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InSinkErator vs. Waste King A Look into the Brands

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InSinkErator vs Waste King

If someone is buying a new garbage disposal and they ask us what brand would be a good recommendation, we know for sure that most of our answers will be the same: it’s either InSinkErator or Waste King.

Both are two of the most versed companies in the game: Founder of InSinkErator, John W. Hammes invented the garbage disposal in 1927, and Waste King has been in the business for more than 50 years.

We're not saying just because they have more years in their pockets, they’re automatically better. That depends on other factors. We're just saying that they are more likely to have good experience in making food disposers of high efficiency.

And judging by how well their products are still selling and how trusted they are, they indeed are safer bets. Still, how about we take it another step further? Let’s see who’s got the upper hand between the two, an InSinkErator vs. Waste King showdown.

InSinkErator vs Waste King

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InSinkErator vs. Waste King

To see if either one of the two companies is the better, one must be thorough. There are quite a few elements that we need to go through.


We think it’d be much more convenient to have this little segment right here in case you just need a quick glance at the main points. Below is the summary chart of the whole comparison.







Dura-drive ® Induction Motor

Sound-insulated Permanent Magnet Motor


Multi-grind ® Technology



Top-tier Quiet

Usually Loud

Sizes Options



Warranty (Max)

7 Years We Come To You ™

20 Years



The price is always one of the top concerns when kitchen appliances are the topic of discussion. Most of the time, each home, each family have their own budget for specific investments.

We all know it. So does InSinkErator. Their collection of residential food disposer targets very specific family contexts.

The Badger series, the low priced line ($90-150) with a compact design, consisting entirely of ⅓, ½, and the new ¾ horsepower (HP) models. The series aims at small residents with small cabinet space.

For instance, if you're now living in an average flat or apartment with another roommate or a partner, the standard Badger 5 would be perfect. It doesn't cost much and is very compact.

Meanwhile, the Evolution series is a top-tier line with a higher price ($200-350) and higher quality, possessing a strong motor, noise insulation technology, and Multi-grind mechanism. The series is built for those who don’t mind paying a bit for excellence.

Even a home of 8 or 9 members won't be a problem, especially not to the Evolution Excel. The machine, featuring sound deadening pads and the exclusive Multi-grind, is certainly capable of reducing all kinds of food waste to mulch without interfering with your conversation.


All garbage disposers from InSinkErator are equipped with a Dura-Drive ® induction motor, designed and built exclusively for the task of food disposal. Although permanent magnet motors (PMM) have been the top choice in recent years, the company persists in sticking with the induction motor. And it’s not without a good reason.

Over the years, the company has made efforts in adjusting its motor so that it can offer the most while taking only a small portion of the manufacturing costs. Additionally, the Dura-Drive system provides significant improvements to accuracy and durability, turning the motor into a valuable component.

Grind Chamber/Parts

There is no noticeable difference in the grind chamber between InSinkErator and Waste King products - at least that is the case of the Badgers. The Evolutions, however, is on another level.

The Multi Grind ®, the unique mechanics of the InSinkErator Evolutions are what places the series above the others. A specialized grind ring, extra supporting impellers and a post-process cutting disc help the Evolutions produce the finest ground results that have never been seen before.

As for the components, the Badger series are geared with galvanized steel as they don’t use much force and galvanized steel is the most cost-efficient material for such power. Evolutions, of course, are with stainless steel grind parts so as to enhance the grind capability.


Garbage disposals can be quite loud. This is one of the biggest issues of food waste disposers, and of the Badger series.

The reasons why the series stay loud for such a long time without any changes is that sound-proofing costs money. Simply nothing can be done without expanding the price tag of the series.

The Evolution series reflect that. With top-notch noise insulation additions, those models are among both the quietest and most expensive ones in the market.

That just how things go: quality equals money


InSinkErator has only two lines of garbage disposals, as we’ve mentioned earlier, and each line has its own look, which basically means that there are only two shapes to the InSinkErator residential collection.

The Badgers have a long cylindrical-shaped case, with limited diameter. Their vertical length varies between 11.5” and 12.6”. Their diameters, on the other hand, are the same at 6.3”, despite the difference in HP. It’s clear that the Badger models can fit well in even the smallest kitchen.

Insinkerator Size

The Evolution series is about the same length. The models max out at 13”. Their “waist” is the main problem. It can be seen that they are quite bulky due to the noise isolation pads. The biggest of them reaches 13” in diameter (Evolution Septic Assist). The smallest is still quite big, with 8.8” across.


InSinkErator warranty is such a treat. Depending on the model, the period of valid warranty varies, the longest being 7 years. Duration wise, it’s not that great; We get it, but what you get during the period is the true value.

As long as their We come to you ™ In Home warranty is in effect, the company will send people whenever their services are needed. Even better, all the expenses will be covered, from labor to replacement costs. Basically, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Waste King


Unlike InSinkErator, Waste King seems to target the lower price range. It’s shown by the fact that its garbage disposers only range under $150. One might ask “how can they be so cheap?”

It’s quite simple really. Besides the permanent magnet motor, Waste King offers no other features, especially in casing and noise insulation. But it works and people love the brand's machines.

There are two versions to most of the models: the EZ mount and the 3-bolt mount. For example, they have the Waste King L-8000, which is a 1 HP EZ mount garbage disposal; then there’s the 9980 which has the exact specs, except for the flange assembly. And it’s a bit more expensive because of the full metal mount.


In the past few decades, PMM has slowly been taking over. They have been tested and proved to be more efficient than induction motors in almost every category.

PMMs in Waste King garbage disposals spin at very high speeds, which is either 2600, 2700 or 2800 RPM (revolutions per minute). By optimizing and maxing out the chamber spin rate, the risk of jams reduces immensely.

Grind Chamber/Parts

There's nothing that is worth mentioning from inside the grind chamber. As opposed to InSinkErator, Waste King has not made any upgrades to their grind mechanism. It is as if they want to maintain the existing manufacture costs and that upgrades would jeopardize that.

The grind components are standard: galvanized steel for the low power units (½ and ⅓ HP) and stainless steel for the stronger models (¾ and 1 HP).

That is not to say that they underperform when it comes to ground result production as numerous users have reported being happy and satisfied with how well these inexpensive machines work.


Similar to the grind chamber/ components, there haven't been many improvements to tackle this particular issue. Nonetheless, they do make adjustments in order to address complaints about noise.

Although they don’t go as far as adopting additional anti-vibration and noise reduction technology, they opted and modified their PMM in the 1 HP units to serve the same purpose. It makes things quieter than the usual “loud”, albeit not by much compared to the Evolutions from InSinkErator.


Waste King Size

Waste King in-sink grinder comes in various shapes and sizes. The models are available in good numbers, from the thin and long to the bulky and curvy, whatever you.

Waste King Size

Their Whirlaway series even add more to their already large collection, with compact frame designs to push that space-saving attribute a bit further. The Whirlaway 191 is doing well if you want a recommendation.


Waste King is proud to say that their warranty is the best, and it’s true. Nowhere in the garbage disposer industry can you find another warranty offer that is longer than that of Waste King.

Depending on the models, it can be the standard 2-year limited warranty with the cheaper lines, but it can go up as many as 20 years with their top disposers.

InSinkErator vs. Waste King: In a Nutshell

Both companies have their own strengths and weakness. It's about knowing your needs.

On one hand, if you want to enjoy the high-end, top-tier experience of owning a high-quality garbage disposal unit, the InSinkErator Evolution series is promising, even though it’s a bit costly.

On the other hand, if you're not willing to spend much on a kitchen appliance and the task being done is all that matters, then Waste King with their brute force is the most logical choice.

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