The Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

By Luna Regina | Updated
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Welcome back to another guide of ours. This time, we’ll talk about the things that matter most when it comes to finding the best kitchen trash cans. Then, we’ll take a look at the most promising candidates that were carefully selected from the current market.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans 2021

In many ways, garbage cans are not very exciting. It’s the kind of equipment we don’t think about much, therefore are not certain of its potential. But once we DO think about it, it turns out to be impactful, especially in recent times when high-quality trash bins are no longer considered excessive buys, but more of high-yield investments.

And when I say high-yield, I mean the time that one will save from researching and worrying about the next replacement. A well-made kitchen bin will stand solemnly in its corner and remain functional for what seems like an eternity, and guard the home cooks against the mess and the smell of daily kitchen business.

Why You Should Buy A “Proper” Kitchen Trash Can

A trash can is pretty much standard equipment in the kitchen by now. Without it, the room would surely turn into a big chaotic and unhygienic space within a very short amount of time. And that’s not how we do it in this modern age of civilization.

It’s obvious why we should each have at least one in the kitchen: to have a separate place for garbage, food-based or otherwise; and I’m sure many of us share this same reason. Of course, you could do that with a $5, or even a makeshift trash can. However, all will change once you have bought yourself the first decent one.

How? For starters, you’ll begin to notice the differences in quality. Have you ever had a pedal broken off its can, lid detached from its joint, or straight off, casing cracked noticeably after only a year or two? If you’re anything like my mom and spending too little on what's normally considered "not important”, such scenes should be all too familiar.

Tired of trying to convince her, I bought her a $50 can myself, about a year ago. Still not something too fancy, yet a definite upgrade. Oh, how it has pleased her so! The dog can barely damage it now, it’s extremely easy to clean, and it just looks awesome. Although it’s still early to say for sure whether it can hold up over time or not, the customers’ feedback is reassuring.

Then, there’s the peace of mind. Some would argue that if a $5 bin lasts for about 2 years, it’s more economical than a single $50 bin that lasts for 10 years. I think that reasoning alone should be enough to persuade anyone with a budget-tight mind— that is if you don’t factor in the unpleasantness of using a cheap bin, the trying process of replacing a broken bin, and the weariness of knowing that you have to do so all over again. Not to mention the used up time, effort, and resources.

Plus, that extra 45 bucks usually gets you a pretty nice and shiny warranty. Basically, you won’t have to worry about it until much, much later. It does sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans: Read Before You Buy

If you’re thinking “But it’s a trash can? What do I need to know?” that’s totally understandable. Indeed, trash cans are as straightforward as they come. They’re just a case that holds and keeps the garbage bags up and open so we don’t have to ourselves. That would still be very applicable if we were to go a few decades back in time.

Now, as our environment and our way of thinking have progressed, more demanding both physically and intellectually, our needs in the kitchen have changed too. In addition to convenience and hygiene, there are also concerns of space, style, durability, etc.

Manufacturers, of course, cater to our every need. There are specific details— more or less— that are developed just for us. Getting informed about available features not only helps broaden our options but also turn us more aware of all the noise, filtering out irrelevant choices.

1. Size & Shape

Here’s what I think we could all agree on: our kitchens are different from one another, especially the size and layout. The amount of available space differing in a house generally, and in the kitchen specifically, directly relates to the importance of items with varied sizes and shapes. And trash cans are just about the same sort.

Kitchen trash cans are roughly the same size as food disposals. They can get as short as a bottle of water (~8 inches) or as tall as a standard counter (~35 inches). And their shapes shift from slim, briefcase-like semi-rectangular to chubby round or semi-round casings. Wherever you need them to be— on the countertop, right between your counter and an adjacent wall, or even inside your cabinet, chances are there will be at least one that fits. You just need to look for them.

Kitchen Trash Can Size & Shape
Wherever you need them to be…

Note: be careful with the size of the bin as well as the location you want to put it in. You don’t want it to be so tightly fitted that it becomes inconvenient to replace the bags, for example.

2. Material

The two most common materials for kitchen garbage bins are plastic and stainless steel, as are most non-electrical kitchen items nowadays. They have their own uses and flaws, yet that’s what exactly makes them such favored choices for this particular item. We all know that they’re both durable against tarnishing and fairly easy to clean. But that’s not all.

Plastic, for obvious reasons, is much lighter than stainless steel. So, it’s pretty much the perfect material for rubbish cans that get moved around a lot. Cans of this sort are usually inexpensive and come in various colors.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is heavier and much sturdier, which makes it ideal for an item that needs to stay put or perhaps sometimes withstand being knocked over by a dog, or child (or the occasional distracted adult). Plus, lids with metal contraptions are also harder for pets to open and make a random innocent mess.

3. Lid Mechanics

The lid’s importance to a garbage can is somewhat vague, much like a door to a room or a cap to a bottle. Sometimes, it’s fine not to have a door or a cap, but sometimes, it can ruin everything completely— meaning it’s something worth keeping in mind.

In general, there are 5 types of lid mechanics:

  1. Open top: there is no lid. It’s simple to use but it lacks security and the garbage is exposed.
  2. Manual lid: simple and partly secure, but it does require to be opened by hand, which can be unsanitary.
  3. Swing-lid: semi-lid would be my word for it. It’s easy to use, it hides the trash well but lacks security.
  4. Step-on: the best lid mechanics to date, in my opinion. Hygienic, secure and not at all complicated to engage.
  5. Touchless (motion sensing, voice control): a more sophisticated solution. It’s high-tech, risk-free, and secure— a welcome addition to the modern kitchen. But the technology is yet to be perfected and still prone to technical errors (as well as needing a power source).

There are, of course, a few other variations but they’re essentially the same as the five mentioned or not very efficient in practice.

4. Style

Remember back in the day when many things don’t qualify for an eyesore as easily as they do today— when appearance wasn’t such an issue? I don’t, actually. ‘Style’ has always been something or other, mayhaps even more so when our diversity in visual taste is expanding day by day.

The basic shapes mentioned earlier, their sheer number of variants alone makes for a collection of impressive lookers. Now you add to that bag the materials, the different designs, the colors, etc. and there you have a hypothetical magazine featuring top trash cans that go really well with your place. The potential for exterior design is almost unlimited!

So, if you’re going for a specific look in the kitchen, I recommend looking here and there a bit. The market is so diverse that only a short search could bring a dozen potential candidates to your attention.

5. Price

Don’t be surprised if you find that trash bins can range from a few dollars to over $200. You should be, but don’t be. As the equipment has been improved over time, with better craftsmanship, better material, and new innovations, a $200 can is still acceptable, even if it is not as close to being ideal.

“It’s kinda expensive, though” most of us would think, including me. I personally think of trash cans as one of the most basic kitchen items. If it’s anywhere over $100, it’s pricey. There’s actually 1 or 2 of them in our list, but rest assured that those extra bucks will be well-spent. We’ll be examining closely what is added and whether or not they’re worth it.

Reviews of the Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2023

With those things in mind, let’s look at a few choices that, to us, are the best kitchen trash cans on the market so far into 2023. Although it was a difficult attempt to finalize the list, I think we pulled it off in the end.

  1. Simplehuman CW1814 Brushed 10 Gallon - Best to Buy in 2023
  2. Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel 12 Gallon - Best Stainless Steel Trash Can
  3. Itouchless Stainless Steel 13 Gallon Automatic - Best Touchless Trash Can
  4. Songmics Dual-can Stainless Steel 16 Gallon - Best Recycling Double Trash Can
  5. Simplehuman 10 Gallon Brushed Stainless Steel - Best Dog Proof Trash Can
  6. Simplehuman Brushed Stainless Steel 1.6-gallon - Best Small Trash Can
  7. Rubbermaid 1971943 Brute Rollout 32 Gallon - Best Outdoor Trash Can

Here are our picks for the Best Kitchen Trash Cans:

1. Simplehuman Cw1814 Brushed Stainless Steel 10 Gallon - Best to Buy in 2023

After quite some time since its release, the CW1814 from Simplehuman with brushed stainless steel, an anti-fingerprint finish, a step pedal, and a holding capacity of 10 gallons/38 liters still belongs at the top.

simplehuman 10 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can
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  • Stay-open lid

  • Silent-close mechanics

  • Fingerprint-proof

  • Strong steel pedal

  • Sturdy

  • Heavy

At first look, it will strike beholders as something solid and robust yet not extraordinary. First impressions were not what it was built for, anyway. In fact, its true value lies within the performance and experience it provides in the long run.

To start this, I’d like to talk about the material. To me, it’s the biggest change that you’ll have to acknowledge. It’s one of the things that you just cannot UN-experience (if that’s a word). Once you’ve felt it, there’s no going back.

The weight of the stainless steel casing, in comparison to a plastic one, is wonderfully more reassuring. The moment you pick it up and assign it to a station, you can see that the occasional banging— if that’s even a thing at all— won’t be a bother to its overall balance, which is also supported by the wide rectangular base.

When you step back to take a look at the whole can to see how it stands (25.7” high, 15.8” wide, and 12.5” deep), you’ll notice that there aren’t many smudges as there should be on the body after a certain amount of physical handling. Or even if there are, they’re easily wiped off with a simple cloth.

That should be the work of the fingerprint-free finish that Simplehuman applies on all of its stainless steel trash cans. It’s a very nice add-on for a fastidious mind, especially in the kitchen.

However, objectively speaking, this can be an overkill to some. Touching the body of a trash can is pretty minimum most of the time. The only time when you should worry about smudges is when you need to move the can, which is not a typical task even in the busiest kitchens.

Moving on to other things, you’ll start to see why they call stainless steel the most durable material for residential equipment. It never nicks, never corrodes (indoors), and is very hard to dent. The only realistic way to compromise the integrity of its exterior is intentional damage, like from someone that really needs to hit something.

Now, taking away from the material, let’s now ‘step on’ the mechanics. If people don’t love Simplehuman trash cans, or the CW1814 in particular for their high-quality builds, then it’s for the craftsmanship of the lid and pedal.

The delay-closing lid might be considered unnecessary, but it’s an important feature in reality, especially to a metallic step can. As you can imagine, the noise of a heavy metal piece hitting a piece of solid plastic— in this case, the lid and the upper lining — is not exactly easy on the ear. Few people enjoy loud bangs day in day out and this could be a big issue to sound-sensitive folks too. That’s not good at all

Another strong point of the CW1814 specifically is the stay-open mechanics. It keeps the lid open for as long as you like with only a simple switch. There’s a small, red switch to the upper right corner of the rim, which you can just push up to lock the lid still. It really comes in handy in a busy cooking session.

Now, the step pedal. Engineered to withstand up to 150000 steps, the pedal can easily last for more than 10 years with about 25 steps a day— and that is with random malfunctions taken into account. It has a lot to do with the fact that most of the mechanical pieces are made of plain metal. I haven’t been able to find out what kind of metal but one would assume stainless steel like the rest of the can.

What I did find are recommendations for this trash can and confirmation on its endurance. With a practically full-metal construction, it’s difficult to imagine an immature failure. Still, if fate has it, there is a chance, however slim, that one of you may end up with a faulty unit. That’s when warranties come into play, and it should be the final obstacle to your long, happy years with your new bin.

Finally, we’ll touch a little bit on its look. To be honest, compared to newer, more up-to-date models, the CW1814 is not outstanding. Don’t take me wrong, it can still make for a pretty neat piece of decor for a sleek looking modern kitchen. It’s just that there are more attractive models, in my opinion. But looks alone don’t make good garbage cans, do they?

Verdict: All in all, the Simplehuman CW1814 is one of the best selling kitchen trash cans for a lot of reasons. To sum them all up, at the very basics, the product is among the few most well-rounded cans that have ever been made.

The product comes with a 10-year warranty.

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2. Simplehuman Cw2030 Brushed Stainless Steel 12 Gallon - Best Stainless Steel Trash Can

Next up, we have another one from Simplehuman: the CW2030 brushed stainless steel, 12-gallon/45-liter semi-round step can with a wide pedal and fingerprint-proof coating. It belongs to the newer series of Simplehuman trash cans, recognized by the signature, full stainless steel look.

simplehuman 45 Liter 12 Gallon Semi-Round Hands
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  • Silent-close mechanics

  • Fingerprint-proof

  • Strong steel pedal

  • Heavy

Those who have already done some research themselves are probably wondering why this made the list but not the CW2024 rectangular 45-liter trash can— which, to my eyes, is the most pleasing-looking modern trash can I have ever seen. The reason is straight and simple: the price tag passes the $100 mark.

I think there should be moderation with garbage bins; we shouldn’t go cheap, but neither should we go over the top. It’s a simple piece of equipment. We know what we need, and we know what it offers. It’s just simple math from here.

Back to the Simplehuman CW2030— it’s a stainless steel trash can that’s 26.4” high, 15.7” wide, and 14.2” deep, which is not that different from the classic CW1814. What is different, however, is the metal profile. One can be quite sure that the involvement of stainless steel is 90% judging by its weight and exterior alone, from the pedal all the way up to the lid.

The other 10% includes the plastic bottom to keep the bin friendly to the floor, and a plastic cup on the back to protect the lid joint. Inside, you’ll notice that there is only a plastic layer/pad right under the lid and a plastic rim cover, apparently to boost shock absorption and produce less noise on impact. The rest is in full-on steel mode, which makes it incredibly sturdy.

Inside, aside from the material, you’ll see that there’s no inner bucket either. Some might find it inconvenient, others might disagree. It’s really a matter of preference.

The CW2030 is also finished with a fingerprint-proof coating. Other than what has been discussed above, do understand and expect, however, that there will be prints from time to time. The coating is supposed to hide the prints, not somehow repel them completely. The oil on our hands will still leave its mark upon physical contact, only they’re harder to see and easier to clean off.

The pedal and lid combo is also why this trash can, even though only recently released, has already been a success.

The durability of the signature strong step pedal from Simplehuman, withstanding up to 150,000 steps, does not fail to impress. The technology is verified by a number of owners to remain perfectly functional after 12-15 years of use, under indoor conditions and usage, without any major fix.

Admittedly, the sales numbers on the CW2030, or even the CW2024, haven’t come in yet, given that the model is still young. But judging by how long other Simplehuman bins have lasted, I’m confident that this won’t be any different.

The lid, of course, comes with the delay-close feature. Working together with the plastic lid underpad and liner rim, the CW20 collection is even quieter when the lid opens and closes. Unlike the classic, there is no stay-open switch this time around. The feature isn’t too much of a necessity to a garbage bin, anyway, so I guess it’s fine.

Verdict: The CW2030 is, by all means, a high-quality trash can that will surely satisfy anyone. It’s beautiful, durable, and, most importantly, not too expensive. If you have the budget and an unoccupied gap that this can from Simplehuman can fit into, definitely consider it.

The product is covered with a 10-year warranty.

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3. Itouchless Stainless Steel 13 Gallon Automatic - Best Touchless/Automatic Trash Can

Since it is on everything else, sensor technology on kitchen trash cans is rather expected. And it has been around for a while now, FYI. The iTouchless 13-gallon automatic trash can was released quite some time ago, yet deservingly earns a spot in this list for its cherished values over the years.

iTouchless 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can
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  • Touchless

  • Fingerprint-proof

  • Odor control

  • Prone to malfunctions

The iTouchless automatic trash can was one of the first touchless trash cans to have ever surfaced. So far, it can also be viewed as one of the best.

There are two ways to open the lid. First, obviously, is the infrared motion sensor located right on top of the lid, next to the two OPEN/CLOSE buttons. The lid will only open when a hand is right above it, and will stay for about 3 seconds (if there’s nothing detected), then close automatically.

The second way is the aforementioned OPEN/CLOSE buttons. Press OPEN for the lid to open. It won’t close, unless you push it down or press CLOSE. This is particularly handy when it comes to long sessions when you kind of want to keep the can open longer than usual until you finish the whatever task you are undertaking.

There are a couple of things to notice:

  1. Both of these ways require power to operate, whether by 4 D-size batteries (not included) or a socket nearby.
  2. The detection zone is small. This is to prevent accidental activation when someone walks by.
  3. The can will last for more than 1 year on 4 D-size batteries.

Aside from the controls, the lid houses a deodorizer as well. It is an activated carbon filter (included) that slides and clicks right onto the underside of the lid, on the battery compartment. Its filtration capacity, though it seems too simple, performs fairly well with only a few complaints and many positive responses.

That’s the lid. Now, for the rest of the can, the dimensions are 20.9” high, 12.8” deep and 10.8” wide, which form a really slender figure that holds up to 13 gallons/50 liters of garbage. With a very limited area surface, it fits really well in small kitchens.

However, the opening of this automatic bin has been said to be “too narrow” on some occasions. Indeed, it would be for say, a pizza box. But for normal pieces, like food scraps or facial tissues, it’s big enough.

On the outside, the full stainless steel exterior is coated with a fingerprint-free finish. The feature, which will make many users happy, is once again overkill in my opinion. The bottom, unlike the body, is made of plastic to protect the floor as well as prevent skidding. Plus, there are a number of small holes on the bottom to vent air out and ease the removal of the garbage bags.

Verdict: The iTouchless 13-gallon automatic trash can is neither spectacular nor fancy, not if compared to newer models. It is, however, a touchless trash can with thousands of fans. Certainly a product worth considering, if not for any of its inviting traits then for its lasting values.

The product is covered with a 1-year warranty.

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4. Songmics Dual-can Stainless Steel 16 Gallon - Best Recycling Double Trash Can

For those who also want a place for recyclables, a dual-compartment kitchen trash can is not a bad idea. One of those decent double cans— the Songmics 16-gallon/60-liter dual stainless steel trash can, for example— should be a good pickup if you’re interested.

SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can
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  • Dual-compartment

  • Soft-close lid

  • Fingerprint-proof

  • Heavy

When put next to the other candidates on this list, there is nothing special about the Songmics 16-gallon dual can, if I may be frank. It’s simply a quality step-on metal bin with plenty of space for both garbage and recyclable items.

The bin is 25.6” high, 23” wide and 12.6” deep. Although the inevitable broad build might be a problem if space is a precious resource, for 30 liters per chamber, this is unfortunately as compact as it gets.

The entirety of the body is made of stainless steel, except for the ABS plastic bottom and lid, and a few other minor details. There are also two metal pedals to open the compartments separately.

While the steel is fantastic, the large frame of this dual can and its metal structure stand quite heavily on the floor, almost twice as much as single bin, so it could be a problem to some when they want to move it. On the other hand, the bin is extremely sturdy for the same reason, so I’d say cup half full.

Going inside, you’ll see my only problem with this 16-gallon dual can from Songmics. There are two PP plastic bucket liners and each bucket has a handle, which would be a convenient add-on if it was attached on the outside. Instead, it hangs on the inside creating negative space on the two sides. It’s not impossible to secure a bag to the buckets, it’s just more trying than it should be.

In regards to the price tag, some of you may notice that this garbage can costs more than $100. And the reason why it still made the list is because it’s still a good bargain. A hundred something bucks for two 8-gallon/30-liter cells, which is about $60 each, is comparably reasonable for the current market.

Verdict: With the exception of the bucket handle, the Songmics 16-gallon stainless steel dual can is a product with all the qualities of a premium kitchen trash can. If you really are in need of a double bin, make sure to check this one out.

The product is covered with a 2-year warranty.

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5. Simplehuman Cw1824 10 Gallon Brushed Stainless Steel - Best Dog Proof Trash Can

The Simplehuman CW1824 10-gallon stainless steel kitchen trash can with butterfly lid is one of my favorite trash cans ever. Not only is it beautiful, smartly designed, and comes from a reputable manufacturer, it also stands a solid chance facing the trash monsters in people’s homes.

simplehuman 30 Liter 8 Gallon Butterfly Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can
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  • Stay-open lid

  • Silent-close mechanics

  • Space-saving butterfly lid

  • Strong steel pedal

  • Heavy

  • Pricey

The monsters are the dogs, by the way, in case you’re not following. They are lovable but can make a monstrous mess if left unattended with the garbage can. If you don’t know that yet, consider yourself lucky. But I digress.

Obviously, any metal trash can with some weight and a step pedal will help a lot with the problem. But the Simplehuman butterfly trash can provides further advantage in the daily battle between dogs and bins. Here’s how:

First of all, the number one strategy to avoid the free-roaming animal is to hide the trash can or to make it inaccessible to the dogs. And as you all have probably noticed, this one is outright slim. The narrow width— only 10.4” across— allows the can to slip right in most tight spaces without interfering with its operation.

What makes that possible is the lid mechanics. The innovative butterfly contraption cuts the height of upright lid in half, keeping the volume sufficient in narrow gaps while reducing the total height, maintaining it (lid extended) at 30.5”.

Moreover, the internal hinge leaves enough room for an effective opening, at the same time keeping the lid at a distance from the adjacent walls. There won’t be any problem using the bin in small spaces.

Second, it’s the pedal. The finely devised mechanical details are precisely responsive and require a certain amount of pressure and time to fully engage. Most dogs just can’t outwit this the Simplehuman CW1824. Plus, the pedal is quite small so it’s even harder for them to aim or maintain pressure easily.

And finally, it’s the weight. If you plan on putting the bin out in the open, weight will matter a big deal. This butterfly can is generally heavier than most of its peers. Together with the wide, semi-rectangular, non-skid base, it would take a whole lot of effort to knock this rubbish can over.

There is also the CW1897 with 12 gallons, more weight, and a wider base.

The rest of the can is what you’d expect from a metal Simplehuman trash can. Most of its whole is made of quality brushed stainless steel, coated with a fingerprint-proof finish. The base and other minor details are plastic. And the mechanical parts, namely, the pressure pedal and the silent close lid, are engineered to last for more than 15 years of use.

Verdict: Despite the fact that the Simplehuman CW1824 butterfly kitchen trash can costs more than $100, it’s totally worth the money with what it brings to the table. Even if there isn’t any dog in the picture, this can is still one fine piece of equipment.

The product is covered with a 10-year warranty.

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6. Simplehuman Cw1834 Brushed Stainless Steel 1.6-gallon - Best Small Trash Can

For tiny kitchens, having an average-size kitchen trash can might be somewhat of a nuisance. Unless something with a slim body, like the Simplehuman butterfly, has already gotten the part, a mini bin is obviously the other best choice. As such, the Simplehuman CW1834 stainless steel 1.6-gallon/6-liter step can should be a fine candidate.

simplehuman 6 Liter 1.6 Gallon Semi-Round Bathroom Step Trash Can
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  • Compact

  • Light

  • Print-proof

  • Low volume

It is a 13.6” high (20” lid extended), 9.3” wide, and 8.9” deep semi-round canister with a stainless steel exterior (anti-print finish), a durable metal step pedal, and an inner bucket. It’s very compact and light, so even small kitchens would have a place for it. It can go under the table, inside the cabinet, or that corner which is too small for anything useful.

Still, there are other options to explore. For example, this CW1852 1.2-gallon— kind of a smaller version of the CW1834— is even neater with its round body. But, to me, the holding capacity of the 1.2-gallon is just too low to be truly useful. That’s why I prefer the 1.6 gallons.

Other decent alternatives include hanging cabinet trash cans or pull-out cabinet waste containers.

Let’s go back to the Simplehuman CW1834 1.6-gallon step can a little bit. Apart from all the benefits that come from a high-quality garbage canister, the CW1834 also offers multiple color choices, from silver steel to dark bronze, rose gold, and white steel. The colors are not essential to the use, obviously, but they’re an attractive addition nonetheless and allow for visual statements or matching decor.

Verdict: Tiny kitchens are sometimes hard to work with. All that we can do is make the most of any space available, which is exactly what the Simplehuman CW1834 1.6-gallon step can is made for.

The product is covered with a 10-year warranty.

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7. Rubbermaid 1971943 Brute Rollout 32 Gallon - Best Outdoor Trash Can

For families who like to bring the kitchen to the backyard once in a while, you’ve got to bring home something that can withstand outdoor conditions and is easy to move around, like the familiar Rubbermaid heavy duty 32-gallon/190-liter wheeled trash can.

Rubbermaid Commercial 1971943 Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash Can
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  • Wheeled

  • Durable

  • Not heavy enough

Let me get something straight first: this is not just a pick for a container that holds the trash overnight, even though the look suggests otherwise. I picked this Rubbermaid because it meets the two most crucial criteria that a lot of people draw up for an appropriate cookout garbage bin: durability and mobility.

One of the many reasons why I recommend the Rubbermaid Brute series, or the Rubbermaid Brute Rollout specifically, is its material and workmanship.

The whole body is made of premium plastic with added shock absorption and UV resistance, with the help of UV inhibitor, to endure tough weather conditions. Other details are also engineered to remain functional even at freezing temperatures, making it a viable piece of equipment all year long.

The whole case is backed by two heavy-duty, replaceable wheels that can help with normal or rough transportation alike. Additionally, because plastic is remarkably lightweight, it’s even more effortless to roll the bin around during a cleaning session without any problem at all.

Talking a bit about size, there are actually 3 available residential options: 32-gallon, 50-gallon, and 65-gallon. I personally prefer the 32-gallon (37.16” H, 20.62” W, 28.56” D) because it serves the purpose of being an active garbage bin rather well. The other sizes are sometimes too clunky to move around or too large to be stored. But, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide.

Verdict: The Rubbermaid Brute Rollout series is already popular for its exceptional durability over the years. There’s nothing else to say except for a strong recommendation for them.

The product is covered with a 1-year warranty.

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Top-rated Trash Can Comparison Chart

Simplehuman CW181413Pedal (basic lid)yes10 years
Simple CW203012Pedal (basic lid)no10 years
iTouchless 13 gallon13Motion sensors, Buttonsno1 year
Songmics dual16Pedal (basic lid)yes2 year
Simplehuman CW182410Pedal (butterfly lid)no10 years
Simplehuman CW18341.6Pedal (basic lid)no10 years
Rubbermaid 197194332Basic lidno1 year

Best Kitchen Trash Can Brands

1. Simplehuman

With a simple idea in mind: to build a better garbage can, Frank Yang founded his business in 2000 called Canworks, later as simplehuman in 2001. The company took off as the potential of its newly designed trash cans, as well as other ideas in kitchen and bath tools, were quickly recognized and funded.

Almost two decades later, simplehuman is now one of the biggest designer and manufacturer names in the industry. The quality of its products, backed by several prestigious awards, has become the standards to which their counterparts are to be measured.

2. Rubbermaid

In the US, Rubbermaid is known across the country for their simplistic and durable houseware. For over 80 years, from commercial to residential use, its presence is undoubtedly enormous. The brand is also named among the most influential 100 companies that have been most influential to the American way of life.

Trash cans and recycling bins are just a small subdivision in the array of Rubbermaid product lines, but their quality is more than meets the eye. If you’re still not sold, the verification from numerous owners heard and found everywhere should be reassuring enough.

3. iTouchless

Though not as popular as it should be, iTouchless deserves the recognition, not for being strikingly remarkable, but for remarkably consistent. They have been everything but flashy, yet their reputation still gradually broadens over the years for the last 20 years.

The brand once was remarkable for popularizing touchless trash cans and other electronic tools by making them affordable and easy-to-use, but nothing else for the last few years. Their workmanship and dedication remains strong, despite everything, and usually when people go for iTouchless, they stay with iTouchless.

Luna Regina
Luna Regina
Luna Regina is an accomplished writer and author who dedicates her career to empowering home cooks and making cooking effortless for everyone. She is the founder of and, where she works with her team to develop easy, nutritious recipes and help aspiring cooks choose the right kitchen appliances.
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