InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposal In-depth Review

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InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposal Review
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Overall Verdict

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-hp is a top-tier in-sink garbage disposal that offers premium quality and features, from a high-torque motor to advanced insulation. Although they come at a price, the disposer’s satisfying performance and experience feel well worth the investment. The only thing to watch out for is the machine’s hefty build and somewhat complicated setup before you can put it to work.

Things We Like

  • Noise cancelation
  • Anti-vibration
  • High-torque
  • Advanced chamber layout
  • Auto-unjam mechanics
  • Very high capacity
  • Stainless steel grind components

Things We Don’t Like

  • Extra heavy
  • Space-consuming
  • No power cord
  • Expensive

At first glance and touch, the Evolution Excel feels like a competent food waste disposer that is made for the biggest and toughest loads of scraps. Its thick and solid-looking build also suggests how smoothly it’s going to operate in terms of disturbance.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposal In-depth Review


How We Tested

Going through a total of three trying tests, the Excel both meets and defies our expectations of what it can do. Whether it’s volume or toughness, the powerful combination of the disposer’s motor and grind chamber plows through everything without much struggle.

9.8Scrap Mix

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel, in many ways, out-performs its peers in dealing with a load as cumbersome as 90 ounces of more than ten types of food scraps. It only takes about 2 minutes to process almost everything in its chamber and leaves behind 0.3% of the input. Additionally, the samples the disposer produces are remarkable as regards their permeability. With less than 1% on Layer 1, only 8.7% of the total output is caught by the two colanders, which is very little considering the amount and variety going in initially. 

Besides the fact that the Evolution Excel scores above the second runner-up at quite a gap, the shown figures mean the machine is capable of grinding down huge amounts of materials in a very short period of time while not making the quality of its output suffers.

9.3Raw Fish Scraps

As the toughest out of our three performance tests, the Raw Fish Scraps are expected to bring out the worst in every machine we have in line. But the Evolution Excel defies our expectations. With less than 0.3% leftovers (mostly skin) from the 49.4 ounces of raw bones, skins, and other soft tissues, the Excel showcases one of the two best results we’ve collected so far. Moreover, the output samples appear well-processed and feel sufficiently broken down to the touch.

This particular run highlights how effective the chamber design of the machine can be at pulverizing tough but flexible scraps like fish bones. In the current market, there are very few models that can come close to what it can do.

8.5Raw Chicken Scraps

While not leading the chart, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel still delivers top results against uncooked chicken scraps. In about two and a half minutes, the grinder is able to reduce 7.4 ounces (four sets) of defleshed chicken thighs down to 0.19 ounces worth of minimal bones and soft tissues left in the chamber. That translates to roughly 97.5% of the input fully processed. In terms of fineness, the samples accumulated on Layer 1 and Layer 2 more than suffice under close inspection. 

Most of the tough tissues that go through the Excel’s grind chamber are broken down well enough to pass the second colander, leaving only a few pieces big enough to get stuck in the mess of soft tissues.

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel has been the most expensive garbage disposal for years. Fortunately, the wobbling cost comes from its tested features, premium build, and InSinkErator’s quality control. The Excel is also the heaviest unit in our collection, and probably on the entire market, as well.

In the Box

InSinkErator Evolution Excel In the Box
  • InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal
  • 3-bolt mount assembly 
  • Removable splash guard
  • Stopper
  • Elbow discharge tube 
  • Straight discharge tube 
  • Hose clamp
  • Extras mounting bolts (x3)
  • Documentation

Unlike most garbage disposals on the market, what comes with the Evolution Excel is a bit different. You’ll still find the regular content: a mounting assembly, a stopper for the sink drain, an elbow discharge tube, and relevant documentation. What’s different is the extras that come with the InSinkErator Evolution collection, such as a hose clamp (instead of a set of a flange, a gasket, and bolts), an additional discharge tube, and three extra 1 ⅛-inch bolts.


InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposal Dimensions

The Excel belongs to the more sizable end of the spectrum. While it doesn’t take up that much space vertically, the disposer is quite large, at almost 9 inches across. It is also the heaviest one that we’ve tested, and likely the heaviest on the current market, as well. So you look to purchase, make sure that there’s plenty of room under the sink, and that the sink itself is strong and secure enough.

9.5Grind Chamber

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Grind Chamber

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel has one of the largest grinding chambers on the market of up to 37 fluid ounces, close to 1.1 liters. The ample holding capacity is perfect to deal with excessive amounts of food scraps and the varied sizes that they come in. That said, especially long pieces of scraps, like the bones from chicken thighs, sometimes need to be chopped down to fit entirely under the sink baffle due to the chamber’s somewhat limited verticality. 

As for grinding capability, the garbage disposal sports an intricate, stainless steel assembly with a unique design. The impellers are upgraded to be stronger and more rigid compared to lower-tier models of similar designs. The grinding ring has higher cutter counts and more teeth for better grip, as well. On the flywheel’s surface, there are now added fins and pushers meant to improve collision and breakage of scraps. What’s more, the disposal is equipped with the exclusive Undercutter Disk right beneath the flywheel. This extra layer of cutting teeth helps grind everything one more time for finer output.


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At its core, the Excel houses a high-torque induction motor of 1 horsepower. When the disposal is not grinding anything, the motor moves the flywheel at about 1483 revolutions per minute (RPM). Put next to weaker InSinkErator disposers, the Excel isn’t any faster. This is because most of the motor’s power pours into its torque, instead. The improved torque, paired with the Auto Unjam drive, balances out the risk of jamming from the motor’s low revolution rates. If and when the machine jams, the Unjam drive will kick in, automatically reversing the spin as well as upping the torque of the motor to break through any blockage. On the off chance that none of said features works, there’s still the manual unjam mechanics under the disposal where you can rotate the motor with the included wrenchette or any Allen wrenches.

10Build Quality

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, the Evolution Excel doesn’t fall short anywhere. When picking up the disposer and holding it, everything feels premium, secure, and well-crafted. The protective casing is tough and sleek-looking, securely fitted with shiny metal details that blend in well with the plastic. Both the collar and discharge outlet seal up tightly and remain so even after our constant handling during testing. The disposal also sports the most advanced vibration and noise insulation features that we’ve seen, collectively called SoundSeal. The tech utilizes shock-absorbing materials where the disposer connects to the sink and the pipes, and surrounds the grinding chamber with details that limit noise escaping.

Mount Assembly

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Mount Assembly
  • Backup flange
  • Mounting ring
  • Snap ring
  • Fiber gasket
  • Stopper
  • Cushion mount
  • Sink flange
  • Removable sink baffle
  • Lower mounting ring

The Evolution Excel is mounted to the sink on a 3-bolt mount, similar to other InSinkErator garbage disposals. Unlike the InSinkErator Badger series or Power series, however, the Evolution models (including the Evolution Compact and Evolution Essentials) come with a separate sink baffle or splash guard that can be removed. These particular baffles, called Quiet Collar, are made of a more flexible type of rubber, which is good for vibration absorption but makes them much easier to bend out of shape. All splash guards that we’ve tested so far are usually stiffer, allowing for an easier and snugger fit in the sink drain, whereas the Quiet baffles sometimes just can’t sit as comfortably.

Power Cord

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Power Cord

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel, by default, doesn’t have a power cord.

Accessories: Discharge Set

not image

The package includes a 1 ½-inch elbow tube and a hose clamp for the discharge setup. Normally with standard garbage disposals, there’s a set of a flange, a gasket, and bolts to secure connections. Here, the Evolution Excel uses a clamp, instead, as part of the anti-vibration tailpipe mount.

Accessories: Straight Discharge Tube

not image

There’s also a long, straight discharge tube in case the elbow one doesn’t work with your plan. It’s also 1 ½ inches in diameter.

Accessories: Wrenchette

not image

All InSinkErator garbage disposals come with a jam buster wrench, also called a wrenchette, for installation as well as unjamming purposes.

Accessories: Extra Mounting Bolts

not image

The three extra bolts are 1 ⅛-inch long, shorter than the existing ones in the mounting assembly. They’re for sinks with the bottom wall thicker than ⅜ inches (fireclay or porcelain sinks, for example).


How We Rated

Throughout our experience with the Evolution Excel, usability has not been a problem. With its strong motor, capable grind chamber, and impressive quality, the garbage disposal has been dealing with anything thrown its way with grace, from toppling amounts to tough raw scraps. The only thing that might set the Excel back is its overwhelming weight and somewhat space-consuming stature.

10Ease of Use

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The disposer’s spacious, 1.1-liter chamber allows us to continuously flush scraps down without much of a hitch. When we’re not dealing with anything particularly stubborn, any scraps that enter are effectively crushed in a matter of seconds, which further improves the flow. The sink baffle is also removable in case we have too much to grind and require the wide open drain. When there are long pieces of scraps, the baffle can be easily repositioned further up the sink flange for a bit of extra verticality. However, the depth of the Excel’s chamber is clearly insufficient in certain cases, which shows in our Raw Chicken Scraps test.


not image

The Evolution Excel is a hefty machine. At 19.4 pounds, an average person would need the combined strength of both of their hands to pick it up and move it. It doesn't have a pre-installed power cord, either. So, if you’re not particularly handy, we recommend you find experienced help, especially with running the wires for the disposer.

10Smooth Operation

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Except for the installation, our time with the Evolution Excel has been one smooth ride from start to finish. The garbage disposal doesn’t shy away from any types of food waste or any amounts that we’ve shoved at it, so far. All runs are often quick and the output it releases is outstanding. Its noise-insulation and anti-vibration system have been a wonder, too, even when dealing with hard-to-break materials.

10Manual Unjam Mechanics

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Manual Unjam Mechanics

In the case of jamming and/or overheating, the disposer allows users to manually rotate the chamber’s flywheel from the outside. Use the included wrenchette or any Allen wrench to access the unjam slot on the bottom of the machine.