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The Best Masticating Juicers of 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A detailed review of 2023's best masticating juicers - machines hand-picked by our teams to make the perfect antioxidant cold pressed juices.

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Best Masticating Juicers

Most juice lovers start with a fast juicer. But it is often the case that, as they advance in the health care journey, the masticating juicer, also called the cold-press machine, becomes their best companion.

There are three main reasons.

First, a masticating juicer operates with an auger turning slowly inside a chamber. It crushes and squeezes the vegs or fruits, extracting out every single drop of vitamin and nutrient dense liquid, and sending the fiber away. With this mechanism, the machine is a lot more efficient on thin leaves compared to a fast juicer. In fact, masticators are some of the best machines to make green juices.

Second, at a speed of 60 - 100 revolutions per minute (rpm), the auger takes more time to press out the juice than the centrifuge, which typically spins at around 12000 rpm. The slow speed translates to reduced exposure to air, heat, and consequently oxidation, thus preserving the enzymes and life nourishing nutrients from the produce.

Last but not least, thanks to its anti-oxidation feature, the juices made with a slow juicer can stay fresh for up to 72 hours in the fridge without degradation. Centrifuge made juices, meanwhile, start separating almost immediately after they’re made and have to be consumed within 5 - 7 hours. This is also why while it takes longer to make a juice, the masticating juicer is after all still a better choice time-wise, as you can store the juice for a couple days.

The problem is, not all masticating juicers are created the same. A small distinction in the material and design can sometimes translate to a vast difference in your juicing experience.

How do you decide which is the best masticating juicer? There are several criteria.

Criteria for a Good Masticating Juicer

These criteria are very important in determining the top rated masticating juicers.

Quality Materials

You get a juicer to improve your health – don’t get a cheaply made one that can get you sick!

Make sure it’s food grade plastic or stainless steel, and is BPA-free at the parts that have direct contact with the fruits/veggies and the juice. Which is basically everything except for the pulp collector.

Not that BPA free equals complete safety, but that’s better than nothing.

Parts Fit Tightly, But are Easy to Disassemble

A masticating typically have many different parts: a feeding chute, an auger, a screen, a juice collector, and a pulp collector. All of these, apart from the collectors, should fit tightly and perfectly, making it a solid, sturdy unit. When you pick the machine up, there should not be a sound of something moving or getting loose.

That said, the parts should not be difficult to assemble and disassemble. This is something you will have to do every single time you want to make a juice, and it’d be very frustrating to spend a good half an hour just to prepare the machine.

Easy To Clean

This can be more important than you think. Go for ones that have simple designs and take less than 10 minutes to be washed thoroughly. If a machine has lots of gimmicky details, holes and corners, runnnn for your life!

Dry Pulp

Good masticating machines typically produce pulp that is quite dry, which indicates a high juice yield. Unfortunately, this is not something you can check until after you have bought and used it.

But hey, isn’t that what users’ product reviews are for? A quick peek at the review pages will show you all the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences from dozens of juicer owners.

Review of the Best Masticating Juicers 2023

Based on the provided technical features, our first-hand experience, as well as the reviews from thousands of verified users, we’ve worked out this list of the best slow juicers to buy in 2023. Check out our detailed review in the following section - it’s designed to help you find out which one is the best cold-press juicing machine for your diet plan.

Here’s our picks for the Best Masticating Juicers to buy this year:

Top-rated Masticating Juicers Comparison Chart

Here’s a review of the slow juicers that are leading the market this year. Check our detailed analysis of their technical features to see which one is the best cold-press juicing machine for your diet plan!




Omega NC900HDC(Editor's Choice)

80 rpm/2 HP

15 years

Omega J8006 Nutri Center

80 rpm/2 HP

15 years

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

43 rpm/ -

Up to 10 yrs

Tribest Green Star Elite

110 rpm /2 HP

Up to 15 yrs

Nutrihome Juice Extractor

80 rpm/ -

1 year

1. Best Overall: Omega Juicers NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

Having the same motor as its gregarious sibling J8006, which is the runner up, the NC900HDC proves its superiority with subtle improvements in design that bring the juicing experience to a whole new level.

  • Sturdy. UL, cUL-approved
  • Versatile. Juices fruits, leafy veggies, makes butter, sorbet, pasta. Grinds coffee/nuts.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble > clean
  • 15-year warranty
  • Needs pre-cutting of fruits/veggies
  • Plastic screen is prone to breaking

Appearance & Material

The NC900HDC brings a classy look with a graceful design and sleek chrome finish. It’s the neatest and the most elegant horizontal masticator we have ever seen.

Unlike the more affordable and also more brutish Omega models, the NC900HDC doesn’t have suction cups underneath. The innovative design allows it to stay firm on a flat surface while on operation, eliminating the nuisance of removing the stubborn suction cups when you need to move it.

That doesn’t mean it’s as firm and solid as a rock though. If you apply a little too much force on the pusher, the machine tends to tip forward a bit and you’ll need to hold it with your hand. Treat it like you would your partner - never push too hard, and you should be fine.

A major upgrade on this machine compared to other Omega models is that it comes with a bigger feeding chute. No, you still can’t drop a whole apple into it, but you won’t have to chop it into 8 tiny parts either. Prepping time can be cut by one third or a half. Which probably doesn’t mean much if you only do juicing occasionally, but to people who do it every day, the saving of 5 minutes in prepping time can make a huge difference.

Assembling & Disassembling

The NC900HDC is simple and straightforward to assemble and disassemble. In fact, most people don’t even need a manual to figure it out.

Like on the J8006, however, the fragile juicing screen is its Achilles. More than a couple users have reported the screen breaking when they apply a little too much force during assembling. It has also happened on operation. The only solution I can offer is to be extra gentle with it.

If it ever breaks, the screen is covered under the warranty and the company is quite fast to send you the replacement. However, contacting and waiting for them is still a bit of a nuisance so it’s better to avoid having to do that in the first place.

Things It Can Do

This is probably the best cold press juicer you can ever find on the market. The different manual settings allow you to get the highest yield from a wide variety of fruits and veggies.

  • Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 9/10

Be it carrot, apple, ginger, turmeric, celery, or beetroot, the NC900HDC has no problem turning your veggies/fruits into juice. Place the highest setting (5) for the tougher materials (roots and wheatgrass) - you will be surprised how much juice you can get!

Note that the machine takes time to do its job - it’s called a “slow juicer” for a reason. Don’t try to put too much into the feeding chute or force everything down the chute at once. Give it some time to process the materials, and you will get the fresh, nutritious juice you want within a couple minutes.

  • Juicing leafy greens: 9/10

The Omega NC900HDC is no doubt the best among the best single-gear masticating juicers for leafy greens. It does an excellent job on producing nutritious juices out of kale, spinach, dandlelion, and probably every juiceable veggies under the sun.

For maximum juice yield, set it to Setting 5 - the tightest level. The auger will squeeze every drop of liquid out of the veggies, churning out pulp as dry as sand.

While the machine can work perfectly on leafs alone, experienced juice lovers know that alternating between crispy fruits/veggies like apple and celery and leafy greens will make the juicing process smoother. You don’t even need to change the setting while doing this - just keep it at 5!

  • Juicing soft watery fruits and veggies: 8.5/10

With various settings, the NC900HDC is also designed to work on materials on the mushier side, such as grapes and berries. It can make excellent citrus, grape, or tomato juice on settings 1 - 3.

Again, alternation with harder fruits/veggies will give the best result.

If you want to retain more of the fiber, freeze the fruits and feed them into the machine. They will turn into healthy, tasty smoothies and that’s probably even a better way to enjoy them than making juices.

  • Making nut butter/nut milk: 9/10

The NC900HDC comes with a blank for making nut butter. You can play a bit with its various settings and try making crunchy or creamy butter. It’s quite fun!


Cleaning is a breeze with the machine. As parts are simple to disassemble too, the post-juicing duties take only a total of several minutes. Remember that you’re not likely to use all the parts than the package offers at once. Also, if you’re lazy, cover the pulp collector with a plastic bag. That’s one less thing to wash.

After washing the parts, leave them on a rack to dry and get themselves ready for your next use. It’s as simple as that.


With specific settings for different materials and a larger feeding chute to cut short prepping time, the NC900HDC is the ideal masticating juicing machine for those who juice frequently and want the best and the most out of their expensive fruits/veggies.

Price at time of publish: $379.72

Key Specs

  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Body style: Horizontal
  • BPA-free: N/A
  • Dishwasher safe: Removable parts (top shelf only)
  • Warranty: 15 years

2. Best Value: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

This Omega juicer ranks on the top among Amazon’s huge list of masticating juicers, with thousands of positive reviews. At a price that can't be beaten, it has countless amazing features.

  • Sturdy. UL, cUL-approved
  • Versatile. Juices fruits, leafy veggies, makes butter, sorbet, pasta. Grinds coffee/nuts.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble > clean
  • 15-year warranty
  • Needs pre-cutting of fruits/veggies
  • Plastic screen is prone to breaking

Appearance & Material

The juicer comes in a plastic body.

While not particularly labeled as “BPA free”, it’s made of FDA-approved material (melamine).

The unit feels sturdy and “solid”, but not heavy weighted. There’s a handle on the body to pick it up, which is quite convenient if you want to put in into a cupboard. That said, most people, especially frequent juicers, just leave it on the countertop, as it’s just slightly bigger than a toaster and doesn’t take much space. The machine also has soft suction cups on the base in order to stay firm on the countertop or table surface.

The most popular color is probably chrome, which gives it a slick metallic look,  but there are 7 other to match with your kitchen appliances.

Assembling & Disassembling

The Omega J8006 coldpress juicer is comprised of a housing, a funnel, a feeding chute, an auger, a juicing screen, an end cap, and nozzles for making noodles. Separated parts include a pusher, a sieve, and bowls for collecting the juice and the pulp. These parts are included in the package, which is pretty nice.

There’s also a sieve for further removing any pulp in the juice, but I doubt if anyone really uses it.

It sounds like quite a lot of different parts, but it’s actually straightforward and easy to install and disassemble. Once you’re familiar to the machine, it’ll take you less than a minute.

One thing to note: be gentle with the juicing screen. It’s made of plastic, and is prone to breaking if you handle it with too much force.

Things It Can Do

This J8006 is super versatile! And it comes with an excellent user manual with great tips to maximize its uses.

  • Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 8.5/10

The machine does carrot, ginger, guava, apple, pear, beetroot, celery, and almost everything of that nature. Not as efficiently as a twin gear machine can, but it has no problem either.

Only one thing you have to do: cut everything into small chunks. An apple should be divided into 6 parts. More fibrous things like celery should be cut to sticks of 3 inches in length.

That’s quite some prep work. But you can also cut bunches of them at once and put them into the fridge for a week of use. If you’re really lazy and don't mind having some foam in your juice, though, maybe a centrifugal juicer, which has no problem processing a whole carrot, would be a better choice.

  • Juicing leafy greens: 8.5/10

This is the main reason why most people go for masticating instead of centrifugal juicers: they’re a lot more effective for juicing leafy greens.

The J8006 simply excels at it. Kale, spinach, Swiss chard, romane, wheatgrass, you name it. Unlike a centrifugal which shoots all the leaves into the pulp collector, this machine squeezes lots of juice out of the leaves, pushing out dry pulp.

Again, chop the veggies to sizes that can fit into the feed chute. Cut anything fibrous into short portions, and you should be good. If the machine ever clogs, push the “reverse” button to release the culprit.

  • Juicing watery fruits and veggies: 7/10

It was a nice surprise, but the machine is quite good at making grape, cherry, or cranberry juice.

It can’t, however, make “banana juice”. What it can do instead is to turn a frozen banana into a smoothie. Cut the frozen fruit into small portions and feed it into the juicer, and there you go. This applies to kiwi, papaya, strawberry, avocado, and everything mushy.

  • Making nut butter and more: 9/10

The reason why the machine is called a Nutrition Center is that it does a lot more than cold press juicing.

It makes excellent nut butters and nut milk. You can use it to make pasta too. Remember the extra nozzles? That’s what they’re for.

The J8006 is also able to grind coffee and peppers, and mince herbs. But I don’t think anyone ever uses it for those. I don’t need a whole machine to chop a couple basil leaves, thank you.


Fast and easy. Like earlier said, the machine has quite a few parts in it, but everything is easy to wash. Make use of the included brush to clean the juicing screen - it makes the job a lot easier.

Some people say cleaning takes 2 minutes for them. However, 5 to 7 minutes sounds more realistic to me.


Strong, versatile, and offered at a very reasonable price with everything included, the J8006 is the best masticating juicer for value to buy in 2023.

Price at time of publish: $264.03

Key Specs

  • Power: 150 Watts 
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Body style: Horizontal
  • BPA-free: N/A
  • Dishwasher safe: Removable parts (top shelf only)
  • Warranty: 15 years
Omega J8006 Structure

3. Best Vertical: SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Truth be told, I haven’t always got good experience with vertical juicers. For one thing, they are not exactly the most affordable out there. You could use the money to buy a twin gear juicer instead. Also, they seem to clog all the time!

The SKG, however, changed my opinion on vertical masticators.

Best Vertical SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  • Neat. Takes very little space.
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-functional
  • Large feeding chute
  • Certified by ETL, CE, ROHS
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Can be too tall for cabinets
  • Prone to clogging
  • No noodle nuzzles
  • Expensive

Appearance & Material

The SKG has a neat look. It comes in bright red with quite a fancy design, which makes it easily recognizable in a typical neutral themed kitchen.

The juicer has a lock up valve to keep the juice inside it and prevent oxidation as it works. A very small detail, but nevertheless useful.

As a vertical juicer,  it’s much slimmer than most horizontal machines and has a comparatively humble footprint on your countertop. That is if you don’t take into account the space the juice container and the pulp collector will actually take when it’s on operation. When you think about it, the machine is actually not much of a better choice space wise.

Now, while small, the SKG is pretty tall. The base alone is already about 15”.  If you plan to place it inside a cabinet/shelf as one unit, best measure everything up first.

Materials used to make the machine include metal, plastic and rubber, which are all food grade anti-oxidation. The machine gets all the prestigious certifications from ETL, CE, and ROHS - rest assured it’s safe for your health.

Assembling & Disassembling

Without too many complicated parts, the SKG takes less than a minute to assemble and disassemble. Its juice and pulp collectors stand independently outside of the machine, so those are one less thing to worry about.

Connecting the main parts may be a bit tricky at first, but there are dots on them so it’s actually easy to align them together. You will get used to it after a couple times.

Things It Can Do

  • Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 9/10

The SKG is strong and does a great job squeezing juice out of the hardest fruits/veggies, from apple and guava to roots like carrot and ginger. (Although the roots may need some extra slicing to prevent them from breaking the screen).

The juices that it make is thick (with some fine fiber), and has the strong taste of the fruits/veggies. The slow speed and the shut off valve mean minimal oxidation, keeping your juice super fresh, bright, and nutritious. I really think this is one of the best slow juicers for the taste!

With quite a long and large feeding chute, you would think that the machine doesn’t require too much of pre-cutting. Unfortunately, while the feeding chute can fit a medium carrot, it tends to choke and clog up if you really feed it with something that big. The Reverse function can be quite a savior, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time, so it’s best to cut everything into moderate sizes.

That’s a bit more prepping time, but it saves you from having to de-clog the machine every now and then.

  • Juicing leafy greens: 8.5/10

With the right techniques (mostly “sandwiching” - check my tips at the end of the article!), the SKG does a decent job at squeezing the juice out of thin leaves like kale or spinach.

All the features that are designed to prevent oxidation seem to be very useful in keeping the juice fresh and tasty. It does produce some foam, but the amount is easily acceptable for most people. If you want perfectly fresh, foam-free cold pressed juice, strain it through the included cloth. That will also remove the fine fiber in the juice, making it thinner and “purer”.

Fridged in air tight jars, the juice can maintain its quality for up to 3 days!

  • Juicing soft watery fruits and veggies: 8.5/10

Similar to horizontal machines, this vertical masticator is able to handle soft fruits and veggies. It juices orange, tomato, blueberry, and grapes without problems.

As for the more mushy types (think banana or avocado), it can make quite a fine sorbet out of the frozen fruit. You won’t need a separate blender for that!

  • Making nut butter/nut milk: 9/10

The SKG makes the perfect nut milk and nut butter. Do a quick search on Youtube, you’ll find a dozen videos of people making healthy, delicious soy milk with the machine. Try almond, cashew, mung bean or any edible bean under the sun - the juicer can turn them into super tasty milk!

What’s more, the manufacturer even includes a tofu press in the package. If you’re a vegetarian/tofu lover, this is really the device for you.


Cleaning of the SKG is a breeze. It can be disassembled and washed thoroughly within five minutes.

If you feed it with lots of fibrous fruits and veggies such as carrot, celery, or ginger, the mesh will need some brushing to prevent fiber clogging up in its hole. The brushing takes only about 30 seconds if done while it’s still wet, but the fiber can become super stubborn when it’s already dry. Clean the thing as soon as you can - that’s the best way to save your time!


Neat, quiet, simple in design but strong and effective in making nutritious juices and milk, the SKG is the best vertical masticating juicer to buy in 2023.

Price at time of publish: $262.14

Key Specs

  • Power: 240 Watts
  • Speed: 43 RPM
  • Body style: Vertical
  • BPA-free: N/A
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Warranty: N/A

4. Best Commercial: Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar

If you are serving juices as a small business and are determined to satisfy the most judgemental juice fans, a good heavy-duty commercial masticating juicer will be a great investment.

This Tribest Green Star Elite GSE beast produces the thick, tasty juice that have conquered the hearts of the most hard-core juice lovers.

Let me tell you how it has created such fandom.

Best Commercial Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar
  • Strong twin gear
  • No need to precut sinewy veggies
  • Various pressure settings
  • Different screens to allow no or more pulp
  • Also works as grinder/blender
  • 15-year warranty for household use, 3-year for professional
  • Moderate chute, needs to pre-chop big items
  • Large, heavy, takes space

Appearance & Material

At 17.2 lbs, the Green Star Elite is the biggest and heaviest juicer in this collection. It’s a twin gear juicer, meaning it has 2 gears working together to cut, grind, and make juices instead of one auger, as opposed to all the other juicers in the list.

The machine comes in 3 colors: white, black, and chrome, which is probably the most stylish and fancy looking of the three (and understandably, the most expensive). Apart from the stainless steel gears, all parts are made of strong BPA-free plastic.

Assembling & Disassembling

As a twin-gear machine, the  Green Star Elite is slightly more complicated than most single-gear juicers (Check how they’re different). That said, you can most likely put it up and disassemble it without even looking at the manual. It’s that straightforward. It comes with a bunch of different screens and nozzles in the package, but rest assured you don’t use all of them in one go.

Things It Can Do

With two strong gears and a plethora of accessories, the Green Star Elite can serve not only as a commercial juicer but also a food processor.

  • Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 9.5/10

The Tribest Green Star has a jumble twin gear which various parts that make up a complete three-stage juicing system.

As the fruits or vegetables are fed through the chute, the pocket recesses slice them up. The cutting points meanwhile work to cut any sinewy pieces of the veggies (you don’t have to cut your celery into short pieces anymore – they fibers won’t clog up like in causal juicers). The strong gear teeth then crush them, squeezing the juice out.

When juicing hard fruits/veggies, turn the adjusting knob to increase pressure required for pulp ejection. That helps increasing the juice yield significantly. Looking at the dry pulp, you will know that every single drop of juice has been squeezed out, together with all the nutrients.

  • Juicing leafy greens: 9.5/10

No single gear machines can do such wonders to leafy greens like this beast does. It practically smashes and sucks down the thinnest leaves. If you have used lesser juicers before, you will surely be surprised how much cold-pressed juice you can make out of greens like kale and spinach.

Best thing is it never clogs. The reverse function is there mostly to make you feel safe - you will very rarely have to use it.

The juice it makes is extremely thick. The machine is claimed to have some special magnetic technology that helps maximize the amount of the valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the water can latch. I honestly have no idea how that works, but you can immediately tell from the look that it’s much denser in nutrients than that from other juicers.

  • Juicing soft watery fruits and veggies: 8.5/10

The Tribest Green Star 5000 discriminates against no materials: it has no problem juicing soft fruits like grape or berries. Turn the knob to the loosest setting, and the machine will do its job.

One thing to note: fibrous stuff like orange or citrus tend to clog up the screen pretty quickly, so you may want to use the coarse screen for these. The juice will be pretty thick and with lots of soft pulp. It’s tasty and better for your digestion that way, but you can also strain it through a cloth if you want your drink clear.

If you juice lots of soft fruits every day, consider getting a separate knob for it (Find the knob here). For casual juicing every now and then, however, the knob is not necessary.

  • Making nut butter, nut milk, pasta: 9.5/10

Did I say the machine comes with lots of accessories?

One of them is a blank screen for making nut milk and nut butter. Then there’s also a thing called the homogenizing blank for basic food processing, and a breadstick (mochi) maker set for rice cakes with an extra smooth consistency.

The juicer can also make pasta. Unfortunately, the pasta maker set is not included, and you will have to purchase it separately.


Apparently this machine is more difficult to clean than single gear juicers. That said, total cleaning time typically doesn’t last more than 7 minutes.

The most difficult parts include the screen and the gears, which need thorough brushing immediately after use. If you’ve left them dirty and dry for more than a couple minutes, soaking them into warm soapy water will help softening the sticky fiber, making it easier to wash.


Strong, solid, double-geared, and coming with multiple accessories to allow more options in juicing and food processing, the Tribest Green Star GSE5000 is the best masticating juicer you can find for a small juice bar. Let it help you conquer the heart of your health-conscious customers!

Price at time of publish: $601.30

Key Specs

  • Power: 200 Watts
  • Speed: 110 RPM
  • Body style: Horizontal
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Warranty: 12 years limited warranty
Juicing leafy greens

5. Best New: Nutrihome Juice Extractor

I was skeptical at first about this machine: it's a novice in the juicer world and I honestly never heard of the brand before this. Nevertheless, it took me by surprise with its strength and capacity.

  • Compact. Beautiful
  • ETL, CE certified
  • Flexible. Juices fruits, leafy veggies, makes butter, sorbet
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • DC motor (less durable)
  • Difficult to disassemble
  • Short warranty time (12 months)

Appearance & Material

Coming in a bright orange and sleek ABS plastic housing, the NutriHome is one of the most eye-catching juicer extractors out there. It’s a small, compact juicer, and while there’s no handle to pick it up with, it is more lightweight than most others of its type anyway.

As for the interior, all the parts that come  in contact with food - the pusher, chamber, auger, juice cup, and even the brush - are made of food grade plastic. Again, not particularly labelled as BPA free, but it’s FDA approved so safety should not be a concern.

Assembling & Disassembling

As typical of cold-press juicers, the NutriHome has many parts in it. One of the small but important details I noticed is that its screen is protected with a plastic “basket”, which minimizes its chance of breaking during operation and assembling. I wish this were a thing on more expensive juicers!

Assembling is very easy after the first few times. Disassembling, however, can sometimes be a nuisance. The orange cap (item number 6 in the picture) is VERY difficult to remove for most people. It takes great force, and quite a lot of patience.

For the first couple times, you may find it a little tricky to place and remove the juice jug. Tip it a little to the side and you should be good. For this reason, don’t fill the juice collector until it’s completely full. It’d be a mess!

Things It Can Do

  • Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 8/10

The NutriHome does a decent job in juicing things like carrot, celery, apple, and pear. It produces a lot of thick, fresh, nutritious juice, and poops out pulp that is satisfactorily dry. Takes time to work, like every masticating does.

It has quite a narrow feeding chute, so you do have to cut everything very small. The harder the thing, the smaller you should cut it. Most of the time, the size of a baby carrot is ideal.

Despite the seemingly confined squeezing chamber, clogging hardly ever happens on the NutriHome. If it does, there’s a reverse function to take care of it.

  • Juicing leafy greens: 8/10

The machine is really designed for the job! It does kale, spinach, wheatgrass and other leafy greens with ease. The efficiency can be maximized if you alter between leaves and harder stuff like apples or carrots - they help push the soft mushy pulp out more quickly.

  • Juicing soft watery fruits and veggies: 6.5/10

Masticators are never ideal when it comes to soft, watery stuff, and this machine sucks at it. It does make some good juice, but oh so much of the expensive fruits/veggies is wasted as pulp.

Now, you can make a delicious smoothie out of the pulp, so if a sorbet/smoothie is what you want, you will love the Nutrihome. But if you really want grape/kiwi/blueberry JUICE - no it can’t do that.

  • Making nut butter/nut milk: 7.0/10

Unlike more expensive cold press machines, the Nutrihome only comes with one screen for juicing. This budget juicer doesn't have a “blank” for making nut butter like the Omega J8006 does.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t do it. It’ll be a little messy as the smashed nut runs through the mesh, but it nevertheless does the job.


Good news: cleaning is a piece of cake. I love it that the thing is modest in size, which makes its parts fit into a basin extremely easily.

Wash the machine immediately after use and it will take no more than a couple minutes. Even the mesh is simple to wash with the included brush.

After washing, leave everything on a rack to dry by themselves until the next time you use it. That’s how simple it is.


Compact, nice looking, multi-functional, and affordable, the NutriHome is worth a try if you're on a budget but want a decent cold press juicer to start with.

Price at time of publish: $185.94

Key Specs

  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Body style: Horizontal
  • BPA-free: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Removable parts
  • Warranty: 1 year
NutriHome Juicer Structure

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Luna’s Tips for Juicing Leafy Greens

1. Tasty Tips

Whether you are a veteran at the juicing game or a newbie with no experience, the taste of the final product is always a problem. Especially with leafy green juicing, where everything has a chance of chaotic bitterness. Because, as we all know, the more bitter the better.

Green juice

That is why, apart from introducing super tasty and nutritious green juice recipes, I will list out some of the most important tips for juicing greens. These are “principals” that will ensure the deliciously of your juice when you get creative and make your own unconventional recipes.

  • It’s all about the base

Always remember the base. Think of it as something to “water it down”. If you imagine bitter green juice as pure alcohol, you will understand the necessity of the base.

A base is fundamentally a high water content, mild flavor veggie. You could use iceberg or romaine lettuce, celery and, of course, cucumber as a base. Plus, they also add to the flavor of the final mixture.

  • Main nutrition source

It is time to choose your “alcohol”. And by “alcohol” I mean bitter green juice, but you get that…right?

Anyway, there are many options: kale, broccoli, arugula, spinach, etc. The more bitter the leaf, the more health-related perks it has (usually). Besides, I am not sure about you, but a tad of bitterness does tingle my taste buds. Similar to how many of us enjoy dark chocolate!

  • Side nutrition source

One great thing about juice is that you can always add something to gain extra beneficial effects. A handful of herbs like cilantro or parsley thrown into that grinding chamber will bring about efficient detoxification.

And since we are here, how about considering putting a zest to your drink with a slice of fresh ginger.  Or perhaps you prefer the savor of garlic. They both provide quite a chunk of health-complementing components.

  • Bonus

By now your drink would get a little bit overloaded. If you prefer the bitterness that is our lives, you could definitely skip the fruit. However, a sense of fruit juice is rarely a bad going.

Apple or pear would be my number one choice for their sugary taste. Lemon or lime is also a lovely addition if you like your drink sour. It really depends on how you want your drink to taste.

2. Technical Tips For Juicing Leafy Greens

Reading all that will likely make you want to jump into the kitchen and make a juicy drink for yourself immediately. I know because I did the exact same after writing that last paragraph.

Still, I imagine there might be problems surfacing as you try to juice.

I used to hate juicing leafy greens. As you have probably already experienced, those little green loose-texture pricks tend to fight back and keep on spinning around. There are no greater annoyance!

But fret no longer! Luna is going to give you two killer tips that are going to change your juicing game for good.

1. Roll it up

Make it look like a ball or a spring roll if you can. Doing this will totally help with the looseness. The leafy part will curl up in one place and become thicker. Crushing it now will much likely be more enjoyable.

2. Make an herb sandwich

Herbs could be even more of a pain on the buttocks if you don’t know how to deal with them. Simply put the herbs between some slices of your crunchy veggies or fruits. That way, the herbs will get dragged along and juiced much smoother.

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