for the quality of other Brio machines, nor have we tested enough of them to make any overall statement about the brand. However, recent consumer reviews of 2024 show that the Brio 500 is not without its quality issues.
Roger Shitaki answered 22 days ago

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