How well does the Avalon A5 integrate with a home or office water supply?

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How easy is it to connect the Avalon A5 bottleless water cooler dispenser to a home or office water supply? Are the instructions clear, and does it come with all the necessary parts for installation? Can it be set up without needing professional plumbing services, and how well does it integrate with the existing water system?
Steven Scott asked 36 days ago

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The Avalon A5 bottleless water cooler dispenser, meaning it attaches to its own filtration system, is very easy to set up. The instructions are clear and well illustrated, plus the filter brackets come pre-installed so there isn't much you need to do. There is also an additional filter cap provided for rinsing the filters before you insert them into the bracket heads. The most work you have to do is connecting the adapter to your water line, and all parts are provided including a three way adapter. There should be no need for a professional to set it up; it's an easy enough DIY job.
Roger Shitaki answered 22 days ago

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