Is the hot water feature on the Avalon A5 efficient and safe to use?

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Is the hot water feature on the Avalon A5 both efficient and safe? How quickly does it heat water, and does it maintain a consistent temperature? Additionally, are there safety features in place to prevent accidents, and is it safe to use around children?
Paul Wright asked 36 days ago

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The Avalon A5 is an excellent machine in terms of efficiency, performance, and safe design. The drip tray is large enough to accommodate a mug or tumbler. The hot water safety button is effective, but you can operate it with one finger. Also, the water flows at a comfortable and safe rate. We found the hot water always heated to around 198℉ (92.2℃). The machine can continually dispense around 22 fl.oz. (650 ml) at this temperature, and heating times were a good average compared to other machines, or around 7 min 40 sec to reheat a tank. It's a good machine for morning rush hours and hot water needed for cooking.
Roger Shitaki answered 22 days ago

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