How does the Frigidaire water cooler handle daily use in a busy environment?

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How well does the Frigidaire stainless steel water cooler dispenser handle daily use in a busy environment? For instance, in a family with many members or an office setting, does it perform reliably throughout the day without any issues? Does it dispense water quickly and efficiently even with frequent use?
Mark King asked 36 days ago

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The design of the Frigidaire EFWC519 is better suited to an office rather than a family home with young children. The drip tray is not really meant for placing cups on the surface, so you must hold the cup up to the nozzle to dispense. A noticeable thing about this Frigidaire is how cool the heat exchanger remains under continuous maximum use. It is an ideal machine in terms of cold water capacity, but you may or may not like the old-school faucet levers. The hot water capacity is limited for busy times, though. You get about two 220ml (7.5 oz) cups of hot water back to back and it takes 5 min 37 sec to refill and reheat the tank.
Roger Shitaki answered 22 days ago

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