Best Apple Utensils: Apple Slicers, Peelers and Corers of 2022

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Had I known earlier that there are things called apple slicers or apple corer and peelers, my life would have been so much easier.

Best Apple Slicers Peelers Corers

It happened way too often when I opened the fridge to find something for a quick breakfast and saw some apples. A healthy snack that would give me some vitamins and freshen up my breath, yay!

But the lazy me almost always ended up with an energy bar instead. I was frustrated by the whole process of rinsing, peeling, coring, and cutting the fruits. I simply didn’t have enough time for it.

Then a friend, who is a pro in apple pies, introduced me to the world of apple prep tools. There are simple tools for removing the seeds from the apples, peeling them, cutting them into even wedges, and even ones that do all the job at once!

Truth be told, the tools make little difference when you only have one fruit or two to work on at a time. However, when it’s bags or boxes of apples you’re preparing, they are life-changing little gadgets! They can help save A LOT of your time and effort!

Read on, and you will surely fall in love with these apple tools. Unlike other Apple products, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. And you don’t even have to queue for days in front of a store to buy them.

Best Apple Slicers, Peelers and Corers of 2022

Here are the items we found with the best reviews on Amazon to help you quickly prepare your apples. Some only cores, some only peels, some cores and slices, some other does all of the three. Click on any item on this collection of the best apple slicer, peeler and corers to find out its features.

OXO SteeL Apple SlicerBest Apple Corer and Slicer
Newness Premium Apple Core RemoverBest Apple Corer
Starfrit Rotato Express Electric PeelerBest Electric Apple Peeler
Johnny from Victorio
(Editor’s Choice)
Best Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer

Apple Coring/Dividing Tools

Want your apples seeds free and cut into perfectly even wedges? An apple corer and slicer is all you need to make that happen within seconds. Never again spend your time and effort trying to measure and divide the apples so they become nice equal slices. Be it thin or thick wedges you prefer on the plate, you will find in this buying guide the exact gadget to make them quickly and effortlessly.

OXO Steel Slicer - Best Apple Slicer

OXO Best Apple Slicer and Corer
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  • Sturdy, durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Handles are covered with plastic

  • Thick, wide body

  • No holes on handles to hang

While it’s not the most expensive one on the market, the OXO steel apple slicer still secures its place in our list as the best apple divider to buy in 2017. We love the gadget for its superior quality.

The slicer comes in a sturdy and shiny stainless steel body. It has sharp blades surrounding a small coring ring, which are all made of high quality steel. There are 8 blades in total, which means your apples will be cut into 8 thick crispy slices. (So if you’re planning to make lots of apple pies, this is not the one. You’ll definitely have to chop the slices again with a knife. The 12 or 16 blade ones are much more suitable, as they make thinner wedges.)

Unlike most other slicers, the OXO has a thick body, which holds the apple wedges secure in place after they’re cut apart. Even if you apply a stronger force than needed to cut the apple, the slices won’t fall out and spread all over the place, which sometimes happens to other slicers.

The handles, while also made of durable steel, have soft plastic covers on them for comfort to your hands while you’re using the gadget. They’re made wider than most others, which also minimizes the pressure on your hands. No, you will still have to apply some pressure, it’s just the width reduces the chance of your palms getting hurt after several apples. The downside to the handles is that they don’t have any holes in them for easy hanging. You can hang the slicer on one of the slots, or just put it on a rack. However, having a hole is still much more convenient.

The slicer works best on small and medium sized apples. The small ring in the middle can still remove the seeds out of larger apples, but it will leave some hard part of the core on the wedges.

In terms of clean up, this slicer is safe to be put in a dish washer. However, since it has such a simple design, you may as well rinse it with water right after use. That will not take more than a few seconds, and it’s actually better for the gadget as it can stay sharp for longer compared to leaving it dirty for long hours.

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Apple Coring Gadgets

Apple corers exist because, seriously, no one wants to see the ugly core after they finished eating an apple. Nor does anyone like the boring job of removing the cores and seeds of dozens of apples before slicing or chopping them, or doing other prep work. Check out our collection of the best apple corers and see if you can get one and say goodbye to the awkwardness of holding a messy core in your hand.

Newness Premium - Best Apple Corer

Newness Best Apple Corer Remover
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  • Solid, sturdy

  • Needs less force to core apples

  • Easy to remove core from device

  • Easy to clean

  • Can get too much out of small apples

This Newness apple corer is chosen into our list thanks to its two innovative features: the smart handle, and the splittable shaft. The tool still looks very simple. However, those two features make a big difference compared to corers of lesser quality.

Let me tell you first why the handle is so useful. On normal corers, it is usually made to look like that of a knife, with a thick layer of plastic covering the upper part of the corer.

The thing is, you don’t usually hold the corer in the same way you hold a knife. Also, in order to remove the core, you have to apply quite some force.

The horizontal handle makes the pushing a lot lighter, as you don’t have to spend your energy gripping onto the device. Rather, the pressure now goes directly down to the shaft. On very hard apples, the handle makes it easier to twist the corer to go through it.

The shaft of the device is also an example of good engineering. It has small teeth at one end to cut into the apple more easily. After coring the apple, you can split the body by pressing the lever right under the handle and voila - the core drops free. The only thing I wish to change about it is the diameter of the shaft. It’s quite big and works beautifully on big apples. However, on smaller ones, you may feel like too much of the meat around the kernel is taken away.

Like most other simple corers, the Newness is very easy to clean. Wash it in soapy water and rinse well, and it’s clean for use again. This is a device that helps save your time on coring apples without wasting your time on the cleaning.

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Apple Peel Removers

You probably wouldn’t really mind peeling an apple or two manually. But when it’s more than a few couples of apples, a good peeler will be very useful in making it a no hassle, no self-cutting work. We’ve hand-picked three best apple peeling tools on the market, including two manual and one hands-off electric peeler, which also works on potatoes, cucumbers, and other fruits. Read the reviews thoroughly and you will surely find one to help speed up your prep work!

Starfrit Rotato Express - Best Electric Apple Peeler

Starfrit Best Electric Apple Peeler
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  • Small, flexible blade

  • Peels asymmetrical apples

  • Works on small and big produces

  • Fast, efficient

  • Operates with included adaptor or AA batteries

  • Includes hand thumb knife to scoop potato eyes

  • Doesn’t work on thick skinned produces

  • Cheap plastic shell

If you have a very busy kitchen or fruit bar, having an electric apple peeler can literally change your life.

While manual peelers can also do the job very well and fast, they are probably not the ideal option when you have a dozen of apples or pears to prepare. Also, you don’t want to spend long minutes rotating a handle while there are still other work waiting for you.

The StarFrit does the peeling by itself, leaving your hands free.

The machine comes in a compact, lightweight, but sturdy body. It has a thick base and a column, where the produce holders and the cutting arm, as Starfrit calls it, are placed.

As you put your apple in between the holders and press the button on the base, the cutting arm will move slowly down, its blade doing the peeling as the apple rotates. As you can see in the video, it can peel a potato very clean. The secret is at the really small and flexible blade, whose humble size allows it to work on really asymmetrical parts of the fruit. It will move in and out as the surface changes, and peel the big parts of the fruit as well as smaller ones without cutting into the flesh. A bigger blade would never have that accuracy and flexibility!

One thing to note, however: while the machine does peel orange, sweet potatoes, and other produces with hard peel, you may not find the result satisfying. It works perfectly on thin-skinned things, such as apples, potatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, and the like. It leaves a little peel on the top and the bottom where the holders are, but that can be taken care of with a fast cut.

If you don’t know how to sharpen the blade, use the spare ones which is stored right in the base. That space can be used for keeping the batteries also - this machine happens to be able to run on AA batteries, which makes it a lot more portable.

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Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer

Apple pies are yummy, but that doesn’t mean you should waste all that time working on manually removing the skin and the cores of dozens of apples, then chopping them into thin little slices. This little Johnny apple peeler corer and slicer does all the jobs at once for you. It creates peel-free, seeds-free, super even thin slices that the kids can’t wait to munch on. If you’re into dehydrating apples or making pies and salads, you will wonder how you have lived without this all your life.

But before buying the buying the gadget, check first what you should expect about it, and how to keep it in your companion for a longer time:

Johnny from Victorio - Best Apple Peeler Corer and Sliver

Johnny Best Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Victorio
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  • Heavy, sturdy, durable

  • Adjustable peeling blade

  • Takes out thin peel

  • Versatile (can core, slice and peel OR just peel OR just slice and core)

  • Apple juice drops down

  • Doesn’t work well on asymmetrical apples

The Johnny comes in a heavy enamel-coated cast iron body, which helps it stay firm and sturdy despite the compact size. It’s no lightweight plastic machine that threatens to break after a few use. The gadget is designed for heavy-duty use – it can take care of as many apples as you want to give it.

Check out my full reviews of best apple peeler corer and slicer.

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