Best Gas Ranges in 2021: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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A good gas range will last a decade or more—but who can tell how long an appliance will last just by looking at it? Unfortunately, you can’t. What you can do is pay close attention to the specs, features, and brand reputation unique to each range. With those details in mind we look at the best gas ranges in 2021.

Best Gas Ranges 2021

If you’re looking for a sleek range with no backguard and a design that slides right in among your cabinets, you should be looking for the best slide in gas ranges. For a slightly more efficient or convenient option, you should consider a double gas oven.

Types of Ranges: Gas, Electric, and Dual-Fuel

  • Gas: In a gas range both the oven and cooktop use gas fuel. Most chefs prefer the speed and control of gas burners. It needs an electrical supply to ignite the burners but they can also be lit by hand if the power goes out.
  • Electric: Electric ranges typically have smooth ceramic glass cooktops with heating elements as burners. Most chefs agree electric ovens are more consistent and accurate than their gas counterparts.
  • Dual-fuel: These ranges make the best of both worlds: a gas cooktop with an electric and/or gas oven. But they’re quite expensive.

Gas vs Electricity

Before you commit to a major kitchen appliance like a range, it’s a good idea to consider the key choice between electricity or gas.

The general consensus is that gas is almost always the cheaper fuel. The price of electric ranges has decreased over the years to the extent that they may often retail at a slightly cheaper rate. Although gas is, for the time being at least, more ecologically friendly, but a recent study suggests that the pendulum will shift towards electricity in the near future.

Most cooks prefer a gas cooktop, but electric induction can heat up and cool down roughly as fast as gas, and it’s much more efficient. Convection also dramatically speeds up heating times, regardless of fuel type, but electric ovens generally have the most consistent temperatures.

In terms of health and safety, electricity has the edge over gas. If a gas range is not properly ventilated, it can pose significant health risks. If you feel electricity may be a better choice for you, then see our other review:

Go here to read our reviews on the Best Electric Ranges in 2021

How to Choose the Best Gas Range

These are the key factors and considerations for making the best choice for your new gas range:

Capacity and Size

Oven capacity can vary quite a bit, with larger models costing more. How much oven space you need depends on what and how often you cook. If there are times when you need to cook big meals or do a lot of baking, then you might want to get an oven that’s at least 5.4 cubic feet. Most other people will be fine with 4.8 to 5.0 cubic feet.

The most popular household gas ranges are 30 inches wide, but there are quite a few 24 inch models for smaller accommodations or limited kitchen spaces. Most pro style ranges are in the 36 inch category, but you can also get them in 30 or 48 inches. Our reviews only cover 30 inch and 36 inch ranges.

Oven and Cooktop

For better baking results, especially with gas, you should consider a convection oven. A convection fan spreads the heat more evenly and also decreases cooking time. For a busy family, better energy savings, or to be able to quickly heat something in a small, fast-heating oven, you should consider getting a double oven.

Many people like cooktops with a fifth oval burner (which sometimes comes with a griddle pan) because it also accommodates oval pots, casserole dishes, and dutch ovens. Continuous grates are also handy because you can easily move your cookware around or off the cooktop.

Style and Convenience

Slide-in ranges don’t have a back guard so they blend in and make for a great, modern-looking kitchen. The controls are along the front of the cooktop and most people seem to prefer them facing frontwards rather than upwards. Controls facing slightly up are fine too, but other than that, they may get in the way, or get accidently knocked.

A slide-in range with a continuous grate
A slide-in range with a continuous grate

Mid-ranges models and up may often sport Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. An app allows you to change settings with your smart device, import recipe settings, get status updates or remotely start your oven. Higher-end models also have voice command technologies. Some people find these to be useful, others do not.

Self-cleaning is another convenient feature, generally available at the mid-range price point and up. Apart from making the process of cleaning your oven simpler, self-cleaning ovens are better insulated and, thus, more efficient.

Security features such as door and control locks or automatic shutdown are helpful but usually not available on lower-priced models. If you require a delay bake function in order to get things started when you are away from the kitchen, it’s often found in the mid-range price category.

Types of Gas

  • Natural Gas: This is the default, pre-installed option for most ranges. If you buy your range online, always check because a few models have liquid propane as the pre installed option.
  • Liquid Propane: Most ranges are easily converted to LP gas. If you require this option, always check to see if an LP conversion kit is included. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but they can easily be bought separately.


This is what you can expect for the price you pay. As you move through the price ranges, you can expect a more robust, elegant design; greater cooking power and control; and more features that make for an easier cooking experience.

  1. Budget ($400‒$650): Expect basic features and limited digital controls. Only a few models have convection. Quite a few offer self-cleaning and some delay bake. Separate burners have at least three maximum output (measured in BTU) ranges: low, medium and high. 500 BTU is usually the lowest and good for simmering. 17,000 is the highest and good for rapid boiling. The only configuration available in this range is freestanding, which means it has a backguard with controls.
  2. Lower mid-range ($650‒$1,000): There are many convection models. You can expect five burners and slightly higher BTU ratings from the burners. There aren’t many convenient functions like delay bake or security locks, and only LG has some limited smart control options. There are few entry-level, slide-in ranges.
  3. Upper mid-range ($1,000‒$1,500): Delay bake, griddle pans, and self-cleaning are pretty standard. You have a great selection of slide-in ranges, double ovens and ovens with convection. Many models have smart controls as well as more sophisticated digital controls, preset cooking options, and security locks. There are a few entry models with temperature probes and warmer drawers.
  4. Top-end ($1,500‒$2,000): Many models in this category offer superior convection technologies. There is often the option of a warming drawer and a temperature probe. A lot more models have Bluetooth and WiFiwith voice command capabilities. Big brands boast their elite sub-brands such as GE Profile/Cafe, Bosch Benchmark, LG Studio, or Frigidaire Professional. At this price point you will also get entry-level pro-style ranges from brands like Thor Kitchen, Hallman, Thermador, Verona, Kucht, and Fisher Paykel.
  5. Pro range ($2,000‒$5,000+): The features of these ranges are in a completely different class. They have a sturdier build, high-quality commercial-grade convection, five to six burners with higher BTU outputs, and nifty extras like dual-ring power burners. More expensive models offer embellishments like French door double ovens. There are limited digital controls and virtually no smart technologies.

The most basic and affordable gas ranges under $500 are produced by GE, Hotpoint, Premier, and Amana. Above the $500 point, you have options from Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung, Summit, and Kenmore.

The most popular brands in the mid-range price points are GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, Maytag, and LG.

In the top-end class, popular manufacturers showcase their elite brands such as GE Profile and Cafe, Frigidaire Gallery, and LG Studio. Bosch, also in this class, only makes slide-in ranges.

Thor Kitchen and Hallman make affordable pro style ranges for the home. Thor Kitchen is a California-based company that offers entire pro-style kitchen suites. Hallman, originating out of Texas, is a top maker of luxury kitchen appliances. Other popular household names are Viking, Thermador, Wolf, Miele, Jenn-Air, Monogram and Dacor.

Reviews of The Best Gas Ranges in 2021

  1. Samsung NX58H9500 Slide In Gas Range - Best to Buy in 2021
  2. Frigidaire Gallery Slide In Gas Range - Runner-up to Best to Buy
  3. Lg LTG4715 Slide In Gas Range - Best Double Oven
  4. Samsung NX58M6850 Gas Range - Best Budget Double Oven
  5. Samsung NX58K7850SG Gas Range - Best Budget Single Oven
  6. Bosch Benchmark - Best Top End Slide In Range
  7. Thor Kitchen HRG3618 - Best 36 Inch Pro Range
  8. Hallman Dual Fuel - Best 30 Inch Pro Range

Here are our picks for the Best Gas Ranges.

Best Slide-In Gas Ranges

For most people wanting to upgrade or remodel their kitchen, slide in ranges are becoming the sought after option because of their sleek fit and the resale value they can add to a home. For this reason, we have selected two slide-in ranges for our two top picks in 2021.

1. Samsung NX58H9500 30 Inch Slide In Gas Range - Best To Buy in 2021

Our top pick scores high in both oven and cooktop capabilities. Samsung has the highest oven capacity on the market for single ovens and utilizes advanced true convection. Its versatile cooktop has a dual power burner, wok grate and continuous cast iron grates. Apart from also being stylish, it has user-friendly controls and convenient preset cooking options.

Samsung NX58H9500
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  • 3-fan convection

  • Guiding light controls

  • 5.8 cu.ft. and 3 racks

  • 6 presets, 3 custom recipes

  • Wok grate

  • Oval burner reversible griddle pan

  • Self-cleaning

  • No smart controls

Style that Delivers

Aesthetically and functionally, this is a pretty well-designed range. Knob controls are front-facing, won’t get in the way of pots and pans, and the raised LCD panel is easy to read. It has steel-blue guiding light controls that assist you with step-by-step instructions, and the most common functions are all one-touch selections. It also has a touch wake-up panel so there is no extra lighting when you don’t need it.

Samsung single oven

Ample Capacity and Oven Functionality

This Samsung single oven is 5.8 cubic feet together and has three racks and seven rack positions. This allows for multiple-rack baking of various dishes or trays of cookies (full guide provided). The split rack allows half the rack to be removed to make room for larger items below. It also has a delay bake function and various self-cleaning cycles.

The true convection system utilizes three fans, putting it in a class above most competitors. It has easy one-touch controls for bake, broil, and roast and a one-touch convection bake and roast. The convection convert button is nearby so you can easily adjust time and temperature from normal bake recipes. With the keep warm function, you can set your oven to an automatic keep warm mode after baking or roasting.

HealthyCook and Other Presets

This option menu provides six cooking presets for extra convenience. The dehydration feature, utilizing the convection fans, is a really nice addition. You can use it to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, or jerky. Other options include baked potato, grilled chicken, salmon steak, white fish fillet, and bread proofing. There is an additional Favorite Cook function which lets you add up to three custom recipes.

Cooktop Versatility

Two features add to the cooktop versatility: a fifth oval burner which easily accommodates rounded cookware, a reversible griddle pan and a custom wok grate. Thoughtful grate marks show the optimal area to place cookware and with the continuous grate, you can easily and safely move cookware around the cooktop.

If you want to save on the price-tag and forego some features, the NX58R9421series offers you smart controls, slightly smaller dimensions, and a storage (not warming) drawer. The NX58M9420 series has the same but no smart controls, and is a little cheaper.

2. Frigidaire Gallery 30 Inch Slide In Range - Runner Up Best to Buy

Frigidaire has recently made some major design and performance upgrades to their ranges, both gas and electric. This Gallery model has a much better front design, superior broiling technology and is the only convection oven on the market to feature a built-in air fryer.

Frigidaire Gallery 30 Inch Slide In Range
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  • Convection

  • Air fryer

  • 18,000 BTU broiler

  • Oval griddle burner

  • Add-1-minute function

  • Steam-clean

  • No presets;

  • No smart controls

  • No self-cleaning

One upgrade was to make the controls more front-facing. It is now much easier to move cookware around or reach over the cooktop without the knobs getting in the way. It also has a bigger window and a more flush look.

New Frigidaire
New Frigidaire
Old Frigidaire
Old Frigidaire

Key Differences

Compared to our Samsung top pick, there are some key differences that make this a slightly more affordable option.

  • The convection system has only one fan, rather than three
  • Oven capacity is slightly less at 5.6 cu.ft., but most people won’t notice the difference
  • No convenient preset options
  • Griddle pan is not reversible
  • No wok grate
  • 30 min steam clean only

For one, the Gallery has a more powerful quick-broiler putting out 18,000 BTU, while the Samsung only does 16,000. The BTU output of the gas burners varies slightly between the Gallery and Samsung models, but their minimum and maximum ranges are the same (5000-1800 BTU).

What Frigidaire has done really well is the built-in air fryer, which gives food that crispy outside without having to be cooked in oil. This is a very popular feature, especially for healthier, less fatty fried foods. Both models have a delay start or delay bake function, but Frigidaire has a special add-1-minute function which allows you to continue the programmed cycled.

Like all Frigidaires, the digital control display is simple and intuitive, and with fewer options compared to the Samsung, this makes for an easier-to-use range.

Conclusion:For better baking results, convenient presets and cooktop versatility, get a Samsung. If you’d prefer a better broiler and AirFry, or a more straightforward oven, then go with theFrigidaire. The similar, cheaper FFGH3054US has no convection or air fryer.
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Best Double Oven Gas Ranges

When it comes to double ovens, there is a major price difference between slide-in and freestanding ranges. Freestanding double ranges vary from just over $1,000 to around $1,800. Slide-in double ranges start at around $2,000.

3. LG LTG4715 30 Inch Slide-in Double Oven - Best Double Oven

LG ranges make plenty of space out of their ovens. The combined capacity for this model is 6.9 cubic feet, and the lower convection oven has an innovative rear bake element for superior baking results. We also like the oven function knob control, which gives you easy access to most oven functions instead of having to use a touch screen, and LG’s SmartThinQ technology.

LG LTG4715 30 Inch Slide-in Double Oven
  • True convection

  • Combined 6.9 cu.ft.

  • Steam and self-cleaning

  • Add favorite recipe preset

  • Oval burner and griddle

  • Highest BTU output

  • Smart controls

  • Top-end price range

  • No griddle pan included

Key Features

  • Controls slightly raised but still easy to access cooktop
  • Lower 4.3 cubic feet oven has true convection and rear heating element
  • Upper 2.6 cubic feet static oven has a special pizza mode
  • Extra control knob for easy oven function selections including easy-clean, self-clean, and remote start


A double oven won’t offer you three-rack baking in the lower convection oven, but itis big enough for a large roast. LG was the first manufacturer to incorporate a rear heating element, which LG claims is a lot more efficient. There are three racks in total, and one is a gliding rack for added safety with heavy dishes. The lower oven has four rack positions and the upper, two. This model does not have a temperature probe, but it does have two self-cleaning functions: high-heat and steam.


This LG also has a special attachable wok grate to accommodate round-bottomed cookware. It has continuous cast iron grates and a center oval burner for a griddle pan and oval pots, but there’s no griddle pan. This LG has the most powerful cooktop profile in terms of BTU. The highest burner out is 18,500 which is 500 BTU higher than most other models reviewed, so it gets things heated up a little faster.

Smart Controls

All high-end LG devices use the same SmartThinQ tech. It’s an app that allows you to adjust cooking settings or start the self-cleaning function. The app sends update notifications and you can use Google Assistant or Alexa for voice commands. It also allows you to track energy usage and diagnose certain problems.

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Best Affordable Gas Ranges

The most affordable ovens ranges are all freestanding. For our selection here we have a single and a double oven. Both selections are Samsung.

4. Samsung NX58K7850SG Freestanding Double Range - Best Budget Double Oven

For a mid ranged price point, the Samsung NX58K7850SG includes a convection, smart controls, and two cooking zones. It’s not quite a double oven—it doesn’t have two separate compartments, but rather a single oven with a divider that allows you to cook with two different temperature zones.

Samsung NX58K7850SG Freestanding Double Range review
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  • Flexible dual oven

  • Adaptable 5.8 cu.ft.

  • Dual convection

  • Dehydration, slow cook and proofing

  • Oval griddle and wok grate

  • Smart controls

  • Different temperature ranges for ovens

  • Top oven not so flexible

flex duo oven samsung

The total capacity is 5.8 cubic feet, but with the Smart Divider inserted you have 3.4 cubic feet in the upper zone and 2.3 cubic feet in the lower. This popular arrangement gives you the convenience of a double oven, but also the bigger capacity that you only get from a single oven. People find, however, that the top oven works better when used in conjunction with the bottom one. Also, the temperature ranges of the two ovens are different as outlined in the manual.

NX58K7850SG features

The convection system has two convection fans, which ensures faster and better cooking results for both ovens. This oven also has a dehydration function so you can make jerky with it or dried fruit. Other modes include a special slow cook function and you can do proofing.

It has all the standard features for this price point, including gliding roll-out racks, a hidden bake element, control locks, delay bake and self-clean. The cooktop performance measures up well with an 18 000K dual burner, a fifth oval burner, and it comes with a reversible griddle pan as well as a separate wok grate. WiFi connectivity and control is through Samsung’s SmartThings technology.

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5. Samsung NX58H5600 Freestanding Range - Best Budget Single Oven

For the price point below $650 we were torn between another Samsung or a similar Whirlpool. For a price difference that varies around $100 or less, Samsung gives you a lot more for your money. One key point is convection, which the Whirlpool lacks. We feel that convection is always better if you can get it at a good price. It saves you time and money and delivers better, more even cooking results.

Samsung NX58H5600 Freestanding Range
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  • True convection

  • 5.8 cu.ft.

  • Proofing and delay start

  • Oval burner and griddle pan

  • Self-cleaning

  • Only 2 oven racks

Most Samsung models give you 5.8 cubic feet. For this price point you also get delay start, self-cleaning, continuous grates, grid markers, and a griddle pan with an oval burner— basically the same cooktop as the top-end slide in range minus the wok grate and the reversible griddle.

Best Top-End Splurge and Pro Ranges

These top-end models are mostly slide-in ranges are from Bosch, Cafe, LG Professional, and LG Profile. Affordable pro ranges that we feature are Thor and Hallman.

6. Bosch Benchmark - Best Top End Slide In Range

Bosch ranges are often favored for their polished look and flush fit into cabinetry. Their stronger, robust body doesn’t make for a huge capacity, but their well-engineered design includes a slightly inset control panel.

Bosch Benchmark slide in range
  • Convection

  • Dual 20,000 BTU fast burner

  • Telescopic racks

  • 9 presets with pizza mode

  • Warming drawer

  • 4.8. Cu.ft. oven

  • No griddle pan

  • No smart controls

The range has all the standard features, including a temperature probe, telescopic racks, and 9 cooking presets. The cooktop has five sealed burners but doesn’t come with a griddle pan. One feature that stands out is the dual-stacked burner with two rings, allowing you to increase the heat up to 20,000 BTU for rapid boiling and other high-temperature needs, while also holding low simmer temperatures really well.

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7. Thor Kitchen 30-Inch HRG3618U - Best 30-Inch Pro Cook Range

A few advantages of a pro range is that they’re sturdier (although the extra bulk gives less capacity), their convection is commercial grade and the cooktop typically has six burners and not five. They’re also much more powerful.

Thor Kitchen 30-Inch HRG3618U
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  • 5.2 cu.ft.

  • 22,000 BTU oven

  • Commercial grade convection

  • 6 high-grade burners

  • CSA certified

  • 2 year warranty

  • No self-cleaning

Thor Kitchen 2019

This Thor Kitchen is one of the more affordable pro ranges. It has six sealed burners and a continuous cooktop grate. Its 5.2 cubic feet capacity is pretty good for a pro range, but it doesn’t have self-cleaning. The blue interior and halogen light are also attractive features for a home kitchen. You have to buy the LP conversion kit separately.

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8. Hallman 36-Inch Pro Range Dual Fuel - Best 36-Inch Pro Range

It would be remiss not to include this excellent pro range model. While pro ranges are pricey and often don’t have convenient extras, this model distinguishes itself by offering delay bake, a digital timer with automatic oven switch-off, proofing, and a rotisserie. It looks gorgeous and is perfect for an elegant, upscale kitchen.

Hallman 36-Inch Pro Range Dual Fuel
  • Dual fuel commercial convection

  • Gas and electric grill

  • Delay bake/auto-off timer

  • Electric rotisserie

  • Self-cleaning

  • Oven only 3.55 cu.ft.

hallman truly multifunctional dual-fuel range

This is a truly multifunctional dual-fuel range. You can use the oven in gas mode or electric, with or without convection. There is a special fan mode, which is more powerful than normal convection. While using the gas oven, you can opt for the electric grill or the gas grill. There is a lower heating element and also an upper one which is more suitable for browning and crisping. It also does rapid defrosting as well as preheating, and the rotisserie is electric.

The gas burners to reach up to 15,000 BTU, but compared to non pro ranges, the incremental heat increase is quite impressive and the package includes a coup feu plate—a special drip griddle fry-top—and a convertible barbecue.

An LP gas convertible kit can be purchased separately.

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Comparison Chart for The Best Gas Ranges

Product ModelOvenCooktopSpecial Feature
Samsung Slide InSingle 5.8 cu.ft.
3 fan convection
Oval burner, reversible griddle pan, wok grate3 favorite recipes, gliding light controls
Frigidaire Slide InSingle 5.6 cu.ft.
convection, power broiler
Oval burner, griddle panAir fryer, Add-1- minute
LG Slide In Double OvenUpper 4.3 cu.ft.
true convection
Lower 2.6 cu.ft.
Oval burner, griddle pan, 18 500 BTUSmart controls, Add favorite
Samsung Flexi Double5.8 cu.ft. adaptable,
dual convention
Oval burner, reversible griddle pan, wok grateSmart controls
Bosch BenchmarkSingle 4.8 cu.ft.,
Dual stack burner 20K BTUMeat probe, 9 presets
Thor Kitchen ProSingle 5.2 cu.ft.,
commercial convection 22K BTU
6 burners, nickel oven racksBlue interior, halogen lights, 2 yr warranty
Hallman 36 Inch Dual FuelSingle 3.55 cu.ft.,
commercial convection
Coup feu plate, drip griddle fry top, convertible barbecueElectric rotisserie

Creating A Positive Environmental Impact

When using your range, or while cooking in your kitchen, these tips can save you time and money while limiting your environmental impact:

  • Defrost foods properly before putting in the oven.
  • Keep your gas burners clean.
  • Use the right sized cookware for the burner plate.
  • Consider using a microwave to reheat food.
  • Use a slow cooker, crock pot, or an instant pot as a complement to your oven.

Safety Regulations and Your New Gas Range:

These are some common concerns and queries people often have concerning gas ranges. We hope you find them useful:

  1. A clearance of 30 inches is required above a gas (or electric) range.
  2. A dedicated 120-volt, three-pronged, grounded electric output and a time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended.
  3. An anti-tipping bracket isn’t a codified regulation, but most states require you to adhere to the user manual of the manufacturer. Check the online manual before making your purchase and make sure an anti-tipping bracket is included.
  4. Range hoods are often not a regulated requirement either, but for health concerns, especially with a gas range, a quality range hood is recommended.

Conclusion :

Our selection of the best gas ranges in 2021 include a great selection of sleek looking slide-in ranges, affordable free standing ranges, and a selection of top end ranges we think you’ll enjoy. If you have any comments to add, or would like to ask a question, please use the comment feature below. We are always here for you.

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