Top 5 Best Apple Slicers in 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Best Apple Slicers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Before my discovery and purchase of a thing called the apple slicer, I was mystified every time I ate out. Why are the apples at my favorite restaurant’s fruit bar always cut so nicely and evenly? How come the wedges are always of the same size?

I figured there should be a tool specifically designed for the job, so they don’t have to spend a good 5 minutes trying to divide an apple evenly to impress us guests. But I didn’t expect the secret weapon to be so simple.

The apple slicer is no bulky complex machine. Most are designed with some blades stemming out from a ring in the middle and two handles. They’re small, and can be kept in your cupboard or hung on a hanger right at the side of the fridge.

Best Apple Slicers 2023

We’ve handpicked the best apple slicers on the market and compiled into this list for you. Buy one of these slicers, and save the time and effort on coring and dividing your apples!

ProductsOur Pick as...
OXO SteeL Apple SlicerBest to Buy in 2019
Stainless Steel 6 > 8-BladeBest Apple Slicer Combo
Progressive Slicer and Corer with CoverBest for Apple Pie
Amco Dial Best Adjustable Apple Slicer
SavorlivingBest Sturdy Apple Slicer

1. OXO SteeL Apple Slicer - Best to Buy​ in 2023

OXO Best Apple Slicer and Corer
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  • Sturdy, durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Handles are covered with plastic

  • Thick, wide body

  • No holes on handles to hang

While it’s not the most expensive one on the market, the OXO steel apple slicer still secures its place in our list as the best apple divider to buy in 2023. We love the gadget for its superior quality.

The slicer comes in a sturdy and shiny stainless steel body. It has sharp blades surrounding a small coring ring, which are all made of high quality steel. There are 8 blades in total, which means your apples will be cut into 8 thick crispy slices. (So if you’re planning to make lots of apple pies, this is not the one. You’ll definitely have to chop the slices again with a knife. The 12 or 16 blade ones are much more suitable, as they make thinner wedges.)

The handles, while also made of durable steel, have soft plastic covers on them for comfort to your hands while you’re using the gadget. They’re made wider than most others, which also minimizes the pressure on your hands. No, you will still have to apply some pressure, it’s just the width reduces the chance of your palms getting hurt after several apples.

The downside to the handles is that they don’t have any holes in them for easy hanging. You can hang the slicer on one of the slots, or just put it on a rack. However, having a hole is still much more convenient.

​The slicer works best on small and medium sized apples. The small ring in the middle can still remove the seeds out of larger apples, but it will leave some hard part of the core on the wedges.

​In terms of clean up, this slicer is safe to be put in a dish washer. However, since it has such a simple design, you may as well rinse it with water right after use. That will not take more than a few seconds, and it’s actually better for the gadget as it can stay sharp for longer compared to leaving it dirty for long hours.

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2.Stainless Steel 6 & 8-Blade- Best Apple Slicer Combo

Stainless Best Apple Slicer and Corer Combo
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  • Includes 6-blade and 8 blade slicers

  • Sleek, thin, solid body

  • Sharp, hard blades

  • Easy to clean

  • No soft cover on handles

  • No holes on handles to hang

You love thick crunchy apples slices but sometimes the ones from a larger apple can be a little too “bulky”. Therefore, this apple slicer combo comes with a 6 blade and an 8 blade one so you can alternate.

The STY slicers have a sleek appearance with a shiny silver finish. They look svelte and delicate. However, they’re made of strong, durable food grade 304 stainless steel.

The blades, meanwhile, are 301 steel - a material that allows it to withstand greater stress and tensile pressure. These are not the average Joe slicers that would break after a few uses. Despite the hardness, the blades are very sharp, ensuring a nice cut as you apply force on it.

With an inner diameter of 3.5”, the slicers are suitable more small and medium sized round apples and pears. It has a rather small ring, so you may see some kernel left on the wedges if the core is not straight or not paralleled to the ring. However, this happens to all other dividers with a corer.

The handles of these apple dividers come in a solid form with the whole body of the gadgets. This ensures their sturdiness when in use. It would be nicer if they had holes for easy hanging; however, these two are not bulky at all, so you can store them in the drawer or hang them on the slots.

Another thing I’d love to improve about these slicers: the handles could have some soft plastic cover so they’re not as cold.

As for cleaning, you can see that they have a simple design and the clean-up is like nothing. The manufacturer advises putting the slicers in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher right after use.

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3.Progressive Slicer and Corer with Cover- Best for Apple Pie​

Progressive Best Apple Slicer and Corer
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  • Has lid to pop the slices through

  • Makes 16 thin apple slices

  • Sharp blades

  • Big, easy to use

  • Plastic body

The thing with most apple slicers, even the very good ones, is that most don’t remove the core completely from the wedges.

Rather, they still stick together at the lower end of the apple. To separate them completely, you have to either pull the wedges from above or use your hand to push the fruit through. That sometimes leaves small bruises on the wedges, making them look imperfect.

This 16-blade Progressive slicer and corer comes with a lid to solve the problem.

The lid, when fastened, first serves as a cover to help protect your fingers from the sharp blades when you touch the lower side of the slicer.

When cutting the apple, you can lift the lid to put it aside. As you finish the cutting, close the lid and voilà! All of the apple wedges are popped beautifully all the way through.

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With 16 blades, the cutter makes very nice little apple slices. The thin slices look even and beautiful, and are easier to eat. They’re perfect for small kids who like to munch on apples, for people with delicate teeth, and for making apple pies.

However, more blades also means that it takes extra time to clean. In addition, although the blades are sharpened, you still have to apply quite some force to cut the apples into so many slices.

The slicer has a plastic body with a big ring and 2 plastic handles. It’s certainly not as durable as stainless steel, and does not look as sleek. However, it is perfectly functional, and the plastic material even makes it feel friendlier to the hands.

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4.Amco Dial-A-Slice Adjustable- Best Adjustable Apple Slicer

Best Adjustable Apple Slicer and Corer
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  • Adjustable to make 8 or 16 slices

  • Sharp blades

  • Has lid to pop wedges through

  • Thick, durable plastic body

  • Big coring ring

  • Takes longer time to clean

An 8-blade apple divider produces very firm, crispy apple wedges. However, sometimes you want thinner slices so it’s easier on your teeth or for an apple pie.

Guess what, you don’t have to buy 2 separate slicers to enjoy 2 kinds of apple wedges. Amco has made this adjustable divider called the Dial - A - Slice that allows you to make either 8 or 16 slices.

The secret is the two layers of blades on its body. When they’re aligned, the slicer makes 8 wedges. Hold the lower part of the body and turn the upper part, however, and you’ll see 16 blades.

In addition, the slicer also comes with a lid to pop the apple wedges through. Close the kid as you finish cutting the apple, and all the slices will be separated completely from the core.

The Amco adjustable slicer has 2 aligned coring rings. They’re bigger than most other slicers, and thus removes a larger part of the core from the apple. This is extremely useful on apples whose core is not straight. Some people really like the feature, as they don’t want any of the kernel on their apple wedges. Others, however, may feel that too much of the meat is wasted.

Since it has a double body with 16 blades and also a lid, the Amco Dial - A - Slice is not the easiest to clean. It will take you some time to take the peel or the meat that gets stuck between the blades and the coring rings.

It’s best to clean the slicer immediately after use to prevent rust. After washing, hang it on one of the holes on the handles, and leave it there to dry.

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5.Savorliving 12-Blade Extra Large- Best Sturdy Apple Slicer

Savorliving Best Apple Slicer and Corer
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  • Sharp blades

  • Sturdy, durable body

  • Easy to clean

  • Big outer ring

  • No soft covers on handles

  • Does not work on large apples

If you’re looking to buy an apple slicer that is not only sharp and sturdy, but also lasts well through the years, check this Savorliving baby out.

The Savorliving apple slicer is made of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel, which is well known for its resistance against rusting and corrosion. As long as you don’t expose it to salt for long hours, this slicer will serve you for years without signs of wear and tear.

Even the handles are also made of stainless steel, making it very sturdy and hard to break. They feel solid and heavy, and the size (7.1x4.7 inches) is just right for my medium-sized hands. (If you have very big hands though, the slicer could feel a little awkward to hold). The only thing I wish it had is a plastic or silicone cover so the gadget wouldn’t feel so cold when I touch it.

The slicer has 12 blades and can divide an apple into 12 even parts. It also has a sharp ring in the middle, which removes the core and the seeds as you slice the fruit. Since the ring is made quite small so that not too much of the meat is wasted, it may not completely remove the harder part of the apple core if the fruit is very big. This is why it’s a better slicer for small and medium apples and pears.

With a simple and seamless design, the Savorliving slicer is extremely easy to clean. After use, simply rinse it well with water and leave it there to dry itself. Hang the gadget somewhere close to your fridge, so that you’ll think about the apples every time you open the magic door to find a snack.

Oh and remember to keep it out of reach of small children - the blades are sharp!

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