Roger Shitaki is a writer, and editor, his other niches are health & wellness and travel. He’s a freelance contributor to a Tokyo lifestyle website and a leading ophthalmology magazine in Asia. 

His interest in kitchen appliances and home technologies was sparked by time spent at companies like Sharp, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. Previously, he had spent over a decade prepping Japanese engineers to work abroad. He also helped to develop online writing programs and did email screening and document editing for a large beverage maker.

Roger joined the Healthy Kitchen 101 team in 2019. Since then, he has been developing his expertise in large appliances like refrigerators, ranges, and water coolers. With years of travel between the top coffee nations of Japan and Vietnam, his first test-review project was actually cold brew coffee makers.

Largely consumed by work, Roger otherwise enjoys hiking pilgrimage trails in Japan. He’s into classical music, going to concerts, playing chess, yoga, and astrology.


  • 10 years running corporate training programs at large Japanese tech corporations.
  • Editing and dealing with confidential documents and sensitive emails.
  • Period contributions to Media Mice Cake Magazine on topics of glaucoma research. 
  • Joined Japan Cheapo and Tokyo Cheapo as a freelance writer.
  • Published a Nara City travel guide on Amazon self-publishing.


EXPERTISE: Arts, English major with specialities in semiotics, linguistics, and philosophy of literature

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree

LOCATION:  University of Cape Town, South Africa

EXPERTISE: Applied Linguistics focusing on web design and delivery of online learning programs

EDUCATION: Master’s degree

LOCATION:  University of Southern Queensland, Australia

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