Our Immersion Blender TestWhipped Egg-Whites

Tina Pham
Lap Vo
Test Lead
Nguyen Ntk
Visual Specialist

Whipping seems to be the least important feature of an immersion blender. But if you beat egg whites regularly, it’s worth knowing which unit works best. Whether you’re interested in preparing egg-based dishes or whipping up a batch of chewy meringue cookies, our test will help you determine the best immersion blender for your favorite treats.

Nine immersion blenders lying on a table with ingredients and necessary tools for the whipped egg-white test, including eggs contained in a white bowl and a plastic beaker, next to them.

Why The Test Matters

Many brands advertise that their immersion blenders can be used in place of hand mixers when it comes to oven-baked desserts. Our own hands-on testing clarified that claim.

Testing Recipe: 1 Serving 

  • 100 ml egg white

Testing Procedure

After pouring egg whites into the 24-oz beaker, we submerged the immersion whisk or blending shaft as close to the container’s bottom as possible. We then started the blender at its lowest setting. When the egg whites’ texture became uniform, we gradually sped up our machine to its highest setting and blended continually until stiff peaks formed. Regardless of the blender’s rated working time, we didn’t pause the procedure.

Scoring Scale

The overall whipping score of each blender was awarded on a scale out of 10 centered on its blending time. We didn’t derive from the blended result to calculate the overall score since our desired outcome is a stiff peak. 

In other words, we graded our machines by measuring how long each took to whip up a batch of egg whites and then gave it a score accordingly. Here’s how our scoring breakdown was designed: 

Scoring Breakdown

  • 120 seconds or less: Our research indicated that 2-minute is an appropriate amount of time for an immersion blender to complete this task. If any machine could ensure that completion time, we awarded it 10 points. 
  • 121-135 seconds: 9 points
  • 136-150 seconds: 8 points
  • 151-165 seconds: 7 points
  • 166-180 seconds: 6 points
  • 181-195 seconds: 5 points

Test Results

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