Best Mini Food Processors in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Best Mini Food Processors 2021

Unless you’re running a restaurant, a professional food processor won’t be necessary for everyday prep work. Meanwhile, a mini food processor is a more appropriate choice with plenty of perks to enjoy. Whatever ingredients you can come up with, the best mini food processors will handle them all.

If you’re having a hard time with the selection process, our buying guide and in-depth reviews should address that concern. By the end of this entry, you’ll be in the best position to make the most informed purchase for yourself.

Best Mini Food Processors Buying Guide

While we have nothing against conventional food processors, they aren’t quite the best fit for casual home cooks. Those units can set you back hundreds of dollars and take up a full section of the kitchen countertop. And it’d be a waste if you don’t get to use all the features they have to offer.

On the other hand, mini food processors make it simple and straightforward for those who don’t want to overcomplicate things. As the name suggests, a mini food processor, also known as food chopper, is the streamlined version of standard ones. It’s also easier on your wallet and more compact, the latter of which will come in handy soon enough.

Before committing to a purchase, there are a few key pointers you should bear in mind. Here’s our buying guide for your reference.

Bowl Size

With a portion of size and motor strength sacrificed in exchange for compactness, you should keep your expectations realistic. When it comes to capacity, the bowl can allow up to seven cups, which is as good as it gets. It doesn’t seem much, but it should be enough for a family with three or four people nonetheless.

Other than the container bowl, you’ll also notice the feeding tube won’t be as large as you’d expected. In several cases where the tube doesn’t fit certain food, you’ll have to chop them into smaller bits before inserting. But other than that, there’s little to worry about.

These mini food processors make a good starting point for new cooks who need practice and get familiar with things. After a while, they’ll grow out of these choppers and realize they need something stronger like a conventional food processor. But that’s a different story for another time.

Blades & Discs

There’s more to a mini food processor than just cutting and chopping. You can also mix sauces, crush nuts, puree jams, and whatnot. But unlike premium food processors with an assortment of specialized blades, mini choppers only come with their standard S-shaped blades.

While mini food processors have no trouble with most ingredients, they may take a while to deal with hard items. Root veggies, cheese blocks, doughs, and hard chocolates make it difficult for the blades to ensure uniform and consistent cuts. At the expense of running the blades, the motor may overheat and eventually burn out in the long run.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

Speaking of motor strength, there’s no point in exceeding 500-watt when you only make things in small batches. At least the noise level will be much easier to tolerate, though it won’t go away any time soon.

A regular mini food processor often has two speeds: automatic and pulsing, the latter of which offers you more control. Certain models take it up a notch by providing multiple pulsing speeds, but often no more than three.

In pulsing mode, the blades spin at the maximum speed until your finger lets go of the button. An ideal pulse should be somewhere between five to twenty seconds with a short break in between those quick intervals. That way, you can assert more manual control over the food and decide how solid or liquid the mixture becomes.

Cleaning Ease

While cleaning a regular food processor is often a messy struggle, the same doesn’t apply to a mini unit. If anything, it’s more like a breeze disassembling and cleaning the components, regardless of by hands or a household dishwasher.

That said, the blades and discs require more attention and care than any other parts. Leftovers stuck underneath the edges can give you a hard time when you attempt to rinse every nook and cranny.

Furthermore, these parts can lose their sharpness and integrity over time due to daily wear-and-tear and improper maintenance. Tough and sticky items can also push the blades beyond their limit, even deforming or breaking the whole thing.

As for the containing bowl and feeding chute, it’s better to rinse these parts manually instead of relying on dishwashers. And unless you have a small hand, you’ll have a hard time reaching inside these parts without using a brush.


Mini food processors have several safety measures, the most obvious of which is the lid lock. To further prevent food from splattering all over the place, rubber gaskets and splash guards will keep your kitchen neat.

Unless every component is installed in the correct order or clicks into place, the whole thing doesn’t start. In addition, the feeding chute and pusher rod provide a safe distance between your hands and the high-velocity blades.


As versatile and near-universal as the standard S-shaped blades, there are certain tasks and ingredients they can’t take on. This is why some mini food processors include a set of specialized blades as part of the package. Those include the serrated blades for extra-fine cuts, plastic dough kneaders, shredding and slicing discs for different kitchen tasks.

But given their overall price, these models are few and far between. Be that as it may, you can purchase extra blades and discs from the official manufacturer or third-party suppliers. But make sure they are compatible with the unit by consulting the manual or contact the sellers beforehand.


It’s a good thing that mini food processors are all well around $100 or under. They make quick and easy purchases for cooks who want to simplify things for their own convenience.

Reviews of the Best Mini Food Processors in 2023

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Food Processor – Best To Buy in 2023

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC makes our first pick for all the right reasons. For one, its motor prowess is much stronger than initially expected, along with reliable performance on a regular basis. And this model is also featured in our exclusive entry for the best Cuisinart food processors.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor
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  • Reasonable price

  • Consistent mixing and cutting

  • Decent working bowl

  • Easy to use and assemble

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

  • Long warranty period

  • No automatic action

  • Noisy operation

  • Unsuitable for beans

Bowl Size

With most mini food processors holding no more than seven cups of contents, you should keep things realistic. The BPA-free plastic work bowl measures 24 ounces, translating to three cups of capacity. It doesn’t seem much, but it should at least cover a family of three people nonetheless. And for good measure, a spatula is also part of the package.

Blades & Discs

Unlike other standard S-shaped stainless steel blades, the patented auto-reversing SmartPower blades are something to be reckoned with. As the name suggests, these blades can change their rotating directions in quick bursts to eliminate any unwanted lumps.

In addition, either blade has a sharp and blunt edge on each side for specific tasks and ingredients. That way, every cut will give the mixtures a uniform and consistent texture while leaving little to nothing unprocessed.

To simplify things for everyone, there are two functions: chopping and grinding. While chopping mode is best for pureeing and mixing soft ingredients, grinding mode is perfect for crushing tough items. But of all things, beans are the only ingredients that this mini processor struggles with.

Another glaring trade-off is that once you let go of the buttons, the whole thing comes to a halt. While the manual pulsing lets you assert more control over the food, other people beg to differ. Regardless of your stance, under no circumstance can you leave the device running any longer than a full minute straight.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

Much to our pleasant surprise, the 250-watt motor exceeds our initial expectations, which weren’t high to begin with. Its prowess can handle tough items as well as a full-size food processor would, which is impressive on all accounts.

However, since the powerful motor can crunch almost all items, it comes at the expense of the ear-splitting noises. But most cooks are more than willing to accept such inconvenience in exchange for a robust kitchen device.

Cleaning Ease

Similar to other mini food processors, dishwasher-compatible parts are part of the deal. Save for the base and cord, you can toss all detachable components (bowl, lid, and blades) into any household dishwasher. Even assuming manual cleaning is the only option, it shouldn’t take too much of your time and effort.

Speaking of cleaning things by hand, approach the blades with caution since they can scratch your fingers or palms. They become all the more slippery and dangerous when soaked with dish soap, so be careful not to injure yourself.

Under no circumstance can you hold the blades with your bare hand. Instead, pick up the blades by holding the shaft and, for good measure, put on a pair of heavy-duty gloves.


On the whole, the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC makes a great purchase for cooks of all levels and skills. As a well-received model among buyers, it will spare you tons of time and effort spent on prep work.

2. Hamilton Beach 72850 – Best Value Mini Food Processor

The affordable Hamilton Beach 72850 is a worthy choice to get yourself away from dull and repetitive chopping tasks. If you’re a casual cook working with common ingredients, this model should suffice in most cases.

Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor
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  • Inexpensive

  • Competent motor strength

  • Easy assembly and use

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

  • No automatic action

  • No handle

Bowl Size

The handle-less work bowl measures three cups, which should be more than ideal for small food batches. While there isn’t a feeding chute, an opening gap on the lid lets you add liquids into the mixtures. In addition, there’s a spatula included in the package to scoop things out of the bowl.

Blades & Discs

Instead of automatic action, you’d have to press and hold the lid to operate the food processor. While the push-action design gives users more control and ensures overall safety, not all cooks appreciate that well-intentioned thought. Nevertheless, the unit makes things straightforward and simple for everyone.

Like other mini food processors, the standard S-shaped stainless steel blades are for universal cutting and mixing. They can take on various kitchen tasks, from mincing herbs and grinding meat to shredding cheese blocks and grating carrots.

Plus, the (dis)assembling is easy: one swift twisting and locking motion will lock and secure the blades in place. But as well rust-resistant as these razor-sharp blades may be, they can still bend, deform, or break under great pressure. So try to keep things gentle and easy.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

Considering the unit’s overall price, the robust 350-watt motor is somewhat a pleasant surprise for many. Its prowess should be enough to tackle most ingredients with ease and will speed things up for your convenience.

Cleaning Ease

While dishwasher-compatibility is already a given, manual washing is also just as effortless, if that’s what you’re wondering. Except for the motor base and power cord, you can place the bowl, lid, and blades inside any household dishwasher.

When attempting manual cleaning, things can go wrong in different ways. As the blades get soaked with dish soap, you might have a hard time holding on to these slippery parts. With the danger of cutting your fingers or palms looms large, remember to put on heavy-duty gloves and be careful.


The Hamilton Beach 72850 is a harmonious blend of price and functionality, all packed into one compact unit. It should qualify as a serviceable food processor for any family.

3. Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental – Best Cuisinart Small Food Processor

Given its prominence and popularity over the years, Cuisinart has no shortage of high-quality food processors. And the sleek-looking Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental has what it takes to be the ultimate representation of the whole brand. Among a set of appealing selling points, its strongest suit is the well-rounded mixing and chopping with superb consistency.

Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor
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  • Large working bowl

  • Numerous speeds and discs

  • Feeding chute with pusher rod

  • Automatic action with pulsing

  • Splash guard

  • Long warranty period

  • Expensive

Bowl Size

The BPA-free plastic work bowl allows up to eight cups of capacity, with markings on the body for exact measurement. You can make a whole batch of sauces like salsa, pesto, or guacamole for a family of five people. Even if you qualify this food processor as a full-size unit, it could make a compelling case.

Unlike other models in this entry, this is the only mini food processor with a lid-mounted food chute. It provides a safe distance when you add ingredients into the bowl, with a pusher rod to complete the deal.

Blades & Discs

Similar to other Cuisinart food processors, the stainless steel blades can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise. Furthermore, a set of shredding and slicing discs of various thickness also come with the package, offering cooks more options.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

The 350-watt motor is strong enough to churn thick mixtures and pastries like hummus, peanut butter, and cookie dough. The unit comes in three different speeds: low, high, and pulsing. That way, you can speed things up during food preparation and move on to other tasks.

Cleaning Ease

Considering that all detachable parts are dishwasher-compatible, cleaning will be a breeze. Furthermore, there are rubber gaskets and splash guards to prevent leakage and spill when food is spinning at max speed. That way, they will prevent the unit from making a mess of your kitchen countertop.


Cuisinart’s products have rarely, if ever, disappointed, as does the Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental. If money’s no object, this model is worth your consideration and will eventually pay for itself in a few months.

4. KitchenAid KFC3516BM – Best Kitchenaid Small Food Processor

Kitchen Aid is another household name among kitchen appliances and devices whose products have always delivered great results. And the KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Chopper is one such textbook example.

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper
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  • Reasonable price

  • Compact

  • Easy use

  • Multiple coloring options

  • Inferior motor strength

  • No slicing

Bowl Size

The BPA-free plastic work bowl measures three and a half cups of capacity. To some extent, you can think of it as a teapot, given there's a handle, lid, and spout. While there isn’t a feeding chute or pusher rod, the lid has an opening to pour liquids into the mixtures.

Blades & Discs

The S-shaped stainless steel blades tackle all tasks from grinding meat to mixing dipping sauces, ensuring uniform and consistent cuts. Its specialties are cabbage for coleslaw and mixing various dressings for salads, as noted by past users. But powerful and rust-resistant as these blades may be, they may not be able to handle all types of ingredients.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

Given the price, inferior motor strength is understandable and should be expected. While the 240-watt motor is much inferior compared to that of other models, it should pass for simple tasks nonetheless. The unit has two lever-adjustable functions: chopping and pulsing.

The power cord measures about two feet long, and you can use the included cord wrap to keep it from tangling. In addition, there are over 15 coloring options to choose from, to boot. Not that they make any significant difference, but it’s nice to have choices anyway.

Cleaning Ease

All detachable parts (bowl, lid, blades) are dishwasher-safe, as similar to those of other food processors. It’s important to keep the blades in tip-top condition, otherwise they would be as good as useless.


The KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Chopper makes a quick purchase for cooks who want to keep things hassle-free and straightforward.

5. Ninja QB900B – Best Mini Food Processor & Blender

The versatile Ninja QB900B is a hybrid of a mini food processor and blender. For many cooks, it’s the perfect compromise they prefer over purchasing two separate kitchen devices. This model combines the best of both worlds into one unit without sacrificing anything significant in return.

Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor
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  • Inexpensive

  • Food processor-blender combo

  • Powerful motor strength

  • Ample pitcher

  • Splash guards and spill rings

  • Separate blade sets

  • Limited work bowl capacity

  • No automatic action

Bowl Size

While the meager work bowl measures two cups, the pitcher compensates with an ample 48 ounces, translating to six cups. Both the bowl and the pitcher are BPA-free plastic and under no circumstance can you use them with hot ingredients.

Blades & Discs

The standard package comes with a pair of four-piece and six-piece blades, both of which are interchangeable. These razor-sharp blades work wonders on almost all ingredients, however big or tough they may be. Each blade set is compatible with the pitcher and the bowl.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

Among models featured in this entry, the Ninja QB900 ranks second to none in terms of strength. Its 400-watt motor boasts immense prowess against all items and ingredients, even on par with that of certain full-size units. You can knead bread and pasta dough or crush seeds and graham crackers into fine powder in seconds.

When blending smoothies and juices, this push-action unit gives you more control over your drinks. Per Ninja’s instruction, a perfect pulse should be under 20 seconds. However, if you aren’t willing to tolerate coarse or chunky bits, you can make adjustments as you see fit.

Cleaning Ease

Each container has a set of anti-spill rings and splash guards, preventing food from getting all over your kitchen countertop. That way, you can keep things neat and spotless during and after operation.

Besides those pieces, other dishwasher-safe parts include the pitcher, bowl, and blades. Per the manufacturer, you should prioritize these components over others by reserving their spot on the top shelf. As for the motor base and the power cord, you can wipe them with a rag or paper towels.

While you’re at it, the Ninja QB1004 is another food processor-blender combo with similar features and performance.


It makes little to no sense to purchase two separate appliances when the two-in-one Ninja QB900B is available. This combo model is easy on your wallet and can handle whatever ingredients you can come up with.

6. BLACK+DECKER HC150B – Best Small Food Processor For Baby Food

It makes perfect sense when parents want nothing but the best for their infants. It also explains why organic food made from scratch is preferable over ready-made. If you’re making things from scratch, the Black + Decker HC150B is a worthwhile consideration for cooks with babies.

BLACK+DECKER 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper
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  • Decent size

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

  • Quiet operation

  • Inferior motor

  • Lid doesn’t lock in place

Bowl Size

The work bowl measures one cup and a half of capacity, enough to feed a child or two. And like most mini food processors, there isn’t a food chute with a pusher rod. Instead, the lid has an opening gap where you can drizzle liquids like honey, oil, or vinegar into the mixtures.

Blades & Discs

The standard S-shaped stainless steel blades can handle soft items well, though the same doesn’t apply to rough ingredients. You can puree stuff into creamy and smooth mixtures like applesauce and soups, which are all-time favorites among babies.

Please be advised that the longer the blades run, the more liquefied the food becomes. Besides, some customers have reported that the lid doesn’t have a secure locking mechanism. So always keep an eye on the unit when it’s on.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

As the mixtures thicken over time, their gel-like consistency makes it difficult for the blades to make their way through. It doesn’t help when the 70-watt motor isn’t cut out for tough items or condensed mixtures. That said, it should be able to cut and chop things into bite-size bits using the one-touch pulse control.

Cleaning Ease

Similar to other food processors, you can let the dishwasher handle the detachable parts, including the bowl, lid, and blades.


The Black + Decker HC150B isn’t exactly a baby food-oriented food processor. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified unit that handles things as well as it does.

7. Kocbelle Portable Food Processor – Best Cordless Mini Food Processor

The portable Kocbelle Portable Food Processor is a personal food processor that you can store inside a fridge or cupboard. It can make food preparation easier and faster for everyone without gobbling too much storage room.

Wireless Portable Electric Food Processor
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  • Glass container

  • USB-cable power cord

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

  • Decent motor strength

  • Limited capacity

Bowl Size

Instead of a work bowl, the see-through glass container measures 20 ounces of capacity, or two cups and a half. It’s a major and noticeable improvement over the standard BPA-free plastic containers you’re familiar with other units.

While the sturdy cup can handle scratching during cleaning, be careful not to drop or break it. If the glass fractures or breaks, cracks and chips can render the whole thing useless.

Blades & Discs

The standard S-shaped stainless steel blades can mince soft items just fine. As for other tough ingredients like cheese blocks or roots, it’s an entirely different story. In addition, the scraper also comes with the package.

Motor Strength & Speed Levels

For a handheld food processor, the 200-watt motor is decent enough. If you’re working with ingredients like herbs, green, and meat in small amounts, you should make do with this model.

Instead of a regular power cord, this unit has a USB charging cable with an adapter to plug into sockets. While one full charge should be enough for several runs, the unit may run out of battery midway. In those cases, you can plug the device in and use it like you would with a regular food processor.

Cleaning Ease

Like other units, the glass container and the blades are dishwasher-safe.


The handy Kocbelle Portable Food Processor makes a great purchase for busy people with little time for cooking. With this little device, you can prepare food in advance and put those portions in the fridge.

Comparing the Top-Performing Mini Food Processors

ModelsWattageBowl CapacityWarranty
Cuisinart ABC Something25024 ounces (3 cups)18 months
Hamilton Beach Something3503 cups1 year limited
Cuisinart Silver Something3508 cups2 years limited
KitchenAid 3.5 cups2403.5 cups1 year limited
Ninja QB900B4002 cups1 year limited
Black+Decker HC150B701.5 cups2 years limited
Kocbelle Portable Food Processor2202.5 cups1 year


Hardly can you find a kitchen appliance as versatile and space-saving as food processors. Somewhat similar to a reliable Swiss Army knife, a mini food processor is multifunctional, lightweight, and inexpensive. We hope our buying guide and product reviews of the best mini food processor have been both helpful and informative.

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