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Breville vs. Cuisinart – Food Processor Rivalry

A brief Breville vs. Cuisinart food processor comparison can really help put things into perspective when you’re trying to make a decision.

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Breville vs. Cuisinart

In the industry of kitchen and home appliances, Breville vs. Cuisinart food processors is among the hottest debates. The brands are both at the top of their respective price ranges, and the quality of their craftsmanship is well-honed and well-recognized over the years and the globe.

In terms of food processors, though Cuisinart is a bit more seasoned, they are both veteran manufacturers. Machines from both companies are kept to high, international standards and rarely disappoint. Their most successful units— the Sous Chef 16 Pro from Breville and Custom 14 from Cuisinart— are still leading the market so far this year.

Breville vs. Cuisinart Food Processors

Learning about the values that the two biggest brands of food processors have to offer, especially in this crazy era of marketing, can help us all make better decisions in future purchases. So it’s kind of been a long time coming that someone sits down and examines the differences between them. 

Prices & Features

Breville and Cuisinart are leading in two different price ranges of the food processor market. While Cuisinart is more or less a dominant force in the mid-price section, Breville thrives in one tier higher.

Cuisinart has far more models in its collection— 17, in total— compared to Breville. However, a majority of them are listed lower than $200 (save for the Elite Collection 16). Breville, on the contrary, has only four models, but they’re all recommended for more than $300 in retail.

The models that most represent the brands are the Cuisinart Custom 14 and the Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro.


The Cuisinart Custom 14
The Cuisinart Custom 14

The Custom 14 has been the top five best food processors for at least the last three years, and the Sous Chef Pro is about the same in the high-end category over the last two years. They have similar sales growth, similar review ratings, and a curious $200 deficit. 

the Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro
The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro

The Sous Chef Pro is more expensive, but it has a timer, and its 1,200-watt motor is much more powerful and resilient than the Custom’s 720 watts. The Sous Chef also has one 16-cup and one 2.5-cup work bowl; the Custom 14 only has one 14-cup bowl.

Compared to the standard set of blade and discs from Cuisinart, Breville adds processing tools like the julienne disc, the French fry cutting disc, the whisking disc, the dough beater, and the mini S blade that goes with the small work cup.

The slicing disc from the Sous Chef is adjustable with 24 settings to produce slices from 0.3 to 8 millimeters thick, unlike the Custom’s slicer, which is permanent.


Another point of interest is the warranties from Breville and Cuisinart and how the two companies pose their priorities.

On all of its best food processors, Cuisinart puts up a 3-year craftsmanship warranty. At the same time, Breville covers its sole four models with only one year of unit warranty despite the fact that these models cost more.

As the price goes up, Cuisinart maintains the unit warranty and includes more years to the motor warranty, as does Breville. Eventually, it can reach up to 20 years for Cuisinart and 25 years for Breville.

An extended warranty is oftentimes a good sign. It’s one way of showing that the manufacturers are confident in their work. The longest warranty that we’ve seen is the 30-year warranty on the motor from Magimix of Robot Coupe.

Comparison Table

The best performing food processors from Breville and Cuisinart:


Food processors start with Cuisinart. In 1973, the company introduced the first unit ever to the world in Chicago and has, since then, been a staple in the industry. Today, Cuisinart has many houseware lines and is a name recognized all over the world.

Cuisinart food processors are still leading the market, improved every time they show up. According to many American home cooks, machines from the brands hardly ever underperform; on average, 8 out of 10 say that they would consider buying again. 


Founded in 1932, Breville is an international Australian company specialized in kitchen appliances. They have had their products sold in over 70 countries across the world. Breville products are renown for their outstanding quality, impressive performance, and thoughtful innovations.

The first units of Breville food processors were released only less than two decades ago, and they weren’t noticeable. Now, the Sous Chef series of the most successful in the industry and are a standard for others to be measured.


Although it may be disappointing to some, we think Cuisinart wins this one. The brand is much more experienced. The quality of their best models goes to show that. Most importantly, they’re more economical to the average household. 

Both Breville and Cuisinart are great and they’re both leading against other contenders in their respective price ranges. It’s fair to say that you’re going the right direction with either of them.


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