The Benefits of A Pressure Cooker

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Pressure cookers have come a long way. When they first appeared in the market, they were considered to be a luxury item, but as time went by, more and more people and their families were able to afford said appliance, allowing them to not only more delicious meals but also healthier ones. That being said, just what are the other benefits of a pressure cooker anyway?

The Benefits of a Pressure Cooker in Your Everyday Life

Here are all the benefits of a pressure cooker:

The Nutritional Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

As mentioned above, using a pressure cooker can lead to healthier meals, and that’s just not some claim that we’re putting out there without evidence!

Unlike the conventional pot or pan, pressure cookers cook food using extremely hot steam. By this way, it allows you to keep all the vitamins and minerals contained within your dish or ingredient instead of them being dissolved or wasted in boiling water all the while keeping the flavor and even making them tastier.

That is to say, food that is cooked within a pressure cooker maintains, or more specifically: RETAINs, more if not all of the vitamins and minerals that it contains.

The Nutritional Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

This is due to the food being cooked in a tightly sealed environment, preventing the nutrients from being evaporated and escaping into the air, or diluted like when you boil veggies where most of the nutrients just end up in the water and leaving you with a weird soggy mess of greens.

What’s more, the intense heat utilized by pressure cookers to cook food is also known to destroy naturally occurring toxins and bacteria in food so you’re never have to worry about getting the stomach flu or food poisoning anytime soon because the pressure cooker will eliminate them.

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Pressure Cookers as Sterilization Devices

On a side note: if you’re a fan of making jams and preserves, or just any sort of food that requires jars, you can actually use pressure cookers to sterilize them, preventing you and your loved ones from getting anything in your homemade delights! This can also be done to sterilize baby bottles so that you are completely sure that your baby is drinking their milk safe.

However, do refer to the manual or safety instructions of your pressure cooker so that nothing catastrophic can happen when doing this!

Food Appearance and Taste Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

When food is cooked through traditional or conventional cookware, the more likely they are to have their nutrients destroyed, especially when cooked for longer or has longer cook time. 

To make matters worse, not only are you destroying nutrients in the process, you are also making the food look less appealing as the juicy goodness is steamed or boiled away.

But with a pressure cooker, not only are you cooking your food to be more delicious, you are less likely to make them lose their color and flavor due to the shorter cooking time.

This is because pressure-cooked food use significantly less water with how much heat the device retains when in use thanks to its closed environment, preventing not only the nutrients from being evaporated, but also the natural richness and flavor of the dish.

Financial Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

Benefits of a pressure cooker

As stated above, pressure cookers cook food by utilizing heat and pressure thanks to its tightly sealed and insulated environment.

This environment, while perfect to make sure that the nutrients of your food doesn’t go anywhere while you’re cooking it, gives you more than just a more delicious dish to make your guest drool for more: It also helps cook your food faster!

That’s right! This is because pressure cookers allow you to cook food in a high heat/high pressure environment which significantly reduces cooking time by up to 70% since you’re cooking food with a temperature that is well above the boiling point.

When compared to conventional cooking methods, this means you’re spending less than half the time using gas or electric stove, and by extension, less bills as you’re not taking that long cooking your meals all the while making them more delicious and more nutritious!

Environmental Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

While this may not seem as obvious as the ones above, having and using a pressure cooker to cook your meals also does wonders for the environment and your home.

On top of using less energy or gas with how shorter your cooking times are, you are also making sure that your immediate vicinity is always cool or at a more manageable temperature compared to when you are cooking through conventional cookware as the heat is mostly contained within the pressure cooker.

This benefit would be more apparent in the summer where the hot temperature is already unbearable. By utilizing a pressure cooker, you don’t need to worry about drenching yourself in sweat too much since it retains most of the heat and steam, preventing it from escaping into your kitchen compared to what will happen if you used a conventional pot or pan.

With a pressure cooker, you can keep a relatively cooler kitchen even in the summer without compromising the taste and quality of your food. 

As you can see, there is a lot to gain by taking advantage of the benefits of a pressure cooker not just because it can make your food taste better. By investing in one, you are not only improving the quality of your food but also your quality of life.

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